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CrackHead Found Dead In Spring Hill

Today September 7th in spring hill Florida a local crackhead known as Jagodic10 was found dead in a abandoned house. Police say he could of been used as a testing tool for criminals as forensic tests show a number of bullets where shot into him including one bullet unknown to any gun known that could be a new military weapon.

It is believed he might of been lured into the abandoned house and shot in the head point blank range. Forensics also show he could of been killed between 8.30pm and 9.00pm. The individual was known to be crack cocaine user and most likely was getting his cocaine from dangerous criminals.

Captain Luis from the spring hill police explained that the victim knew the people and was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that the suspects took a opportunity to carry out the crime unfortunately he died in a viscous and terrible way.
Residents heard gunshots in the area at the around 8.50pm and it lasted for a while who ever carried out the killing was enjoying themselves. Crime like this is not unheard of in AM it’s like a hobby for these people.

Our reporter tried to talk to local residents but no luck we also tried to contact underworld figures to see if they had any info on this crime we where lucky but did not want his name used but he gave us this statement

“Who the hell cares it was a crackhead that no one f?!!ing cares about even the police won’t bother investigating that shit it’s a waste of there time bet the police are happy one more nuisance is off the streets.”

New Kingpin, The Secret Society

Ladies and Gentlemen of the American Mafia, we have the most updated news of the on goings of the AM underworld.

New Rumored Kingpin

Most recently ladies and gentlemen there is a new kingpin in the form of Barzini Loyalist, Lazarus-Barzini known as Head of Barzini BlackGuards empire, he was said to be giving the position due to his fiercest loyalty to the Bosses Lefty, Ric and Gunnz and also never shying away from a battle which he was mortally wounded both times, his acts have also inspired many others such as his rumored Underboss Jack Barzini and longtime mafioso Mikey Malone Jr who is also speculated to be Lazarus most trusted adviser with this new structure it has been regarded as the most stable regime in a long time.

The old and retired question the Barzini leadership!?!

Ladies and Gentlemen feel like your back in time? well you should most recently Old and Retired mobsters have come out of retirement to question the barzini rule such mobsters as old boss of the Philly Crime Family Nicodemo Scarfo and Old Head of the Corleone empire Michael Corleone, these men have cricticized the new regime of the American Mafia saying that the regime is Sloppy and Unorganized unlike the past, members of the barzini family have spoke out against most recently Jiggz Barzini, Regarded as the young wolf Jiggz spoke out against the old mobsters stating that “I Grew up in that so called golden era and it was a hell-storm, my father was a made guy for the Corleone and one day he never came home from “work” and I knew he had been killed because he was framed by Michael Corleone” now Jiggz the top of his profession rumored to be working for his Mentors Lefty and Ricardo Barzini he now runs his own crew out of north Carolina but what do you think AM? who is right in these war of words, YOU decide!

A new Society, New members!?!?

Ladies and Gentlemen it has been established that a new mafia organization, we do not know the name of this organization due to it’s secrecy but we do know that there have been new members of the society most recently, Gunnz Luchesse and Ricardo Barzini the two men who helped shape and carve a new era for Barzini most recently the business has garnered some attention due to having six members in the esteemed group including Barzini Godfather and Capo Di Tutti Capi LeftyTwoGunz or referred to as the GodKing but with these three men have now taken over the American Mafia with there own agenda and one thing in mind to preserve the legacy of the American Mafia.

Ladies and Gentlemen that is all of the news story as of late with these stories now coming in the future of AM looks very bright indeed,

Stay Safe AM

Senior Reporter and News Editor,


Police Stats Show Low June Murder Rate

Welcoming police news as murder rates fall once again for the month of June
Michigan and Nevada having the highest murder rate 4 murders each.
Is this the future trend or the calm before the storm.

Murders June 2016 statistics
Utah 1
Maryland 1
Virginia 2
Vermont 1
Minnesota 1
Alaska 1
Alabama 1
Nevada 4
Florida 2
Oklahoma 2
New Jersey 1
Michigan 4
New York 2
New Hampshire 1
New Mexico 1
Tennessee 1
Montana 1
Ohio 1
California 3
North Dakota 1
Iowa 1
Washington 1
Missouri 1
Idaho 1
Total murders in AM 36

Underworld Targets Dead Beats And Layabouts

May has been a violent month with 82 murders recorded. Many street punks have been killed in many ways hit and runs stabbings and shootings. Rumour has it that the criminal underworld wanted to clean up the streets of lazy criminals that had not contributed anything in the life of crime and only caused headaches for the Mafia. New York seems to be the epicentre of these vicious murders with 11 murders recorded. Police insiders believe that The Barzini Empires big guns planned a total wipe out of what they call dead beats and layabouts of the American Mafia.

