Author: Reporter

A Night Of Fate

5:15am, a plane touched down in New York, emblazoned upon it was the emblem for the Moretti Crime Empire.

The current kingpin, Pazzo “Sangue” Moretti, drew close to the exit, and began descending down the plane’s staircase. Four bodyguards greeted their boss and gestured for him to walk towards the arriving limousine. Upon entering, Pazzo greeted Heisenberg, who was eagerly awaiting in the limousine for his boss. “Why were we called here again?”, to which Heisenberg replied, “Lefty needed us for something, but he didnt say what for..”

5:30am, Pazzo and Heisenberg received a phone call from Lefty, the Barzini Godfather. “Hey guys, need you to meet me at the Barzini headquarters in about 10-15 minutes. “No worries, I just touched down at the airport 15 minutes ago, so we’ll be there soon.” Pazzo instructed his driver to take the quickest route to Barzini’s HQ, and turned to Heisenberg, “So how are our businesses going lately? Sorry I haven’t been around much, these kingpin duties are taking a toll on me” By instinct, Heisenberg pulled out an enclosed envelope, “All the latest prices are on there, I think we may have to sell some properties though, they aren’t bringing in the estimated income that they should be.” “Ah, I’ll look at it later, at the moment I want to focus on what’s so important that we have to come all the way to New York for to meet Lefty for”, Pazzo placed the envelope into a suitcase and gave it back to Heisenberg.

5:45am, the smell of tobacco filled the office of the Barzini headquarters as the Godfather of Barzini, LeftyTwoGunz, sat in his chair waiting for the two Moretti delegates to arrive. He had previously been talking to his close friends and members, Ricardo Barzini, Gunnz and MrTexas about trying to quell the threat that was NoGhostsPlease. Upon the three members leaving the room, the telephone rang. “Hey. We’re just outside, you gonna let us in?”. “Sure” Lefty replied, “I’m waiting up in the office, I’ll see you when you get here.” Lefty lit a cigar and walked to the balcony to see the limousine containing Pazzo, Heisenberg and four bodyguards roll into the driveway. As the door opened downstairs, Lefty sat down, reached into the draw on his desk and screwed a silencer onto to his Walther.

5:48am, three distinct knocks at the door signified that the two delegates were awaiting outside the door, upon hearing the knocks, Lefty had pressed a button located under his desk, which allowed the door to open up for those outside. “Hey Lefty”. “Pazzo, how are you?” The two men firmly shook hands, “Heisenberg”, “Lefty” he replied, nodding his head with respect. “Please, gentlemen, have a sit” pointing towards two leather seats. After sitting down, the three men began their discussion. “So what was so important, that you had to get us all the way down here?”, Lefty sternly looked at the pair, then leaned forward. “As you know, America has seen it’s fair share of people looking for power, those who will put our members in danger, in order to gain some sort of satisfaction in their lives-” “Yes. We know, and each time we have got rid of them.” To which Heisenberg nodded in agreement. “Correction, Barzini has always got rid of the problems, lately, our family have been the only ones to do anything. Some of my members have risked death themselves in order to preserve the safety of others. Now, don’t get me wrong, some Moretti members have been happy to help with the problems we face, but we all know that there was no order for them to intentially offer to help, was there now?” Pazzo replied bluntly, “I guess there wasn’t.”

5:55am, “Now you see, in my books, it is a problem to have a kingpin in place that is not willing enough to put themselves in danger. You know that we both respect each other, but when the time came, you were not there for us when we needed the help. Yes we managed to deal with the problem, but it costed me a branch boss. That I cannot afford to keep happening.” Pazzo looked at Lefty, then turned to Heisenberg, “Wait outside for me, ill be a couple of minutes, I just need to discuss something in person with Lefty.” Heisenberg hesitated for a second, looking back and forth between the two empire bosses. “Sure boss, I’ll wait outside, I’ll come back in a few minutes.” Pazzo watched as Heisenberg walked towards the door and exited, before turning back to Lefty. “So….I guess this is it.” In response, Lefty looked at Pazzo and replied, “I guess it is, you will always have my respect brother, you know that, but when it comes down to it, when we needed you the most, you abandoned us.” After a few seconds of silence, Pazzo sighed, “I’ll see you in the next life brother”.

