Oklahoma Massacre

Mad Macino was found dead early this morning at 8:39am on this 21st of January 2017 gunfire was heard and a car screeched away witnesses reported Mad Macino was a Corleone member and had connections to the Wolfpack criminal organisation just a few minutes earlier at 8:10am down the block Johnnypisano Corleone member was gunned down in a hell of gunfire shots pronounced dead at the scene by ambulance staff.

Oklahoma Police department have a opened mind to who could be behind these killings saying there could be many motives rumours from the criminal underworld would put the blame on the increase number of murders on the barzini empire who some from the criminal underworld say that the Barzini empire are still in charge and the current armatures are way behind in taking over AM.

Another source says that LeftyTwoGunnz is still pulling the strings of Crime over AM and that LOS takeover will not last for long.