Returning Businessmen – Mafia Empires

Ladies and Gentlemen of the American Mafia, over the last few months we have seen very suspicious actions going on in the underworld, the death of LOS lieutenant StephanT and the retreat of the LOS boss. We also noticed the return of three high ups in the underworld.

Two of them being Pazzo-Moretti suspected boss of once powerful Moretti Empire and John-Dillinger La Familiga Barzini Empire capo; these two are feared mob bosses  and are known to be cold blooded killers, but then again these are just rumors ladies and gentlemen. The third man is Jiggz a member of the La Familiga Empire rumored to be the right hand man of Ricardo Barzini.

These three men could just shift the power struggle going on in the underworld of the mob but ladies and gentlemen with the war between LOS and Barzini just starting we urge you to stay indoors and only go out if an emergency.

Stay safe.