Murders May 2016 statistics
New York 11
Oklahoma 4
Texas 6
Florida 6
Washington D.C  5
California 4
Michigan 6
Colorado 2
Illinois 3
Alabama 2
Alaska 2
Washington 1
Connecticut 1
Kentucky 1
Ohio 1
New Jersey 1
Nevada 1
Oregon 1
Maryland 1
South Carolina 1
Utah 1
Tennessee 1
South Dakota 1
Missouri 3
New Mexico 1
New Hampshire 1
Montana 1
Massachusetts 2
Iowa 2
Idaho 1
Delaware 2
West Virginia 1
Arkansas 1
North Carolina 1
Hawaii 2
Total murders in AM 82

Murder up in April

A wave of murders swept threw AM in April after a quiet few months making it a deadliest month of the year. 24 murders were reported and New York had the highest rate of murders recording 5 killings. Police have there theories behind the sharp peak of murders one including Gemini the loose canon Gallo who has many times escaped  attempts on his life after causing trouble by murdering thugs and fellow mobsters without no reason they strongly believe Gemini to be behind some of the killings. Gemini has strong connections to the feared Barzini Empire.
One anonymous person who contacted us but does not want to give out his name
” if Gemini is bored they soon will be killings on the street ” .
Another downside of geminis reputation is that it’s usually his partners in crime that try to take is life to stop him killing more people. Rumours in the underworld suggest Gemini is in hiding for his own safety for now.

Murders April 2016 statistics
New York 5
Florida 1
South Carolina 1
Alaska 1
Idaho 1
Washington DC 1
Arkansas 2
Iowa 1
Indiana 1
Georgia 1
South Dakota 1
Rhode Island 1
Texas 1
Nevada 1
Missouri 1
North Carolina 2
Connecticut 2
Total murders in AM 24

The Guardians

It was a rainy night in New York and Jiggz was in a nightclub drinking away and not really being careful that he might get unwanted attention with his womanizing ways. This night he made a mistake chatting to a lone woman at a bar a guy pushed Jiggz and said loudly ” can’t believe these Barzini guys even in New York we can’t get a night with out bumping into you guys by the way that’s my girl you where trying to chat up” Jiggz replied ” look yeah I don’t want no trouble and if you know what’s good for you go F off “. Some people at the bar left there drinks and walked away in a rush like they knew trouble was going to flare up “.
The guy showed a evil grin and said ” I don’t think you know who you talking to and I’m going to introduce my self properly ” two guys grab Jiggz and Jiggz struggled to get free it was no use. Right about this moment Xylophone just let himself out of gents when he saw a commotion he recognized Jiggz and recognized the guys to a local group of thugs that if you crossed them you would usually end up dead and the leader was Kilicbey a guy that was known to be a hot head who wasnt to be crossed. Xylophone was in hiding after a few attempts on his life, but xylophone reacted quickly by calling Ric.
Ric answered ” xylophone this is surprise ….. ” Ric this is urgent you got any guys in New York because Jiggz is going to get a beaten of his life” Xylophone explained all to Ric. After explaining all to Ric Xylophone put his cell phone back in his pocket and called a bouncer over.


