Rise of the Manu Niura

With the constant changing environment in the American Mafia, it seems a new force has risen from the ashes of the most recent warring. They are rumored to call themselves “The Black Hand” or in Sicilian, “Manu Niura.” The group had long been believed to be defunct, but it seems the group is reemerging with it’s original members or perhaps as a collective of groups of mobsters who had long been in hiding out of fear for their lives. Rumors coming out of the underworld seem to portray the current atmosphere within the American Mafia as the perfect storm for the reemergence of this group who are known to specialize in extortion and sporadic murders.

While they’d historically been a loosely organized group, the word on the street is The Black Hand has become more organized and is believed to be strengthening. It is purported that Morello Family Boss Tommy Karate is the group’s current spokesman and leader. It is unknown if Tommy is the true power or if he is just a figurehead and front man for a more powerful mobster or mobsters. Whispers suggest that The Black Hand falls under the immediate influence of the Bad Company Regime which is currently controlled by infamous mobster of many names Negan aka Chapo Guzman aka The Joker. According to our underworld sources, Negan has been waging an all out war with the Barzini Empire and its allies and as a result of a few small territorial gains, outfits associated with Negan have begun to act more brazen in the face of struggle.

As a method of recruiting, Tommy has sent several of his own men out as ambassadors of sorts to the other American Mafia families in an attempt to gain support and possibly even join The Black Hand. Tommy is promoting these alliances as a way to help bring order to the American Mafia, but as history has taught us, where there may be order one day, the next day can bring chaos. As of press time it is unknown if any families have accepted the invitation to join The Black Hand, however we do know many citizens are curious how this group will fair in the days to come. Will they rise quickly? Will they fail in their quest? No one is certain as of this moment, but with Thanksgiving coming around the corner we are hoping that mobsters will be able to enjoy a peaceful holiday with their loved ones and that peace will ring in the New Year.

With that said, we wish you all a very Happy and Health Thanksgiving and who knows, maybe a few turkeys will “fall off a truck” and land on your dinner plates! We hope you all enjoy your holiday