Public Dismay or Disorder

Public Dismay or Disorder?

A recent phenomenon in the streets of American Mafia is that of rebellion? A recent poll from many surveyed citizens shows that American Mafia is in a mass decline over the public opinion of the ruling faction known as the “Outfit”. An anonymous American Mafia citizen was quoted stating, “things are going to S#@$ and we can do nothing but rebel against these tyrants”.  But what can the average citizen do to voice their opinion to the ruling faction in order to help the mass consensus. Well this reporter has a challenge for you I want you all to “Speak up and Speak out”, because a silent voice is no voice at all you need to speak direct to these leaders and voice your opinions.

-AMT Reporter Mad Max

The Democratic Republican Party is looking to add new figures to the growing political empire even after the death of famed politician Bruce Wayne. The new chairman and house speaker Mr. Wayne Jr. had this to say. “We can be killed and we can be attack, but only the resilient will strive over all obstacles in our path”.

We would like to also report on the death of famed “Murder Boss” Carmine Degrazzio, in an official police report it was stated that “The victim was found with multiple gunshot wounds after being found in a chair next to the door of his mansion. This can only point to the fact that Mr. Degrazzio after his night out on the town came back to his place of residence expecting trouble.” Upon a little investigation from the crack team at AMT we were able to turn up that Mr. Degrazzio fired at least 45 shots at the assailants as they left his home. The AMT team also turned up a photo showing a large blood pool leave the driveway of the mansion. So the true question is was Mr. Degrazzio the only one to be killed that night?

-AMT Chief Editor Mr. X

-AMT Senior Reporter Carl Black

-AMT Senior Investigative Journalist Pope