Advanced Tips

These are just a few tips that we have for you to keep you alive for as long as possible. We may update or remove this information at any time

  • you need to ask yourself if you want to become a politician, or the crime life is more interesting.
  • if you are no longer a Citizen look for a family and see if you can join in
  • be careful what Mafia Family you join, as that can get you in trouble, just make sure there are no pending wars
  • if a high ranked player or Mafia Boss is threatening you or giving you an ultimatum that sounds like Join or Die, then you should join his family until you become powerful enough
  • start ranking up as soon as possible
  • be respectful to strangers, friends and enemies
  • don’t share Witness Statements unless you know what you’re doing; if the killer finds out you snitched, you will get whacked
  • don’t mug and kidnap everybody you see, unless you are ready to take the risk; some victims might see who stole their money and they will come after you
  • don’t threaten anyone unless you follow through
  • don’t be argumentative with the staff members, they are there to help you, so by arguing and displaying aggressive behavior, you will ruin your chance to get help; listen to their instructions at all times
  • don’t ask other players for personal information unless they will share it to you without you asking
  • never share your real identity (name, phone number or email address
  • master manipulators, ruthless criminals, people with real strategies may try to take advantage of you, keep your eyes and ears open
  • don’t just buy a Family HQ to become a boss, unless you are aware of the risks; other families may consider that as an act of aggression
  • stay online as much as possible, do crimes, OJBs, buy as many marketplace items as you can and complete all the game missions as soon as possible.
  • get involved in the American Mafia Land Rush; either conquer states and flags on behalf of the family, or get your own territory (hide your name to keep yourself safe)
  • if you belong to a Family, always ask your Family Boss for advice; don’t jump ships and leave your current family unless you know what you’re doing
  • understand that purchasing marketplace items will not make you invincible or a perfect killer, but they definitely give you a big advantage.
  • Hard work in the game, game skills and marketplace items will give you a big advantage.
  • You can go on Vacation or Retire and take a break from the crime life; this may be very wise and it will save your life.


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