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American Mafia Resident: Jiggz-B
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Rank (?): Wiseguy

Family: Not in a family


State of birth:California



Status: dead - - Sleeping - - free - - Funeral - -


Family Crew:

Date Joined: 24-01-2016 09:15 am

Last Seen: 28-03-2016 9:26 pm

Marital Status: Single

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Social Status: Friends 1 - Enemies 0 - Likes 1

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I'm no hero.....I'm just here to balance the scales

Engaged To BrooklynX aka Ali Wiggles LOL ;)

Forever In Debt/Loyal to Lefty "GodKing" TwoGunz and Ric "ezzzzz"

Never Betray your brothers cause in the end its always Family that was there

Original OG

I remember the city of dreams Las Vegas was one and New York was the other and we invested a lot of blood in both ;)

I remember being a scared b!tch but than i learnt how to get my way with a gun and a kind word