The American Mafia Game is the ONLY mafia online game on the Internet that produced nationwide elections.

Participate in Elections and vote for Cardinals, Governors, and presidential elections.
Get yourself elected as a Cardinal to run the Church, or as a Governor to run your State
Run for the best job in the world. Become the President of United States of America!

State Cardinals

Get elected for the most powerful religious figure in the state and set your career on the path to the US Presidency.

State Cardinals are responsible for maintaining the Church and the laws of a state. Such power comes with consequences including haters,
assassinations and the occasional Cold War disputes among leaders at the round table. You become untouchable in the American Mafia game and it gets better as you move through rank.
Mafia elections and politics are a dirty business, but you can always move up the ladder into the big chairs making millions behind a desk.

State Governors

State Governors – Powerful Leaders in 50 States

A State Governor is the most powerful player within a State

State Governors are the most powerful members of the states. Imagine controlling Mafia elections with rigged votes. With support from your family,
you’re one step away from the streets when you become a State Governor in the American Mafia. On the other hand, you’re responsible for contacting and working with the Don,
US President of a Mafia crime family, to improve the lives of your people.
Even at this point of your career, you can break even with just a couple million a year to lay you over but you can have more if you go for the throne of US Presidency.

Run the show as a State Governor and build your Empire and wealth using your political skills.

President of the USA

U.S. Presidency – Take the Throne! Become the President of the United States of America<

Cardinals and Governors will fight for the best job in the world. Participate in the most competitive elections on the American Mafia game. Run the country and build your legacy. You will have the power to dismiss any Governors, or Cardinals,
exonerate inmates from Federal Jail and many other surprises.

Imagine living in the White House with a nice office with a view of the world at your feet. After you reach this level of power,
there’s no dirty work left. As the U.S. President, you own the rights to all laws in 50 states. You can administer and control 50 Governors to do as you want when you want.
No one disputes or confronts you about your decisions and the time flies as you stack your dough and enjoy the good life.

Do you want the throne? Play AmericanMafia today.