Meanwhile in a dark alleyway at the back of the nightclub Jiggz head was pulled back by one of the guys Jiggz shouted ” what the fuck did I do “.
The main guy of the group flicked out a butterfly knife and replied ” I hate guys who think there tough like you Jiggz because your a Barzini I don’t care who the hell you are I’m not scared of no one I’m going to put a scar on your face hold him tight boys “.
Just as jiggz was about to get his face cut up headlights of a car blinds Kilicbey the car screeches to a halt and Gunnz quickly climbs out and two of his guys also follow, Xylophone and the bouncer show up to just in time. The two guys who where holding Jiggz chuck Jiggz to the ground and make a run for it ” let those two run they ain’t going to run far ” Gunnz said lighting up a cigar. Jiggz sucker punches Kilicbey who falls to the ground ” that’s for interrupting me when chatting to your girl ”
Gunnz tells Jiggz to get into the car. Kilicbey gets to his feet ” those fucking useless fuckers ” and dusts himself down. Gunnz says out loudly ” remind me who you are”.
The guy sticks his finger up at Gunnz and says ” I’m Kilicbey I’m going to kick your ass you guys think your untouchable”, one of Gunnz men sucker punches Kilicbey to the ground. Gunnz nods his head in disappointment ” I remember who you are you the guy that likes going around nightclubs with you little friends causing trouble I bet you put a few people in hospital” Kilicbey again gets up and dusts himself down ” I put many in hospital and your going too” just about this moment a gun is placed at the side of his head. “That’s my good friend Donny Jackson who’s got the gun to your head ” Gunnz walks up to Kilicbey and sticks the burning but of the cigar into the forehead and Kilicbey screams with pain the other bodyguard of Gunnz holds Kilicbey
up. Gunnz gives the orders to take Kilicbey into the car ” Now Tommy got a good target to aim when he presses the trigger hahahaha” Gunnz laughed loudly.
“Where you taking me you bastards” the men quickly hurl Kilicbey into the back seat of the car. Gunnz greets Xylophone ” nice to see you xylo thank god you were at the right place tonight or Jiggz was going to have face surgery” xylo points to the car ” what you going to do with him” Gunnz smiles ” what should of been done long time ago ” both xylo and Gunnz laugh. Gunnz shakes xylos hand “see you around xylo take care I have to take care of business ” Gunnz walks to the car opens the door and screams can be heard coming from the car “help help ” the car door shuts and the car screeches away into the night. Xylophone walks up to the bouncer ” good job for looking out for the police” he hands over cash to the bouncer ” remember you saw nothing.


A week later Jiggz recovering from his experience picks up the AM news paper
Headlines TORTURED TO DEATH Jiggz recognizes the photo of a the man it was Kilicbey the nightclub troublemaker who nearly cut his face up Jiggz had a smile on his face the story made his day.

Returning Businessmen – Mafia Empires

Ladies and Gentlemen of the American Mafia, over the last few months we have seen very suspicious actions going on in the underworld, the death of LOS lieutenant StephanT and the retreat of the LOS boss. We also noticed the return of three high ups in the underworld.

Two of them being Pazzo-Moretti suspected boss of once powerful Moretti Empire and John-Dillinger La Familiga Barzini Empire capo; these two are feared mob bosses  and are known to be cold blooded killers, but then again these are just rumors ladies and gentlemen. The third man is Jiggz a member of the La Familiga Empire rumored to be the right hand man of Ricardo Barzini.

These three men could just shift the power struggle going on in the underworld of the mob but ladies and gentlemen with the war between LOS and Barzini just starting we urge you to stay indoors and only go out if an emergency.

Stay safe.

Murder Down In March

All states have reported a sharp drop in murders only 4 murders have been reported for the month of March 2016 compared to this time last year when murders where epidemic in all states. The only infamous murder was of (LOS) shamed mobster StephenT police are scratching there heads on this one and hope it lasts for a long time make there lives easier. Explanations for the murders coming down are placed on the Barzini Empire for wiping out the competition in the organised crime business.
And the leader of the (LOS) is in fear of his life and is in hiding along with his associates who also are in fear for their lifes, seems the murders won’t be going up for a long while yet.

Police are still investigating StephenT murder but no clues have surfaced to put the murderer behind bars police urge if anyone saw anything or no who’s behind the murder to contact the police any information is vital to catch the killer and put a dangerous murderer in prison.

Police Chief Trumpet Statement
” the only clues we have a sniper was used our gun experts are in no doubt they examined the bullet that was found in the crime scene and are hundred percent shore it was shot from a sniper the weapon was also fired from across the street from the court house because of the professional way the hit was carried out there has been no clues to who done it. The lawyer was lucky he could of been killed all I know there’s a killer at large that needs to be put behind bars for a killing he committed and he could strike again. There has been suggestions that the Barzini Empire is behind this murder and we know they got the means of carrying out a attack like this. In a case like this we need hard evidence to actually catch the culprit but not only by rumor or word of mouth.”

February Madness

We’ve got news for you. I am not sure if you noticed, but there are quite a few new things happening in the American Mafia. We thought we should let you know.

1. Roulette Contest – 500 Points

We’ve added a few games on the website to help you kill boredom and now you have a chance of earning Game Points. This Contest ends on March 31st.

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We plan on having Monthly Contests for all the games, so visit our website often.

