The Return Of Benny Noodles, The Killer

Hello, America! We have a lot of things happening in the world today. The economy is at its highest point ever, its continuing to climb to never before seen numbers. With that being said companies overseas are returning to the USA and this movement is bringing back jobs for our middle class workers. Wages are increasing, taxes are decreasing. This is by far the best time to be alive in the United States.

The Streets are looking rejuvenated as well with the governors of each state declaring war on the homeless epidemic the has been getting worst over the years. Just yesterday the Governor of Texas ordered the clean up of 52 homeless sites that was spread all over the great state of Texas. With President Donald Trumps new wall at the southern border, the great state of Texas has seen a huge decrease in illegal aliens crossing our nations border. it has also made a huge impact on the numbers of various issues the state has been dealing with for decades. Because of the wall the flow of illegal drugs being smuggled into the US has dropped almost 37%. Violent crime is down a lot and the murder rate has slightly decreased.

The Criminal underworld has been effected in some good and bad ways these days as well with all the drastic changes going on in the world. Trumps executive order to approve the right to try law means that sick, or dying individuals in our great country now have the right to try various methods and medications that have and have not been approved by the FDA. before doctors would let patients try medications that wasn’t approved by the FDA, even if it meant saving that persons life. since this law stood unopposed it got passed so our citizens have the right to try and possibly a second chance at life. Because of this we have been seeing a few new faces here and there. Old mobsters that was on their death beds, sick, or thought to of been dead have returned onto the scene.

One of these mobsters thought to of been dead was none other than Mr. Benny Noodles. Benny was gunned down one night during a shootout with Gunnz_Lucchese. Benny busted in on the scene locked and loaded and emptied his 7 round clip into the crime lord officially known as Gunnz. Gunnz refused to die and so he crawled on his belly, across the floor toward Benny. the entire time he was cursing at Benny, calling him every name in the book. he called him everything except a white woman. Benny walked and met Gunny halfway, where he helped the poor bastard accept his fate. You knew this day was coming, face it!!! Benny said. As gunnz continued to bleed out he also continues to spew shit from his mouth, a bunch of non sense that made no sense, because of him being only inches from death. Benny closed Gunny’s eye lids and prayed over his soul. “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

Benny made the sign of the cross by touching his forehead, middle chest plate, and left and right shoulders with his right hand. Doing this is a prayer in of itself.
Sending ones soul off to the afterlife.
Benny was ambushed during the ritual by an unknown assailant. He was shot in the back, left shoulder, then in the left thigh, and then in the right side of his upper chest area. hit 3 times with hollow tips, so he was bleeding ferociously. Benny escaped from the area but he left a trail of blood behind him. its unknown who this man was that showed up mins after Benny killed Gunnz but he must of been angry about it to start shooting at Benny as soon as he walked in the room.

Benny Vanished after that night. everyone believed he had died. his blood trail led police to a sewer drain. they figured Benny bleed to death in the sewer system and his body was washed away into the ocean by all the latest rain storms New York was experiencing at that time. We now know that didn’t happen and we now know that Benny is indeed still alive and well. He made his return to society on November 7th 2019.

Currently Benny is doing very well, running several businesses and big name companies. Hes Currently working on a huge deal that will make him and his corporation rich beyond belief. Hes slowly turning into a real estate mogul and hes buying up several properties all over the United States of America.

November 8th 2019, President Mr. Donald Trump invited the infamous mafia hit man, and notorious crime lord, Mr. Benny Noodles to the white house. Its said that he and the president have done business dealings in the past. The radical left have already begun their media storm firing at Trump for inviting a known criminal to the white house. Donald tweeted not long after CNN made their first remark speculating about the reasons behind the visit. The fake news media have unleashed their propaganda saying that the president has strange bed fellows and is in bed with the mafia.

The Twitter backlash has gotten insane and the attention of democrats who have started an all out witch hunt trying to impeach the president. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shift spoke at a press conference earlier in the week and they said there was collusion between the president and the american mafia to manipulate the 2016 election, with Benny Noodles being that link to connect the president to his illegal dealings with the mob. The two house democrats, Adam and Nancy also stated that they have found strong evidence from a phone call that took place between the president and Benny Noodles. They stated they have acquired the transcript of the conversation and that they have reason to believe there was a case of quid pro quo. For those of you who don’t know what that is, its a term meaning a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something. The impeachment investigation is now underway and taking place behind closed doors. House republicans are pushing for transparency and have demanded the democrats continue the impeachment investigation and trail in the eye of the public and not behind closed doors.

Other Than Benny being back there is others making their return to the streets also. Scarface, the Camonte crime empire leader and founder has made his return, joining forces with Benny and Joker. It seems the Arkam Asylum is growing in size and strength as its membership is growing at a high rate. Another gangster who is back is a man that goes by the name Outlaw. He has become a member of the Asylum as well and nothing has changed much about him, he appears to be the same old Outlaw. Its ironic these men are all joining the Asylum because its a good place for them. they are all crazy and belong in a mental institution.

All these notorious gangsters are returning and are snatching up whats rightfully theirs. Cementing their top spots while they can they are doing exactly just that. there is no drama and everyone is getting along for the most part. this of course is good for business as everyone will be making some big BIG! Bucks!

