Earn Rewards

Import your email contacts and invite your friends to win following Rewards and Cash:


Reward 1: Invite 10 contacts and receive 10 Points to use in the Marketplace (buy weapons, armor, cars and much more)
Reward 2: Earn 50 Points when 100 contacts visit www.AmericanMafia.org
Reward 3: Earn 50 Points for inviting at least 50 friends that visited our website within 24 hours since you’ve sent the invite. You can repeat the invite!
Reward 4: $25 Cash Reward when 500 invited friends register an account and create their first game Character.

Bonus! If you will get 500 more registered visitors we will double the prize and send you $50 more! So for each 1000 registered acounts you get $75 Cash!

Cash payments are completed via Paypal, Check, or Money Orders.

Please  Visit this page to start inviting your Friends:



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