Game Changes and Updates

Hi Folks,

We made the following changes today:

1. We removed the Map Items that would prevent the Claim, Capture Flag or Destruction of a state. Players will no longer be able to purchase the state protection.

2. Game Missions have been reset

3. Attack timer reduced to 1 minute

A Victim recovery timer increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds.

4. Forum Cleanup

5. STATE EXPANSION PACK (5 STATES) – 1 MONTH price drop from 50 points to 10 points.

6. ANONYMOUS – HIDE YOUR NAME ON THE MAP 1 MONTH price drop from 200 points to 50 points.

7. REMOVE MAP TIMER – 1 MONTH price drop from 150 to 50 points.

We’d like to remind you a few things about the MAP and the State Ownership:

-state owners will only have attack protection while they are in the state they own. Ex. You own Texas, you can’t be attacked while you’re in Texas while you are the state owner. Leave Texas and you can be attacked.

-state owners can lose state ownership at any time, if another player will destroy, capture the flag, or claim the state.