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American Mafia Resident: Don-Vindog
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Rank (?): National Crime Syndicate Boss

Family : Not in a family

State of birth :Ohio

Gender :male

Wealth :Rich

Status : dead - Sleeping , Funeral -

Date Joined : 28-04-2013 11:09 pm

Last Seen : 20-04-2015 1:05 pm

Marital Status: Single

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National Crime Syndicate Boss of OhioGodfather Of the Fratesi Crime Family


If you wanna make a investement with my firm send me a message i will make sure you get a return on your investments how this works is you invest say 100 million say i turn it into 200 million i take 10% of the profits for my time then you take the rest you would take 190 million and i would get 10 million

still a little weary of investing well heres what im gonna do for the rest of march all investments are guaranteed if you lose money on the amrkets due to my choices in stocks i will reimburse your lost money

Happy investing 

if you wanna invest send me a mail with the topic investing in the mail tell me how much your sending me and if you ever wanna know how your investments are doing just send  me a message asking for your current value of your stocks :)

Writer of

The American Dream Mini-Series

if you have ideas send me a message

if you wanna talk send me a message on here 

kik vindog96

line vindog

If anyone needs a business partner for a venture in game i have no problem being a silent bankroll just send me a message with the topic being business