2. Free Resurrection Item for all the Players that want to come back.

Were you killed before March 7th 2016 and want to return to the Game? Join Us again and bring 1 Friend and get a Free Resurrection Item. Visit the site, register a new Character, bring a friend and have them register or return to the game and contact us via the In-Game Support Portal.

It works like this: you see our offer, you contact your friends and say: “Hey guys, let’s play again. They will give us a Free Resurrect Item if we bring a friend (old or new player). You revisit our website, create a new character and open a support ticket via Support. Then ask your Friend to contact us to confirm and you will revive your old account.

3. New Mafia History articles about Mafia Families and Famous Gangsters

Please visit our Blog and check our newest articles about the American Mafia History.

4. The American Mafia Map weighs a lot more than you think.

Start capturing flags, destroy state ownerships and be active on the Map to gain strength.

5. Stock Exchange Contest starts on March 10th

1st Place – 300 Points

2nd Place – 200 Points

3rd Place – 100 Points

The contest starts on March 10th and all the stats will be reset the night before. Sell all your current stocks before the contest, otherwise your name will not be considered for the contest.

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Thank you for your time!
American Mafia

LOS Gangster found Dead

xXxJabieDxXx was found dead after reports of gun fire outside a bar in Michigan on 4th March 2016 05:09 am. It is believed that xXxJabieDxXx was on a drug run when a car pulled up and gunfire erupted xXxJabieDxXx was hit 10 times in the stomach area he fell hitting his head on the sidewalk making his survival less likely. Paramedics arrived he was already dead.

The Michigan Sheriff explained to reporters that the slaying had all the hallmarks of a Barzini hit and that weeks earlier the LOS gangster xXxJabieDxXx tried to rip off a Barzini member with a drug trafficking deal and taunting Barzini members. He made claims he did not care about Barzini and that he was bad ass and that LOS was the top dogs, he will kill any Barzini. It turns out that Barzini do not take threats and taunts and being ripped off by low life’s like LOS who are usually all mouth and no action. There are indications that a high ranking general of the Barzini empire was involved in the killing of xXxJabieDxXx The police force believe it could of been Ric the second in command of the Barzini empire from the witness statements from witnesses and earlier sightings that he was around the area at the time indicate it could of been him but we can’t arrest him we need further proof that it was actually him and that will be hard to get.
Citizens seem to be on the Barzini empires side for now as the crime figures have dramatically fallen in the first months of 2016 and they feel safe.

The police also need more information about the killing and to put the suspects behind bars so if any citizens have information contact there local police or visit there local Police headquarters.

Code name Jose Mourinho

Lono from the Mad Angels Los branch was killed in a drive by shooting in Michigan on 2nd Feb 2016 at 7.49 pm police believe only one suspect was involved.
Four days later in Washington Cescfabrages the league of shadow loser was found by police dead in his apartment with severe head injuries probably done by punching neighbours heard noises of broken chairs glass and things been over turned and a lot of screaming. It’s believed as cesc opened his door a dangerous individual started to attack him violently it’s likely that cesc fighted back but was no much for the killer.

Two days later on 8th Feb 2016 at 6.15am Bolt another league of shadow loser was walking home from a party and involved in a brawl earlier at the party was deliberately run over by a car and killed outside the house where the party was held. The ambulance took him away in a bodybag.
Police strongly believe that a trained killer was trained by Xylophone Barzini a Barzini Crime Family mob hitman to take out league or shadow members who pose a threat to Barzini low rank members.

LeftyTwoGunz The AM Godfather told reporters that he had nothing to do with the murders of low life’s that all they did was go out drunk and causing fights in local bars and nightclubs and deserved what they got and that the streets are safer now these punks are dead.

LOS “Black Out” Ends Quickly: True Colors Yellow?


