Knowing how to identify the Mafia Family members

Although it can prove to be a difficult task, at times, it becomes possible to have the members of the mafia group to be identified from the crowd. The following points can help anyone to differentiate from the other mobsters, petty thieves and common citizens. However, what one has to understand and keep in mind that any person who have been showing such signs need not necessarily be involved with the Mafia or be one of its members.

Things to look for to identify the Mafia members

One common attribute which can be noticed among the Mafia crime members is the tattoos present on the different parts of the body, more specially those that are located on the visible portion. They are likely to have more than the ordinary tattoos which are availed by the common citizens on their bodies. Again one should not get confused that a person displaying excess is not necessarily a mafia member or a member, since he may find it to be cool to be covered with tattoos in his body. But, it might be considered to be a strong sign of involvement with any gang.


It has been noticed that the mafia gang members at times dress in similar fashion for showing their affiliation and loyalty to a specific group, which can help them be distinguished from the other mafia families. They may be seen wearing white undershirt along with unbuttoned flannel shirt at bottom. Besides this, members of a particular family may wear same colored bandannas for distinguishing themselves. Some gangs have been seen to be wearing baseball cap turned towards the back or at times to their side.

They are few of the dressing styles that are commonly seen among the members of the mafia families. But even the general public could be noticed to wear such styling fashions. Hence, one should assume that any person who is dressed in such a style is a criminal and member of the Mafiosi.

Usage of graffiti

In case, graffiti of any type is seen in the neighborhood, then it can probably be a sign of the existence of any type of criminal gang around. This is because, gangs and mafia members have the habit of having their territory marked clearly, so as to ensure that outsiders and other rival gangs are wary about their presence and the area dominated by them.