Game Changes and Updates

1.  The State Owner attack immunity has been reduced to their own states. You can only be attacked in the states that you don’t own.  Example: You own the New York State. You can’t be attacked in New York as long as you are the State Owner.  This update is pending to be being implemented. 

2. The Map State Expansion Pack item will continue to give 5 more states. That’s because the timer is set to expire in 1 month.

3. We just increased the price for the Anonymous – Hide Your Name on the Map 1 Month by 100 points to 200 points.

4. The Destroy a State Ownership fees won’t change. We want the little guy to be able to destroy any state ownership. Ranks are taken into consideration anyway, so it’s very hard for a low rank to destroy the state ownership of a high ranked mobster.

5. Missions will be reset every month on the 1st of the month. This update is pending to be being implemented. 

6.  Retirement and Vacation prices won’t change. We will enforce the 1 month rule. You can only use 1 Retirement and/or 1 Vacation every 30 days.

7.  Time between attacks was increased to 10 minutes. The time to attack system generated accounts will remain set to 1 second between attacks. See what we did here? :) This update is pending to be being implemented. 

8. State Owners will not be able to release their ownership, but they can always ask someone to destroy their state ownership.

9. The number of businesses a person can own was increased to 200.  Small ranks have a limit to own 5 businesses (Capo and below).