A Murderous Winter

As the smell of cigar smoke and whiskey filled the air, the head of the Barzini family awaited a call within their meeting room among a secluded mansion in the hills.

A single phone call that would decide the fate of a man’s life.

A door swung open to the room, shining light upon the faces of the Family’s remaining head structure – Gunnz, Ric, Boyesey and Jackie. They were glad to see a familiar face enter the room, that of Mr Texas, or ‘ Tex ‘ to those close around him, as they all stood to welcome him into the room, ushering him towards the table to celebrate with drink and cigars. But celebrations were to be cut short today, as the alarming sound of the table phone rang throughout the room. With a smirk on his face, Gunnz lifted the phone to his ear, and muttered the words on everybody’s mind – “Are you with us, or against us?”. As everyone at the table anxiously awaited the decision, Gunnz showed no distinction in his emotion, and silently returned the phone to it’s holder, making his way back towards his seat before taking a sip of his whiskey and a drag on the finest of Cuban cigars.

“Is it good news or bad news?”

Bad, but not for us replied, Gunnz replied with a confident grin across his face. The room erupted with cheers as the men devised a plan that would alter the course of history within the American Mafia, and avenge a recently murdered associate of the Family – Antonio Benzini.

It was 3:55 pm in a cold and seemingly wintery Oklahoma, with the roar of an engine a luxury private jet had just touched down in the state airport. As the engines die down and a set of rolling stairs approach the aircraft, an all-black sedan approaches the aircraft, slowing to a halt metres from the plane. With air, fresh in his lungs, a well dressed figure exits the plane, slowly making his way down the stairs. Taking his hat off as a goodwill gesture to greet those at the airport, we discover the identity of this figure – RazorRodjr, the acting Head of the Bildeburg Crime Family.

As he was welcomed into Oklahoma, RazorRodjr made his way towards the awaiting sedan.

Knocking on the blacked out window, RazorRodjr expected the window to roll down, showing the face of Paulie, Junior’s trusted cheaffur of many years to greet him. Unknown to the Mob Boss, Jackie Barzini was patiently waiting in the drivers seat with his M1911 – with the press of a button, the window rolled down, revealing Jackie’s presence to the startled Family Boss.

“The Barzini Family send their regards”

3:59 pm, two gunshots were heard around the airport, panic slowly arising from the silence that followed.

As the local bell tower struck 4pm, RazorRodjr’s body lay on the ground, blood seeping from the two bullet holes located in his chest, with the growing sounds of sirens, the sedan was started, speeding away from the crime scene.