A Murderous Winter

As the smell of cigar smoke and whiskey filled the air, the head of the Barzini family awaited a call within their meeting room among a secluded mansion in the hills. A single phone call that would decide the fate of a man's life.

Texas Shoot Out

Today witnesses reported a gun fight between a group of men that led to two deaths. Red-Eyes and SmartCar-vs-ISIS were killed. Red-eyes was the boss of the East End Crime Syndicate who was being [...]

New York Murder

A body was discovered in a bin in a New York alley way February 5th 2017. Police identified the victim as uchihaMadara and conclude that he must of been killed around 1:55am. A bullet [...]

Game Changes and Updates

Hi Folks, We made the following changes today: 1. We removed the Map Items that would prevent the Claim, Capture Flag or Destruction of a state. Players will no longer be able to purchase [...]

So Called Take Over

The so called LOS take over of AM isn’t really a takeover some criminal experts explain that it’s been really embarrassing after the so called takeover new criminal families started to appear including old [...]

Oklahoma Massacre

Mad Macino was found dead early this morning at 8:39am on this 21st of January 2017 gunfire was heard and a car screeched away witnesses reported Mad Macino was a Corleone member and had [...]

What Now?

With the recent death of Black Hand Kingpin/Supervisor Tommy Karate, many people may be wondering what is in store for the people of the American Mafia. Sources in the FBI and DEA state that [...]

Game Changes and Updates

1.  The State Owner attack immunity has been reduced to their own states. You can only be attacked in the states that you don’t own.  Example: You own the New York State. You can’t [...]

Morello Family Expansion

Thomas “Tommy Karate” Morello is a known Australian crime boss, believed to have links to the Calabrian clans operating in Italy. He’s known as a top narcotics man with links to Colombian drug cartels [...]

Santo’s Return?

Word has been spreading around lately that Santo Trafficante Jr may be coming back to the streets of Florida! Many of the old time members may remember good and bad things about the infamous [...]