Alphonse Indelicato – The man who failed to become the boss of the Bonanno Mafia family

Alphonse Indelicato was popularly called as Sony Red. It was on 25th February 1931 that he was born in the city of New York. He had never visited his paternal city of Siculiana, Agrigento, Sicily and was Salvatore Valenti, the Bonanno associate’s father in law. Indelicato was also Charles Ruvolo, the Bonanno capo’s ex-son in law. Moreover, he had relations with the education advisor of Michael Dukkakis’, the Massachusetts Governor named Gerald Thomas Indelicato and Giuseppe Indelicato, the global heroin trafficker.  He got married to Margaret Elizabeth McFadden. They had a son called Bruno, who also was introduced the Mafia ways at a very young age.

His personality

Indelicator was considered to be opinionated, charismatic, ruthless and dangerous. He had a tattoo of two hearts within a dagger carved on the left arm, and on the right arm having another tattoo stating “Holland 1945”, whose meaning is unknown. He preferred wearing bright clothing, striped track suits, orange T-shirts, garish casual clothing and multicolored socks. Also he used huge tinted sunglasses including a swagger in customized pair of red colored leather cowboy boots, the reason why he got the nickname of ‘Sonny Red’.

He is regarded to be a violent person as he had killed a man with an ice pick and got involved in numerous murders. He got sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment at the Sing Sing Correctional center on 26th December 1951 for shooting at the social club, killing a man.

His life as a mafia

He had become a caporegime of the Bonanno Mafia family and was one of the mafia members to dislike the leadership of Phillip Rastelli. Since he had a good support from the other capo’s of the family, he often disrespected Rastelli, including capos Dominick Napolitano and Joseph Massino, who had been aligned with him.

With the imprisonment of Rastelli in 1974, Carmine Galante tried to push him aside and become the ultimate boss of the Bonanno Mafia Family. But his antics did not go well with the other members of the Commission. On his declaring war with the other mafia families like Gambino and Genovese, a contract was issued to kill Galante that was successfully carried out. The creation of a vacuum tempted Indelicto to attempt becoming boss of the Bonanno family. But Rastelli’s loyalist Sonny Napolitano prevented such moves. Even though Indelicto enjoyed the support of soldiers and caporegime of the family, on 5th May 1981 at the Embassy Terrace of Brooklyn, he got killed by the loyal aides of Rastelli.