What Now?

With the recent death of Black Hand Kingpin/Supervisor Tommy Karate, many people may be wondering what is in store for the people of the American Mafia. Sources in the FBI and DEA state that Tommy was killed in Rhode Island where he was trying to set up a drug distribution network focusing on heroin, cocaine and marijuana. They say Tommy and his bodyguards met unknown distributors in a local deli to negotiate a deal when eye witnesses say they saw a group of men in black masks run into the deli with AK-47s and open fire on the group. Tommy Karate was hit five times, four bullets went through his chest and one went through his left eye. The dealer he met managed to escape with his life, but he was critically wounded from multiple gunshot wounds. His whereabouts are currently unknown and police are searching for any clues that might lead to his apprehension. Tommy’s crew of bodyguards were also killed during the assassination and according to witness reports, they were caught so off guard none of them were able to even get off a shot.

Many sources have theorized a local drug gang hatched the assassination plot to target the drug dealer and that Tommy just found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and was caught in the crossfire. There are, however, several other sources who suggest the hit was a carefully orchestrated operation that was carried out by members of the Barzini Crime Empire or even possibly rival members within the Tommy’s own Morello Family who were looking to wrestle control of the organization’s leadership and drug trade. Whispers have also been heard suggesting members of the League of Shadows or Black Hand might not have wanted Tommy expanding into Rhode Island and chose to send a message to the rest of the underworld that Rhode Island is off limits. With so many conflicting theories about the reasons for Tommy’s murder, fears of a new war popping up to fill the vacuum left by Tommy’s death is a real possibility. It has been suggested that a war may occur not only to claim leadership of the Morello Family but also their massive drug empire.

As of press time it is unknown if any blood relatives of Tommy’s will be stepping in to claim the Morello throne nor is it known who has assumed the vacant leadership position. Tommy had no known blood relatives in the United States, so it is assumed there will be no challenge for control of the criminal organization by a member of his family. The AM Times is currently trying to find answers from our Underworld sources, but up until now all those who have been approached have remained tightlipped. Tommy’s death also appears to have left the newly reformed Black Hand without an official leader and our attempts to determine who will fill that role has also been met with deafening silence. Speculation is that relative newcomer Jackal has taken the reigns of the Black Hand, however considering the complete lack of information surrounding the subject it appears some of the most powerful mobsters in the country may be involved with the whole situation. The only explanation for a complete lack of cooperation by our sources in the Underworld is that there exists a true fear of death should it become known that information was spilled, and only those at the pinnacle of the American Mafia possess the clout to instill that kind of fear.  We will keep you posted should any new developments emerge, until then we can only offer theories.

As always wish you all stay safe out there, especially with a possible drug war right around the corner! We’d also like to wish all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year and again hope you all stay safe! Until next time, keep your heads low and activity high.