Similarities noticed between Corporate America and the Mafia

Corporate America and the industry of Hollywood Mafia are said to share similar operational abilities. For instance, the Bonnono Mafia Family being run by Jack Welch and General Motors by Al Capone. Movies, which are larger than life, tend to replicate reality.

Similarity in functioning

Specific values and rules are said to exist in any core relationship. Working for the Mafia is similar to having the suit put on and working for GM. However, the only difference here is that the rules by which each entity is said to operate. The only business of the Mafia is to make profits and so is the corporation which has opened up to earn profits. The very purpose of the existence of any entity is to have its personal agenda to be fulfilled, but the difference noticed between the two is the means that is used for attaining the needs. Corporation exists for a specific purpose and so is the Mafia organization. They both are organized entity sets, which are governed through set of rules that get driven by values of the founding members.

Some similarities

  • Honesty and Loyalty: They are characteristics which are part of the entities. The Mafia as well as corporate America search for employees who would honestly and loyally serve their need and purpose.
  • Strategy derived from top: It is the top from where strategies are derived. CEO and executives is the people who decide as to where the corporation is to head. Similarly, the decision in the Mafia Family comes from Godfather and board of directors. The Don, councilor and the under don are the main decision makers.
  • Policy & Procedures and Rules: Rules are present in the Mafia that needs to be adhered to by its members for smooth operation. The corporation does have procedures and policy in place which their employees are to follow and implement.
  • Association and power politics: Individuals within the Corporation or Mafia work towards attaining power through association and politics. In the corporate setting, if the person is well connected and liked, then he is sure to move higher the ladder quickly. Similar, the person is made a Goodfella, a made man in the Mafia for good behavior and well liked.
  • Titles vs. Ranks: Ranks are significant in the Mafia, since it determines the position of the person within the organization and his scope of authority. Same aspect goes for the corporation, where it is the title which determines the significance of the individual along with his authority and scope.