So Called Take Over

The so called LOS take over of AM isn’t really a takeover some criminal experts explain that it’s been really embarrassing after the so called takeover new criminal families started to appear including old guard members like Real Corleone who was in hiding for a long time and decided to show up and run up his crime business again Corleone crime family that has really gone down the drain after family members started to be killed off. Two other groups have risen Wolfpack and Saviours police believe to be a LOS breakaway section of criminals who are trying to muscle into the crime business. Also Trafficante and Morello crime families started to run there crime businesses for nothing as they started to be killed off.

The leader of the LOS Chapo who parades around in a new name still has not stepped up as a worth while AM godfather saying many times that he does not care about building a crime family and not interested in peace talks.

Crime expert John Snow had this to say

” I believe that LOS is still haunted by The Barzini Crime Family who still hold a power grip on AM and influences the going ons of crime.”