Mafia and the Undercover Agents

The Mafia is said to exist in the United States of America for more than a century now and the prohibition era, saw them to get a stronghold in the region of their operation. The different mafia families were reputed to undertake various types of criminal activities, which even included gang wars and other aspects that caused huge issues for the government departments to function properly. Added to this, the involvement of numerous police officials and government employees with the Mafia to help them with their operation and to escape from the clutch of the law only created more trouble and their consolidation of their power in the region.

Making an impact on the Mafia

For the FBI and legal organizations to make serious impact on Mafia, what they are required to know is what actually goes in the organization, what type of activities are undertaken by them and to get inside information about the Caporegimes, the Dons and other Mafia family members as well as their associates. The legal department can always conduct raids on illegal gambling rings, drug deals, etc., to arrest those who are involved. But the fact is that the Mafia is likely to find new recruits and to have the arrested members to be bailed out, thereby increasing their gang numbers. Hence, for creating a real damage to the Mafia Family, it is necessary for the legal department to have the top to be arrested like the Don, caporegime, Underboss and his capos.

Undercover roles

This is where the undercover agents were said to play an important role whose task was to infiltrate into the Mafia family. But the FBI agent who is working undercover in the role of an enforcer or mob associate can be a dangerous job. In case, this person is caught during the act of providing information to the legal department or his truth of being an undercover is discovered, then he is likely to get executed without any second thinking.

Importance of the undercover agents

The Undercover agents are said to still be considered to plan an important role in the fight against Mafia families by the FBI. In 1998, in Cleveland, a sting was orchestrated by the undercover agent, which had helped to net over forty corrupt police officials. Since their work is dangerous and can even lead to their being tortured to death, their nature of work always remains a secret. These undercover make use of assumed names.