What is distinctive about the Mafia Family?

The Mafia families are powerful criminal organizations that dominate the criminal activities that place in the region of their hold. It has been seen that the Mafia family heads are mostly those individuals, who do not have proper educational backgrounds or are uneducated. Most of them are said to have undergone little schooling, but possess capabilities to run big profitable organizations, where their existence is against the law. The Mafia members operate openly in free marketing system, as well as in those places, where communism rules. Furthermore, they do flourish in both the environments. The members and the leaders are more focused on objectives and results and use whatever means available at their disposal for achieving such objectives. The Mafia can be termed to be business that functions like that of a corporation.

Value systems

There are many who may assume that the Mafia Family has different value system, the reason why this organization has been operating in this manner. As a matter of fact, the values shared by most corporations and the Mafia are the same, however, with the game’s rule being different. The employees of the Mafia are treated fairly and its values gives back to the community, thereby creating opportunities for the unemployed, benefitting the society,  by having the law enforcement under its feet. It is also said that the Mafia families supports the workforce and huge budgets of several law enforcement agencies. Although considered to be evil, they have been investing in Corporate America.

Operation principles of the Mafia

  • Trust needs to be earned and not given
  • Not to forget, but forgive
  • Without power, the sharks are likely to get you
  • Deception game is to be learnt and to be used
  • The results are not to be focused upon, but achieving of the objective
  • To perform what is done best and for the rest employ others
  • Better to more always than what is taken
  • Keep in mind those who have supported and favored
  • Forgive those, having tried to harm (since any person may be required in any given circumstance. Once in power, people having hatred are sure to become best friends and also be loyal)
  • The fights are to be picked and chosen carefully (since the person has to live to fight the other day)
  • Speak only what is required and be blunt.


It is the above mentioned aspects that make the Mafia to be distinctive from that of a corporation.