Betrayal By A Family Leader

Edition written by LexiRae

Betrayal By A Family Leader

Vito_Genovese, once a trusted family leader has killed his entire family. The reason for this mass killing is unsure but what is clear is that this dead did not go unpunished. Here is what Gambino Crime Family leader Benny__Noodles had to say about it.

“I was getting a cup of coffee at the local store and a copy of the AM Times when I heard shots, 5 total. I came running outside to find a local thug gunned down. He was still gasping for air. I knelled down beside him and told him to rest. He said to me in a chilling voice “Make them pay Benny”.

I stood up and called my RHM, had him set up a meeting between Vito and I. Vito refused the meet and started disrespecting me over the phone. I called 3 Friends of mine who helped me bust him out of Federal Prison and we walked him outside, put a gun to his head and executed him on the spot. We then travelled a couple cities over and murdered his RHM Lita in this sleep. Trish came running and Screaming. “What happened”. I calmed her down and took her in. The Hoodie Mafia Family and Vito_Genovese where no more.

Sincerely, Benny__Noodles

Godfather Of The Gambino Crime Family.

A moment of silence to those who have fallen at the hand of Vito_Genovese, may their souls rest in peace and may they come back as a new, replenished soul.

The Death Of New York Governor

By Benny__Noodles

Killing_you, born In New York, was a well known Godfather he was also elected for NY Governor. He killed many good men. One of his victims was a well known mobster KODY. In KODY’s funeral he stated that Benny Noodles was the one to kill him. A friend of mine informed me of this and I attended the funeral to see for myself. He did say that. What crap. I rallied the boys and we all tracked killing_you down and a fire fight was ensued. After the gun smoke cleared

Killing_you lied riddled with Thompson rounds, forensics estimated 4,597 bullets where found in him.

He Was Beyond Recognition.

Tainted Presidential Election

Information has been leaked involving the presidential election. Master, a candidate in the election and former New York Cardinal has been found guilty of rigging the votes. This scandal has erupted across America, causing disorder and turmoil but was ended by the naming of a new President. A congratulations is in order for Ncrypted, winning the election fair and square. I hear he will do great things.

Clean Out

Its spring time and you know what that means, time for a clean up. The first set of cleaning was done in the Admin Forum. This means a new, fresh start for everyone but with this comes stricter rules, which are:

Cracking down on people with dupes

No bad mouthing the game

Both of these will get you banned on the spot so be wary because the Admin means business. Speaking of business, its time for the
Chamber of Commerce top business owners

Mr_Xela 5

Thunder 5

Benny__Noodles 5

Don__Barzzini 4

Constantine 3

Somehobo606 3

Kid-blasto 2

Mr-DeLuca 1

Look out next week for the new edition of the AM Times, from your new reporter, LexiRae.
Don’t miss me to much, till next time America.