The Legacy Of Benny Noodles

The Legacy Of Benny Noodles a.k.a. Mad Angel


Benny Noodles began his life of crime at the young age of 13. With his father killed overseas in the war, only his mother was his caretaker until she died from a drug overdose. Benny was left to fend for himself. One day, while sitting at a bus top, he met a man who took him in & raised him as his own. He taught Benny to be a Bringer of Death, his own personal Guardian Angel/Assassin. The mans name was Mr. Xela a.k.a. the legendary Michael Corleone.


Benny became the first man to ever jump a rank in American Mafia by gaining a lot of XP working. He ranked from thug to W.O.M. within 2 weeks. When Benny left the Corleone Crime Family, he created the Gambino Crime Family. ((Second Gambino Family created. First was created by Tony S.)) Benny & his family rose quickly on the scene of New York & created tension with the current Godfather of N.Y. Constantine. Benny soon found out Constantine was responsible for the murders of friends & family of the Gambino Family by having men in the Gambino Family who worked for him. Benny confronted Constantine which started a war & Benny came out victorious. Benny then created the Noodles Crime Empire. Mr. Xela liked the idea of branching out expansion families calling it an empire. With the help of Benny Noodles, the AMFU & Bad Company was created with Michael Corleone as Kingpin & Bad Company helping him run American Mafia. It lasted for 2 years before Benny retired.


Benny returned 3 years later in April 2014. He joined Al Zapponi & the Zapponi Empire. All he wanted was to be back to where he was before. Benny went undercover while being in the Zapponi Hitsquad & became Als assassin. Benny ended the war at the time by killing Saint Genovese, Als enemy. Benny was then betrayed by his boss, Al Zapponi. Al Zapponi was the chairman of the commission & Royce Gambino his boss. Because of rumors, Benny became a mark. Instead of confronting Benny, Al twisted things & gave Royce the greenlight to kill Benny.
Benny the National Crime Syndicate Boss had been deranked & shots were fired at him by Royce. Benny, the loyal man that he was, had to survive. Even when he was told to accept his fate, Benny wouldn’t agree. Benny, seeing thru the lies, started Bad Company again. Benny then struck the empire & head of the commission. Benny then caught up to Al Zapponi, Ruler of A.M. at the time, placed the end of his .45 in Als mouth, & whispered a few words to Al before executing him. This began a war. Benny & the others began looking for the new boss & the rest of the family. After 3 days of war, Benny showed he can be merciful & announced a truce. A peace treaty was then created & signed. Benny then became the chairman of the commission, held votes & eventually a High Council was voted & established.


Peace didn’t last long, as Bennys newly found Commission discussed the future, classified & secret information. The Commission then struck for its first time & the war on Zapponis resumed & started a war with Fratesi as well. Benny then assassinated Midnight Fratesi & the Fratesi Empire in 30 mins. The war on Zapponis lasted for a few hours on the other hand. By the end of the night Benny has took out both Fratesi & Zapponi.


There are too many accomplishments to even mention. Benny claimed his status as supreme ruler & God of American Mafia. He laid the foundation of the New World Order & the Commission receives orders from the High Council. The Commission receives orders from the high council & the high council receives orders from the Gods of A.M. Benny then grew old, laid on bed, passes away peacefully & was reborn a God known as Mad Angel. His legacy will surely last a lifetime & he will forever be known as a God of American Mafia.


Anonymous story received at the American Mafia Headquarters