The Upper Echelon

Over the past month AM has been returning to its roots and old school ways. The top dawgs of old school AM are working to reestablish order on these streets. With the idea that there is plenty of pie to share, as of so far the AM streets have been free of any drama, or blood for that matter.4XCjMuI

Bringing back the old ways and making loyalty, honor, and respect mean something again. The upper echelon of AM is still small, but its growing fast with every old school mafia boss making their return to the streets it seems. The American Mafia Upper Echelon (AMUE) was established on November 15th 2019. It is now the ruling order of the American mafia underworld.

We believe that as long as everyone continues to show mutual respect and stick together even tho they are in separate factions and everything that AM has hope after all. Although there’s a few separate factions at the moment they all seem to be apart of the ruling regime. This new regime is ushering in an age of prosperity, maturity, and professionalism which it has been lacking for a long time.

The american economy has increase by a record 27% in the past week. We only hope that Wall Street gets thinks working so that people can invest in stock. For now nobody can get involved in the stock market until Wall Street cleans up its mess. While we wait we just see dollars we could be earning going up in smoke. But don’t let it get you down. We have faith Wall Street will get itself together soon.

The Camonte Crime Organization:

In other news we have been seeing a reemergence of the Camonte Crime Empire. Its legendary leader Scarface was seen yesterday at CakePops bakery. He was sitting at a table all by himself reading last weeks news article, while smoking a fresh Cuban cigar. Our on the ground Fox news affiliate “Jesse Watters” managed to speak with the infamous crime lord. However Scar had nothing to say to him as he tried to ignore Jesse. Jesse was left looking like a fool as Scarface got up and exited the building with Jesse in pursuit. The leader of the Camonte Crime Empire jumped in his limo and told the driver to get him the hell out of there.

That’s all Scarface needed was for Jesse to get him to talk about various things and trying to get him to incriminate himself. He cannot afford to have the federal bureau of investigations breathing down his neck while hes in the process of rebuilding a criminal enterprise. That would get him incarcerated so fast. He did the smart thing and got out of there denying and criminal affiliations with anyone and denying that the mafia even exists.

The Fratesi Have Returned:

In other news we also have learned that Mr Mickie Fratesi himself has returned and is working on rebuilding the Fratesi, which is the criminal organization that he himself founded and ruled for what seemed like a lifetime. He has called for any and all former Fratesi members who might be no longer in the mafia world to return home to The Fratesi, and to this thing of ours.

The presidential impeachment probe:

The impeachment trial against our commander and chief Donald Trump will begin next week. The Democrats are leading the charge with Adam shift being the man running the trial. They have called on the president to testify but he is refusing. The Republicans are telling him not to do it and to do so would be lowering himself to adam shifts level. Trump said he has nothing to hide and has released the transcript between himself and Notorious B.I.G Benny.

Our lawyers and attorneys have gone over the transcript and nowhere did they see any quid pro quo. Like trump said it was a perfect phone call. Apparently the two men went to school together and still to this day stay in contact with each other. The Democrats insist that trump broke his oath of office by accepting mafia money and services in exchange for police protection, and tax exempt status on all his businesses. This is what the whistle blower told Adam Shift last week anyway. He claims he over heard the president’s phone call. What do you think? Is our president guilty or innocent. Is he lying to us the people or is he telling the truth? I guess we will find out next week. Until next time America, stay safe and have fun!

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