Late breaking news!! The syndicate known as the League of Shadows has reportedly fled the country in fear of retaliation from the Barzini Empire and Barzini Boss LeftyTwoGunz. Recent travel logs show that every high ranking member of the self proclaimed “silent assassins” have fled to various islands around the globe and are reportedly now retired. The exodus of The League apparently came about after feared Barzini Boss LeftyTwoGunz nearly killed League of Shadows leader Chapo “The Joker” Guzman and also called out the rest of the clan to face him like men instead of running and hiding. The Joker is reportedly recuperating in an undisclosed location on a deserted tropical island in order to stay off the grid, and to date, the rest of LOS have not stepped up to Lefty’s challenge. Underworld sources report that after word spread about Joker’s near death the rest of The League quickly followed Joker’s lead and ran rather than fight. Several members were unable to make it out of the country however. FadeFrenzy, a reputed League of Shadows Captain, was gunned down in broad daylight in the street of Oklahoma. Police sources report that they have no solid suspects, but it is believed Barzini Boss LeftyTwoGunz or new Barzini Empire Captain Bigshow were the ones who pulled the trigger. With no witnesses willing to come forward the case has turned cold. With this kind of violence spilling on to the streets it was feared a major gang war was on the horizon, but with reports of no LOS members in the United States it appears that the two year Barzini stranglehold on the underworld rackets will continue. Sources close to high ranking LOS members say that LOS is merely regrouping and forming a new strategy and will return to fight another day, but with the ENTIRE organization’s retirement, popular opinion is that LOS is actually hiding in fear. Only time will tell if the bitter feud between the Barzini Empire and the LOS clan has finally ended or will once again flare up. Stay tuned to find out!



The over hyped brief territory skirmish that LOS Leader Benny Noodles dubbed the “Black Out,” has come to an abrupt end. As can be seen above, the US is once again bearing the Barzini Green that has been a familiar sight for the last couple years. Reports state that upon Benny’s return to the States, he met with the ruling panel of the Barzini Empire (LeftyTwoGunz, Ricardo “Ric” Barzini, Gunnz Lucchese, Mr Texas and Lazarus Barzini) and made peace with the feared Mafiosi and both parties agreed to drop old feuds and focus on the future. The truth of the matter, however, was the peace agreement was simply a ploy and Benny had no intentions of honoring his word. Shortly before New Years Eve, while the majority of the American Mafia was taking time to enjoy their families and the holidays, Benny and his LOS goons launched a sneak attack on the Barzini Empire and briefly managed to claim some Barzini Territory. The unprovoked attack caught many by surprise, however the response was swift with several high ranking LOS members losing their lives in retaliation for the losses suffered by the Barzini Clan. After erroneous reports of the murder of Lucchese Empire Boss Gunnz Lucchese were published in the AM Times, the Barzini Empire responded by targeting infamous underworld figures such as StephenT, Pyrexx and FadeFrenzy. The truth of the matter was Gunnz was indeed severely wounded in a gun fight with Benny Noodles, but managed to cling to life and has reportedly made a full recovery. On the other hand, all three of the aforementioned LOS members were murdered by several Barzini members and the Barzini Organization slowly retook it’s territory back, once again turning the map the familiar green most have come to recognize as the norm.

Some controversy also erupted after the murder of the LOS members. One example being LOS’s attempt to claim StephenT had Benny Noodles kill him to maintain his honor. The AM Times has since discovered security camera footage of Stephen’s murder and it appears to show infamous Barzini Empire Underboss and Lucchese Empire Boss Gunnz Lucchese shooting Stephen three times in the back of the head. The footage is not clear enough for Police to make an arrest, however it does indeed seem to prove Gunnz killed Stephen, rather than the propaganda story that Benny had done it. The three LOS mobsters were all declared dead by ER doctors but the LOS financial machine managed to bring in well known specialists who were able to successfully revive the three mobsters. Pyrexx quickly left the country before he could be killed again and StephenT was forced to leave the country after a major skeleton in his closet became public forcing the American Mafia to expel him permanently. FadeFrenzy wasn’t as lucky as far as staying alive goes, after first being killed by Barzini Empire Capo Bigshow and then being revived, Barzini Boss LeftyTwoGunz managed to catch up with FadeFrenzy in Oklahoma and killed him in a hail of bullets. Lefty also managed to find The Joker’s hideout in Colorado and had shot him multiple times, however The Joker managed to barely escape just before Lefty would have killed him. These events snowballed into the rest of LOS running for the hills making many wonder if there colors should actually be yellow rather than black.

Since the departure of the entire LOS Organization the American Mafia has been relatively calm and quiet, eerily quiet, and this reporter believes that it’s only a matter of time before another war flares up. Who will be the instigator? Will it be another round of Barzini vs LOS? Could famed Corleone Legend Michael Corleone return to attempt to reclaim his throne like some underworld rumors have stated? Will there be another holiday massacre, perhaps on Easter? Only time will tell what will happen, so stay tuned and until then keep your heads low and your activity high. Stay safe out there!