The Cake Shop Bombing!!!


We here at the Fox News office receive reports, and information on a daily basis. It’s our job to sift through it all and decide what is news and what is fake news. By conducting interviews with eye witnesses, and talking with those on the ground at the events taking place we only bring you the truth and #facts.

It was November 18th, 2019. It was late in the evening around 5:30pm, and it was one cold, rainy, and dreary day. The Cake Shop ran by Cakepop was very dead on this day. They had a total of 3 customers since 8:00am. This was just a sign of things to come. With her eyes starting to close as she sat at her sales counter. Cakepop fell asleep sitting at her desk/counter. inCollage_20191123_202034198

We spoke to an eye witness who was in the shop eating his milk and cookies. Mr. Antonio “Scarface” Camonte, a man who frequents the shop was willing to talk with reporters telling us that he was just finishing his milk and cookies when all of a sudden the big bay window of the shop shattered with an all black GMC van smashing through it. He quickly jumped out of his seat, onto the floor, covering his head he took cover.

Scarface honestly thought it was somebody coming for him. As his life flashed before his eyes, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled his revolver out. He jumped up and took cover behind a table that had been tilted sideways and made a great barricade. With his gun tightly squeezed in his hands he took a quick look at the situation.

6 individuals in all black, with black ski masks jumped out of the van and the quickly grabbed Cakepop and the cash register. 3 of them took off to the back of the building, while the other 3 put Cakepop in the back of the van, bound and gagged. One of the three masked men putting Cakepop in the van looked over and seen Scar taking cover behind the table. The man froze just staring at Scar. Scar just stared at the man, and before anything could happen the 3 masked individuals who took off to the back of the building made there way back out to the lobby.

“Its ready to blow” one of the individuals said, as they handled a black duffel bag off to one of the other. The one watching scar just stood still. As they all got back into the van, the one man watching Scar winked at him and was the last one to jump Into the passenger side of the van just before making their escape. Scar ran out of the building chasing after the Van. When he reached the street he stopped knowing it was pointless. At that very moment, like it was planned or on Q the building had erupted into a huge explosion. It launched Scarface several feet away from the building where he landed on a parked care smashing out all of its windows. He was unconscious until police and medics arrived on the scene.

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation has been called in to investigate the insane movie like robbery/kidnapping/arson.
Based on the clues and evidence gathered at the scene the bureau isn’t exactly sure who it truly was behind this atrocity. All they can really do is speculate and assume that it was non other then the notorious League Of Shadows behind the atrocity. The FBI received a tip that told them it was Brookie behind the atrocity. Our source tells us that she is truly the one who ordered and organized everything. This is of course here say and hasn’t been proven.

It was only the next day that the body of Cakepop was found bound and gagged. She was found at the New Mexican/Nevada border, out in the middle of the desert. The vultures had been circling the body for hours and feasting on its flesh. With almost all the flesh eaten there was only small chunks still stuck to its bones. This was non other than a horrific act of terror.

The FBI have released a structure picture of the infamous “League Of Shadows” They would like the public to please contact them if they see any of these individuals, as they are wanted for questioning.

Thank you AM, stay strong, stay safe.


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