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American Mafia Resident: EMIN3M
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Rank (?): Wise Old Man/Woman

Family: Not in a family


State of birth:Michigan


Wealth:Extremely rich

Status: dead - - Sleeping - - free - - Funeral - -


Family Crew:

Date Joined: 31-12-2013 6:44 pm

Last Seen: 30-01-2014 9:58 pm

Marital Status: Single

Mail: Sent 0 - Received 0 - Unread 0

Social Status: Friends 0 - Enemies 0 - Likes 0

Coat of Arms


Former accounts:

Jackie-Cogan             Capo di tutti capi
Forrest_Bondurant             GodFather
Jackson_Teller             GodFather
Frank-Vinci             GodFather
Slim__Shady             GodFather
Forrest__Bondurant             Don (demoted)
Mr_VitoCorleone             Consigliere
Sonny__Corleone             Consigliere
Master_Joint             Consigliere
Raymond__Patriarca             Consigliere
Sam_Rothstein             Consigliere
Carlo-Falcone             Capo
Jackson__Teller             Capo
Mickey-Cohen             Citizen

If you wanna kill me. Be man and do it while i'm online.