Thoughts and Reflections

Allow me for a moment to reflect on AM’s best but seemingly unrecognized Godfathers. He was recently murdered in a senseless act by Joe King who is a known murderer of high ranking individuals. His name is Shamrock. I will divert for a moment to tell you about myself. As a newcomer to the game, I ranked to thug and was thrown right in the middle of a war. I was quickly murdered. Twice. Search the public records for JBRevenge.


I didn’t know if I liked the idea of continuing the crime life in the American Mafia, but every once in a while there comes along a friend who will change your course in life. That friend was Shamrock. Shamrock contacted and questioned me and then invited me to join his family, the L’Elite Corleone. As I proceeded to rank up, Shamrock was always there, always encouraging me in the frustrated moments of getting across the seemingly endless gap between ranks, always giving me advice and tips on how to play the game. One tip that sticks in my mind to this day is “It is better to read than talk”.


Although this is not heeded all the time it is something that I have used to advise all new recruits. Shamrock, you are the one I owe the most debt and gratitude. If you do not return to the American Mafia, I would like to tell you one thing. Thank You.


American Mafia residents would be wise to follow the example of Shamrock. Shamrock is the essence of the American Mafia. Honor, integrity, loyalty, and friendship.


This is JBRevenge4 with the AM Times. Thank you for your time.