A Murderous Winter

As the smell of cigar smoke and whiskey filled the air, the head of the Barzini family awaited a call within their meeting room among a secluded mansion in the hills. A single phone call that would decide the fate of a man's life.

Texas Shoot Out

Today witnesses reported a gun fight between a group of men that led to two deaths. Red-Eyes and SmartCar-vs-ISIS were killed. Red-eyes was the boss of the East End Crime Syndicate who was being [...]

New York Murder

A body was discovered in a bin in a New York alley way February 5th 2017. Police identified the victim as uchihaMadara and conclude that he must of been killed around 1:55am. A bullet [...]

Game Changes and Updates

Hi Folks, We made the following changes today: 1. We removed the Map Items that would prevent the Claim, Capture Flag or Destruction of a state. Players will no longer be able to purchase [...]

So Called Take Over

The so called LOS take over of AM isn’t really a takeover some criminal experts explain that it’s been really embarrassing after the so called takeover new criminal families started to appear including old [...]

Oklahoma Massacre

Mad Macino was found dead early this morning at 8:39am on this 21st of January 2017 gunfire was heard and a car screeched away witnesses reported Mad Macino was a Corleone member and had [...]

Game Changes and Updates

1.  The State Owner attack immunity has been reduced to their own states. You can only be attacked in the states that you don’t own.  Example: You own the New York State. You can’t [...]

Murder up in April

A wave of murders swept threw AM in April after a quiet few months making it a deadliest month of the year. 24 murders were reported and New York had the highest rate of murders [...]