Corleone 4 (short) life

Oh boy. News time again and this is something I really didn’t want to write about, but I guess it’s too important to miss, so I got no choice.


More Corleones were killed yesterday and several more over the past week. This time Jimmy Conway was responsible for the deaths of 2 Corleone dons and a consigliere along side several lower rankers. These are believed to be the attacks of underground groups founded to take out Corleones in hopes to one day rule AM.

I think I should clarify here – yes – I am at war with Corleones but I’m not part of these silly clubs that never get anywhere. Corleones declared war on me so I’m just hoping for revenge. I just helped Jimmy out a little, that’s all, because any collateral kills are a bonus in my favor.


The reason behind the sudden outbreak of Corleone haters is not in the members, but their leader – Michael Corleone, who’s over protection of his members allows any Corleone to kill people, with the dead not allowed to be avenged. If a Corleone is killed, Corleones get revenge, but if a Corleone kills someone, they will be protected from anyone getting revenge.


Well, that wasn’t too hard to write and I tried not to sound cynical or pissed off. In other news; should Mr Goodfellas jr apologize on behalf of Canada for Justin Bieber? A question on everyone’s mind, which we all eagerly await for justice.


Also; why are there a bunch of men trying to pass off as the wife of Michael Corleone? More on this next time.


This is Joe King with AM News – remember, shout-outs can be sent in anytime and will show up in the next article.