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American Mafia Resident: Vitto_Corleone
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Rank (?): GodFather

Family : Not in a family

State of birth :Oklahoma

Gender :male

Wealth :Filthy rich

Status : dead - Sleeping , Funeral -

Date Joined : 27-03-2011 06:27 am

Last Seen : 24-03-2012 1:46 pm

Marital Status: Single

Mail : Sent 0 - Received 0 - Unread 0

Social Status: Friends 0 - Enemies 0 - Likes 0

Coat of Arms

This Business is afiliated to Don Micheal_Corleone and the Corleones

Anyone who is linked to Corleones is a friend of mine. 

Member of the Distinguised Corleone Family 


Someday -and that day may never come I'll call upon you to do a sevice for me But until that day accept this JUSTICE as a gift


Member of AMFU