An Honored Society – Legends

Interview :

Well okay a little story also about great Boss we had in the game:

“The Best Bosses ever in this Honored Society, one and only Mr.Anthony S”.

Mr.Anthony S got involved with this game somewhere in the beginning of this year, he was fascinated about the structure and fell in love within seconds.
He was only 18 years old boy from Sicily and his dream was to become President of United States.
As he moved into neighbourhood called “Little Italy”, he started to work as delivery boy for one food shop owner called “Fat Sal”.
Fat Sal was a very kind old man, he was also from Sicily, Corleonesi. He liked Anthony so much that he gave him an apartment exactly across the streets, so that Anthony could keep his eyes on it.
Few months came by and Anthony started to realize that with this job he cannot become President of United States.
But since Anthony was from Sicily, his relatives were also living here and he knew that they lived very good life, because they had the biggest truck company in U.S
But Anthony didn’t knew that his US relatives were criminals and did some bad things.
He left from “Little Italy” and went to California to find his cousin Sonny Gambino.
Anthony became working for Sonny Gambino as car-driver and he now knew how to become rich and famous.He saw the Gangsters with shiny suits, nice girls and expensive cars, he knew he will one day have exactly same things and he wasn’t wrong.

On 13th August his best friend and cousin Sonny Gambino died in his home in a heart attack.

Sonny Gambino was only 35 years old member of this society.
After the Funerals, Anthony knew he have to do something to get that power what other Bosses has.
On 21th August there were a meeting in Sonny Gambinos house, down in the basement.There were this big circle table where was 21 chairs.
On that they Anthony got into criminal word, called “Cosa Nostra”.He got his own crew and started to clime-up in the family structure and was soon Underboss of the great Gambino Crime family.Later the Don of the Gambino Crime Family died and old man pointed at Anthony, that he will be the new Boss of the Family.
Anthony realized that he now have that power he always wanted, he knew he is even more powerful than President of United States.
Anthony got bigger and stronger by everyday but still he had a little problem, he was greedy old bastard.He wanted more and more and thats what killed him at the end.
On 13th September at 10:42 pm he was shot to death when he was going home with his bodyguards.
The Assassin shot him with Ak-47 few rounds and that was the end of a great Bosses ever, Mr Anthony S.
Funerals were the biggest one in United States, even the politicians, governors, judges came to funeral to send Anthony on his last trip to Heaven.