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American Mafia Resident: Mr. Reaper Lucchese
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Rank (?): GodFather

Family : Not in a family

State of birth :Florida

Gender :male

Wealth :High Roller!

Status : dead - Sleeping , Funeral - Gagged

Date Joined : 04-08-2017 1:31 pm

Last Seen : 18-09-2018 11:54 pm

Marital Status: Single

Mail : Sent 102 - Received 60 - Unread 0

Social Status: Friends 0 - Enemies 0 - Likes 0

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I am Retired, I’m only here for messages or advice, but if I see Barzini/Lucchese getting hit, I will come back and fuxk sh!t up. RIP Lazarus WeDemBoyz. Gagged for exposing the Admins, they cheated the strongest players here to try and get more money by doing it, no player here currently playing has the inventory to kill me , Ric , Jackie or Boyesey, but they let People who should had suicide on us kill us, to top it off they blocked us from taking any shots at Nixx or Vito, but they was able to shoot at us no problem, they also re activated items and only told one player about it, i can expose them all day,  how about they message Chapo basically saying they help MrBlack kill him, I seen the screenshots, and The lowered Lefty attack and defense strength so Ariana could kill him she only had 10 10pt guns and 1 drone -_- , and after I started giving them crap in emails then they removed blocks they had in place and now we aloud to shoot players again, ask yourselfs this, why is there not that many old players/Vets of AM playing anymore?

Gunnz EST. 2013

Co-Founder of The Outfit

The Ruling Faction of  American Mafia

Founded On February 17th 2015


Mr_Anthony_Noodles 1x Underworld Kingpin

 Dead_Pool / Pyrexx 2x NCSB / Federal Boss

Jay_Soprano 1x CDTC

Joey_Cortizi 1x Federal Bossâ