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American Mafia Resident: Benny Noodles
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Rank (?): American Mafia Legend

Family : - Arkham Asylum ūüÉŹ -

State of birth :Maryland

Gender :male

Wealth :Richer Than God

Status : alive - Sleeping - .

Date Joined : 06-02-2010 10:07 pm

Last Seen : 18-11-2019 02:10 am

Marital Status: married to JennyN

Mail : Sent 288 - Received 198 - Unread 0

Social Status: Friends 32 - Enemies 0 - Likes 32

Coat of Arms

Badges and Awards

The First Officially Ranked "American Mafia Legend"

Former Ruling Kingpin / Supervisor Of "American Mafia"

Benny "The Jackal" Noodles

One Of The Baddest MotherFvckers Of All Time!!!

"The Butcher Of Brooklyn Park Baltimore"

Forever Known As The First Official Godfather/Kingpin Of Maryland



Doesn't Play Well With Others...




"Click Name/Images below to Enter AMHOF"


Mr. Benny Noodles 



This is the life we chose, the life we lead.

And there is only one guarantee:

none of us will see heaven.


One day your life will flash before your eyes.

Make sure its worth watching


I'm No Hero, Never Was, Never Will Be.

I'm Just A Killer, Nothing More, Nothing Less.


You Either Make Things Happen, Watch Things Happen, or Wonder "WTF" Just Happened.

Which One Are You?


"Life is not a fairy tale and there are no happy endings"


~The AM Upper Echelon~

"Cant Fxck With Us"

The Ruling Commission Of American Mafia

Founded Nov 16th, 2019

"Ruling AM Since Nov 16th, 2019"


~The League Of Shadows~

"The world called for wetwork, we answered. No greater good. No just cause."

"quelli che non esiste"

"Those who dont exist"

We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion,

We Don't Forgive, We Don't Forget

We Are Simply An Evolution of The Technological System,

Fear Us!!!

Where Order Is At Risk,

Expect Us!!!




"Talk Sh!t, Get HIT"

"Fvck Around, I'll Make Ya Famous"

I Get Money & Stack It To My Ceiling Fan!!!,

And I Walk In Places Only Killers Can!!!


"Tell Me What Your Name Is, I'll Tell It To My Stainless"

Say Hello To My Little Friend, "The Negotiator"


~The Negotiators VIP Body Count~

1.) Al_Zapponi    (1x) Underworld Kingpin

2.) Royce-Gambino  (2x) National Crime Syndicate Boss

3.) Mickie-Fratesi  (1x) National Crime Syndicate Boss

4.) Joe-Colombo  (2x) National Crime Syndicate Boss

5.) Pazzo-Sangue  (2x) National Crime Syndicate Boss

6.) FadeFrenzy  (2x) National Crime Syndicate Boss

7.) Scarface (The_Bluepr!nt) (1x) American Mafia Legend

8.) Frankie-Calabrese (1x) American Mafia Legend

9.) Ric (1x) American Mafia Legend

10.) StephenT (1x) National Crime Syndicate Boss

11.) Gunnz_Lucchese (2x) American Mafia Legend

To Be Continued.....




~The Noodles Crime Empire~

Blood In, Blood Out

Friends are not as important as family. Do not confuse the loyalty of friendship with the bond of blood.


~Leaders Lead By Example~

 "Fighting On Others Terms Is How You Lose"

"And Losing Is Intolerable To Me"

If You Don't Stand For Something

You Will Fall For Anything



The BlackOut!!!

Benny & The League Of Shadows

You received $520,000,000 from all states in the past 1 hour


Benny The Shadow Of Death

I Am The Definition Of Envy

Often Emulated, Never Duplicated!!!


 American Mafia Legend - Obey & Submit

Benny "BIG BEN" Noodles


Time To Play The Game

Hittin Licks : Song to my Wifey ;D


One Of The Five Original Founders / Leaders Of The Legendary Bad Company

Advisor / Supervisor of The Bad Company Regime


"For, we are nothing without Brotherhood,

And Brotherhood, is Nothing without your brothers"

"For Thee My Brother, For Thee, I'm Prepared For Glory"

Where Friendship Ends, Family Begins

Forever as one, Till the Mother****ing End




~Legendary Veteran Of The Game~

~Experienced Player: Contact me for Help~

LINE ID : rogue-shadow


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