The Return Of American Mafia Legend, Jiggz Barzini

Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States we have received news of former Barzini Empire member, Jiggz returning to the states. It’s been a while since we have heard that name, long ago, during the last war and remnants of the Barzini Empire, Jiggz fell to gunmen of the League of Shadows. He now has returned, at the behest of longtime thought enemy, Benny Noodles commonly referred to on the streets as a Shadow of Death.3585101

Since his rumored death, Jiggz had apparently been in the old country, healing and enjoying the weather. He had apparently sent over members of his small-time crew to check out the situation, with each visit, he had been less impressed with the way things went. Noticing petty Godfathers and rulers of a bygone age. Even when his associates spoke with former Godfathers, Ricardo and Gunnz, he did not really feel the pull to return.

One day, he did so. He took a flight out and he was soon recognized as an Old-Timer and he knew that is what he was, a man ready to bring back some honor. He had been a young Underworld Kingpin back in the days of LeftyTwoGunz, he returned a grizzled veteran, ready to stand beside former enemies and allies in order to bring some peace and prosperity to the streets.

With his return, many have wondered if he would honor his once former brother in arms, Ricardo Barzini and take up being the head of La Famiglia Barzini Empire. Our sources close have not heard any news in regards to this but we have been told that he is gathering his bearings, working with the AA to bring a more suitable system to the current state of the Honored Society.

In his return though, many people have wished the old-timer well, some young punks have already tried gunning for the man and now see him as opposition for their operations. Jiggz did say in one interview that he is ready to build something greater for the current state of the world, he wishes to make sure that the younger generation looks forward to what they’re trying to build here.

Some people would wish to still call them Gangsters but Jiggz has even stated that the days of being a thug and a lowlife gangster are behind him. He wishes to present himself as a Boss of Bosses, to bring stability he repeats and to make sure that people realize the new pecking order.

Incoming News Stories – Rumor Mill! And Reasons for why he returned now, Jiggz having an Exclusive Interview with Fox News!

In other news, we have heard rumors that Jiggz is looking to make a play into Michigan, moving some of his operations to his home state. He has been said to be running some Porn Studios and Medicinal warehouses. Stating that he wishes to be closer to his family, currently, there has been no news in regards to this rumor!

Jiggz is said to be holding an Exclusive Interview with Fox News, believing that it is time to break his silence and talk about the reasons for his return. Benny Noodles and Gunnz Lucchese being among the reasons for his return, apparently to bring back the old days such as the Barzini, Corleone, AMFU days, he wishes to see a new rise in the American Mafia regime.

Much more to come from us here at Fox News!

Signing off, Daveth O’Shay!

Stay safe American Mafia and keep your heads high for the next installment!

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