Santo’s Return?

Word has been spreading around lately that Santo Trafficante Jr may be coming back to the streets of Florida! Many of the old time members may remember good and bad things about the infamous mobster. With times changing in the country it may be a surprise to some that Santo makes a return.

Though some may not be familiar with the Mafioso’s name, his contribution to the American Mafia has certainly been more significant than you might believe. Santo was the man who introduced infamous mobster LeftyTwoGunz to the underworld and acted as a mentor of sorts to Lefty during his first few months in the American Mafia. Not only was he a onetime mentor to one of the most powerful mobsters in the history of AM he also was well known for his abilities as a mediator having been responsible for initiating some of the most significant peace talks of his time, including some that most thought impossible.

We asked the originally Tampa based mob boss what brought him back, and he had this to say, “I’ve been gone for a LONG time now cause of old grudges and many other reasons, but recently I heard about all the fireworks going on in the country, and I wanted to come back to see if I could help fix the problems for the good of the American Mafia. I’m coming back from my long retirement not looking for fame or glory; I simply decided to come back to help the people of American Mafia in any way I can and hopefully help AM thrive again.”

We also asked Santo if he has any plans for the state of Florida being that he can trace his roots back to the Sunshine State and it had been his main focus and favorite place to relax. Santo replied to our inquiry by saying, “Who knows, maybe I’ll go back home and try to set up shop back there again, but we shall see!”

We appreciated the rare opportunity to speak with one of the nation’s active mobsters and want to thank Santo Trafficante for the interview. At the conclusion of our meeting he carefully shook our hands, put on his fedora and his overcoat and walked outside to his Cadillac and was driven off by an unknown bodyguard. Who knows what will happen next with Santo Trafficante back on the streets of Tampa but we will keep you updated! Until next time folks, stay safe out there!