Probably Killed For Breaking Mafia Oath

Police now believe that murdered Rickymafia45 was killed for breaking a Mafia rule the ex Barzini gangster was rumored to be unhappy and wanted to leave the crime business but when your in you can’t get out and the orders where carried out to kill him. He could also been killed because he knew to much is another possibility he was also rumored in dodgy dealings with money loan sharking and demanding money off people. Rickymafia was found dead with stab wounds in the street on  19th January 2017 8:03 am state of Georgia.

Other news today 22nd January 2017 the funeral of Barzini legendary gangster Xylophone The Hitman Barzini took place in Connecticut in a secret location where fellow Barzini members paid there respects including LeftyTwoGunnz.

The boss of the Barzini crime family and both living feared henchmen Ric and Gunnz. Police believe xylophone was involved in many murders in his career as a feared and known for his loyalty and  respected gangster for the Barzini Empire.

LOS are believed to be behind the murder. There was tight security at the service.

Even in his death there are still murders being committed in his name.