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American Mafia Resident: Royce Gambino
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Rank (?): American Mafia Legend

Family: - The Arkham Asylum 🃏 -

Branch:Murder Inc.

State of birth:New York


Wealth:Richer Than God

Status: Alive - - Sleeping - - free - - .

Sponsor: The Joker

Family Crew: Itchy and Scratchy Show

Date Joined: 24-06-2013 05:44 am

Last Seen: 19-01-2022 03:17 am

Marital Status: married to Claudia_Ochoa_Felix

Mail: Sent 1263 - Received 1016 - Unread 9

Social Status: Friends 5 - Enemies 5 - Likes 5

Coat of Arms


Badges and Awards


There will be killing till the score is paid



Defy the Odds.


"I got slugs for snitches, no love for *****es, puttin thugs in ditches when my trigger finger itches."


Loose Lips Sink Ships.









"In a World without Gold, we might have been Heroes"




  You received $500,000,000.00 from all states in the past 1 hour.