The Guardians

It was a rainy night in New York and Jiggz was in a nightclub drinking away and not really being careful that he might get unwanted attention with his womanizing ways. This night he made a mistake chatting to a lone woman at a bar a guy pushed Jiggz and said loudly ” can’t believe these Barzini guys even in New York we can’t get a night with out bumping into you guys by the way that’s my girl you where trying to chat up” Jiggz replied ” look yeah I don’t want no trouble and if you know what’s good for you go F off “. Some people at the bar left there drinks and walked away in a rush like they knew trouble was going to flare up “.
The guy showed a evil grin and said ” I don’t think you know who you talking to and I’m going to introduce my self properly ” two guys grab Jiggz and Jiggz struggled to get free it was no use. Right about this moment Xylophone just let himself out of gents when he saw a commotion he recognized Jiggz and recognized the guys to a local group of thugs that if you crossed them you would usually end up dead and the leader was Kilicbey a guy that was known to be a hot head who wasnt to be crossed. Xylophone was in hiding after a few attempts on his life, but xylophone reacted quickly by calling Ric.
Ric answered ” xylophone this is surprise ….. ” Ric this is urgent you got any guys in New York because Jiggz is going to get a beaten of his life” Xylophone explained all to Ric. After explaining all to Ric Xylophone put his cell phone back in his pocket and called a bouncer over.


Meanwhile in a dark alleyway at the back of the nightclub Jiggz head was pulled back by one of the guys Jiggz shouted ” what the fuck did I do “.
The main guy of the group flicked out a butterfly knife and replied ” I hate guys who think there tough like you Jiggz because your a Barzini I don’t care who the hell you are I’m not scared of no one I’m going to put a scar on your face hold him tight boys “.
Just as jiggz was about to get his face cut up headlights of a car blinds Kilicbey the car screeches to a halt and Gunnz quickly climbs out and two of his guys also follow, Xylophone and the bouncer show up to just in time. The two guys who where holding Jiggz chuck Jiggz to the ground and make a run for it ” let those two run they ain’t going to run far ” Gunnz said lighting up a cigar. Jiggz sucker punches Kilicbey who falls to the ground ” that’s for interrupting me when chatting to your girl ”
Gunnz tells Jiggz to get into the car. Kilicbey gets to his feet ” those fucking useless fuckers ” and dusts himself down. Gunnz says out loudly ” remind me who you are”.
The guy sticks his finger up at Gunnz and says ” I’m Kilicbey I’m going to kick your ass you guys think your untouchable”, one of Gunnz men sucker punches Kilicbey to the ground. Gunnz nods his head in disappointment ” I remember who you are you the guy that likes going around nightclubs with you little friends causing trouble I bet you put a few people in hospital” Kilicbey again gets up and dusts himself down ” I put many in hospital and your going too” just about this moment a gun is placed at the side of his head. “That’s my good friend Donny Jackson who’s got the gun to your head ” Gunnz walks up to Kilicbey and sticks the burning but of the cigar into the forehead and Kilicbey screams with pain the other bodyguard of Gunnz holds Kilicbey
up. Gunnz gives the orders to take Kilicbey into the car ” Now Tommy got a good target to aim when he presses the trigger hahahaha” Gunnz laughed loudly.
“Where you taking me you bastards” the men quickly hurl Kilicbey into the back seat of the car. Gunnz greets Xylophone ” nice to see you xylo thank god you were at the right place tonight or Jiggz was going to have face surgery” xylo points to the car ” what you going to do with him” Gunnz smiles ” what should of been done long time ago ” both xylo and Gunnz laugh. Gunnz shakes xylos hand “see you around xylo take care I have to take care of business ” Gunnz walks to the car opens the door and screams can be heard coming from the car “help help ” the car door shuts and the car screeches away into the night. Xylophone walks up to the bouncer ” good job for looking out for the police” he hands over cash to the bouncer ” remember you saw nothing.


A week later Jiggz recovering from his experience picks up the AM news paper
Headlines TORTURED TO DEATH Jiggz recognizes the photo of a the man it was Kilicbey the nightclub troublemaker who nearly cut his face up Jiggz had a smile on his face the story made his day.