The League of Shadows hasn’t gone anywhere. the Asylum is basically LOS these days being run by its founder and original leader, Chapo aka The Joker.
However with the return of his partner in crime Benny aka The Jackal The League of Shadows has made itself known again and this time with Benny as leader and boss. Thats right, Los is a branch, expansion of the Asylum. It serves as the Asylums personal hit squad. Since Benny is a proud member of the Asylum, he is loyal to the Asylum and its leader, The Joker. These two men are busy rebuilding their regime and doing their own thing. known to be very chill and cool cats they don’t bother anyone until they are provoked. like poking a sleeping bear, messing with these guys isn’t very smart and its highly advised against. Stay out of their way and do you own thing, and you wont even know they are there, they are shadows, and do not exist.

However they can be your best friends as well. you can hire them to handle your wet work. need a contract carried out by a mercenary group? Los is who you should call. Need money or protection? Los is who you should call. for the right price these gentlemen can make your evening nice, pay them and they will be on their way.

The Asylum :

The asylum has been growing in membership over the past few weeks which has law enforcement on edge. its more work for them and they are dealing with some pretty bad hombres. It has the nerves of the local police departments shot. despite the polls and recent studies, the crime rate is increasing in the inner cities. the spike in crime is thought to be because of the Asylum, who’s members are nothing more then crazed psychopaths. They all belong behind bars as far as the general public is concerned.

Who’s Badazz??? :

A man, who goes by the name, Badazz Genovese has been running the streets as of lately, that is not all the running hes been doing either. He has been running his mouth about the upper echelon of American Mafia. People say he has a death wish by doing that. stupid they say considering the fact that if you speak about the Asylum or the League badly in public that they will usually pay those people a visit, and it isn’t a fun visit, well at least it isn’t for the people who was talking smack.

Badazz Genovese thinks its fun and badazz to mug the upper echelon while being low ranked, knowing that they cannot touch him themselves because of him being so low ranked that he is simply off limits to the upper echelon due to the fact that its like touching scum, or dirt. Godfathers and Kingpins do not bother killing scum themselves. its up to their capo-regime to organize the hit and order it be carried out by a lower ranked member such as one of their mademen, enforcers, or hitmen.

Its believed that sooner or later Badazz will get whats coming to him. we here at the news station was joking about making a poll asking readers who they think will be Badazzes killer and if they can guess about when the killing would take place. Of course we are joking about this. it just isn’t in our budget to waste our money on official polls predicting somebodies murderer.

Brookie, RHM of The Joker has vowed to kill the fool. we only know that because of a solid source volunteered that information to us. our source said that Brook would like it to be known by everyone and mostly by Badazz that she is going to kill him. When she does it wont be quick and painless, that she can promise. it will be very painful. There still is a chance for Badazz to squash the beef and end all the drama but its entirely up to him.

9 People Killed In Cartel Ambush :

BREAKING NEWS!!!….Only 2 hours ago 9 people was ambushed and gunned down at the American/Mexican border. Its believed one of the various cartels are responsible. the reason why is because upon further investigation the forensics team have discovered that the victims who range from the age of 8 months old to 47 years old was shot and killed execution style, meaning shot in the head. Apparently the vehicle came to a stop at a red light and was the only vehicle in sight. while the light was red 2 all black vehicles pulled up on each side of the victims sedan. The two black Chevy Tahoes opened fire on the vehicle. After 3,000 shots the shooting stopped, men began to poor out of the Suvs. They approached the sedan and started executing the victims. Their bloody screams and cry’s for help was drowned out by the gunshots and music that was being played very loudly in the SUVs.

They dumped gasoline on the bodies and vehicle. They then torched the vehicle with the bodies inside of it. The victims was all woman and children. these monsters have attracted the attention of the US government and its military. the cartel has just made itself fair game by committing this atrocity. The US special forces and black ops are campaigning now to find and eradicate the cartels. President trump has started the first, official task force specialized just for hunting and eradicating the cartel. This groups jurisdiction is where ever they just so happen to be at that current point in time. They go in to the den of the beast and pull him out by his tail or his throat, which ever you prefer. This Special group of skilled agents likes to go by the code name “CAT” which stands for the Cartel Assault Team/Task Force.

The Mexican government has shown the United States that they cannot handle the cartels. this is why the USA is getting involved. People are sick and tired of the Mexican authorities capturing cartel members and then they let them go free. The US is stepping in and taking care of the problem.

They Plan operation Arrow Head. this operation with focus entirely on the cartels leaders and bosses. High profile members should be scared and should run and hide. the united states marines are coming for them. Arrow head began early this morning. an hour before the first strike against the cartels, president trump tweeted to the nation that something very big was about to happen. The entire country sat in wait for him to tweet saying what that something big was exactly. We shall see what the future has in store for us America, until next time stay safe and have fun!

The Current Chamber Of Commerce, as of November 8th 2019. The Economy is Booming!!!

Chamber of Commerce top business owners:

Business ownerProperties owned
Benny Noodles200
The Joker74
Nixx C.5