CrackHead Found Dead In Spring Hill

Today September 7th in spring hill Florida a local crackhead known as Jagodic10 was found dead in a abandoned house. Police say he could of been used as a testing tool for criminals as forensic tests show a number of bullets where shot into him including one bullet unknown to any gun known that could be a new military weapon.

It is believed he might of been lured into the abandoned house and shot in the head point blank range. Forensics also show he could of been killed between 8.30pm and 9.00pm. The individual was known to be crack cocaine user and most likely was getting his cocaine from dangerous criminals.

Captain Luis from the spring hill police explained that the victim knew the people and was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that the suspects took a opportunity to carry out the crime unfortunately he died in a viscous and terrible way.
Residents heard gunshots in the area at the around 8.50pm and it lasted for a while who ever carried out the killing was enjoying themselves. Crime like this is not unheard of in AM it’s like a hobby for these people.

Our reporter tried to talk to local residents but no luck we also tried to contact underworld figures to see if they had any info on this crime we where lucky but did not want his name used but he gave us this statement

“Who the hell cares it was a crackhead that no one f?!!ing cares about even the police won’t bother investigating that shit it’s a waste of there time bet the police are happy one more nuisance is off the streets.”