Murder up in April

A wave of murders swept threw AM in April after a quiet few months making it a deadliest month of the year. 24 murders were reported and New York had the highest rate of murders recording 5 killings. Police have there theories behind the sharp peak of murders one including Gemini the loose canon Gallo who has many times escaped  attempts on his life after causing trouble by murdering thugs and fellow mobsters without no reason they strongly believe Gemini to be behind some of the killings. Gemini has strong connections to the feared Barzini Empire.
One anonymous person who contacted us but does not want to give out his name
” if Gemini is bored they soon will be killings on the street ” .
Another downside of geminis reputation is that it’s usually his partners in crime that try to take is life to stop him killing more people. Rumours in the underworld suggest Gemini is in hiding for his own safety for now.

Murders April 2016 statistics
New York 5
Florida 1
South Carolina 1
Alaska 1
Idaho 1
Washington DC 1
Arkansas 2
Iowa 1
Indiana 1
Georgia 1
South Dakota 1
Rhode Island 1
Texas 1
Nevada 1
Missouri 1
North Carolina 2
Connecticut 2
Total murders in AM 24