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American Mafia Resident: Filip Chibs Telford
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Rank (?): American Mafia Legend

Family: Sons Of Anarchy

Branch:The Nomads

State of birth:Nevada


Wealth:Filthy rich

Status: Alive - - Sleeping - - free - -


Family Crew:

Date Joined: 08-04-2017 03:38 am

Last Seen: 11-09-2021 04:15 am

Marital Status: married to Serotonia

Mail: Sent 312 - Received 223 - Unread 1

Social Status: Friends 0 - Enemies 0 - Likes 0

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Badges and Awards



President Of The Sons Of Anarchy

Original Sgt at Arms

Love it!

One of the OG 3

Son's Of Anarchy Bookie

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