5:58am, two silenced shots were fired and Pazzo Moretti’s body slumped back into the leather chair, blood trickling down his forehead. “Rest in peace, my brother” Lefty said in remorse, returning to his cigar, puffing on it a few times, as though to relieve the stress of having to kill a respected friend. Two minutes later, he heard a familiar voice drawing close to the door, Heisenbergs’s. Before he knew it, the door creaked as Heisenberg entered, unaware that his family boss had just been killed, he returned to his seat. “So guys, I presume everything has been settled and we can be on our seperate ways?”. Lefty stayed quiet for a moment, not knowing if Heisenberg was aware or not that his leader was dead, only a mere metre away from him. “Not exactly my friend”, Lefty stood up and turned round, looking out the window on the state of New York. Heisenberg noticed a change in the atmosphere, and turned to signal his boss that they should leave, and quickly. “Boss?”, as he shook his leader’s shoulder, Pazzo’s head rolled onto his shoulder to reveal two bullet holes in his forehead. Upon discovering that he boss was dead, Lefty turned quickly on his heels, drawing his Walther from his inside pocket of his suit, and pointed the gun at Heisenberg. “What happened to him”, after a few seconds of dispair, Heisenberg looked to Lefty for an answer. His eyes focused on what Lefty had in his hand, “Oh, shi-“. A single bullet passed through his head, his body rolling off the seat onto the carpet. “Not the carpet again!”, Lefty shouted. “I just got that changed!”.

6:00am, Lefty fired another body into Heisenberg’s body, in an act to ensure that he was in fact dead. “Rest in peace Heisenberg”, bowing his head in respect to the two Moretti delegates, returning to his desk, he dialled a number into his telephone. “Joe, you there? I need you to come by the office. Yeah, another mess was made, I need you guys to come round and clean it up. Yeah…..sure, I can wait, I’ve got nothing important happening”. The Barzini Godfather returned the phone into it’s socket, and returned to his seat. Upon waiting, Lefty looked down, and noticed a briefcase, black in colour and relatively small. He placed it onto the table and clicked open the locks, he slowly opened the briefcase, peeking inside to decide whether it was of danger or not, and noticed a collection of papers, placed neatly, one on top of each other. He began shuffling through the collection, when he stopped by an enclosed envelope. He retrieved a knife and began opening the envelope, after focusing his eyes, he started reading through the sheets of paper, his eyes, widening as he read further on. “Jesus Christ, there’s enough records here for about two hundred businesses across America”. He began making a list, Nevada, Washington, Florida, Arizona, New York… Enough businesses to bring in a deadly amount of income, even if some weren’t performing as well as others.

6:05am, Lefty put the papers aside and reached across to the telephone, he began calling some numbers. “What’s up boss?”, “Ric, I need you to get Tex and Gunnz and come back to the office, I just found some real important shit that I need to show you guys. As in, some documents that can bring us some serious cash”. Ric acknowledged his bosses order, then asked a question, “How did the meeting go with Pazzo?”, Lefty paused, and looked at the bodies of Pazzo Moretti and Heisenberg, “Um, I’ll tell you everything once you are all here, until then get Tex, I think he’s down in Texas with his family, and Gunnz is in Rhode Island, running some operations for his new empire”. Ric agreed and Lefty ended the call. He sat back in his chair, realising that America was now missing a kingpin, and two delegates, one of which, the founder of the Moretti empire were now dead.

6:06am, Lefty lit another cigar, and called in a bodyguard that was located outside the office door, “Vito, be on the watch for Ric, Tex and Gunnz. As soon as they get here, escort up here ASAP. Understood?” “You got it boss, give me a shout if you need anything”. Lefty gestured for him to leave, “That will be all Vito, thanks though.” As his bodyguard was just about to exit the room, Lefty called him back. “Vito, while you are waiting, call the Moretti office, and ask for an associate of theirs to come down as well. I think they will need to start deciding on who is going to step up and be their next boss.” Vito looked at the two bodies, then back to his boss, “Sure thing, I’ll call the office while im waiting for the guys to arrive.” Lefty nodded and let Vito exit, he was left in silence, face to face with two dead bodies.

“Right then, time to get to work” Lefty declared, leaving the office and the two bodies that remained in their seats.

Viod Finally Assassinated

The date was May 30th 2015; Viod was scared confused and walking along a dark Minnesota highway in the middle of the night in search of a safe place to pass the time. It was only a few days earlier that he had narrowly survived an attempt on his life. He walked with his head down, resigned to the fact that any minute he could be facing another attempt on his life. He made it to a small dive bar located at a rest stop along the highway and he decided to go in to have a few drinks to get his mind off his impending doom. As he walked in to the bar, the few drunks scattered around all looked over at him with a look of curiosity as to who this stranger was. Viod didn’t attempt to make friends, choosing to instead find a seat at the corner of the bar. He had no one to turn to. His Boss, Machine Gun Kelly had been mortally wounded several days before the attempt on himself and Bluejay, the other member of the Mancini Administration, had also been killed. Due to the deaths of the top two leaders of the Mancini Empire, the majority of its members were given the option to go down with their empire or join a new Empire and keep living. Viod was not given that choice. Mafia protocol states the Boss, Underboss and Consigliere of an Empire must all be taken out if the Boss is hit.
Viod motioned for the bartender and asked him if they had any specials. “Yea, we got shots of whiskey and I’ll give you a gold star,” the bartender said sarcastically. Viod was not in the mood for the antics and quickly snatched the bartender by the head and slammed it on the bar. The loud thud echoed through the nearly empty bar but the drunks in the bar barely noticed. The bartender picked his head up off the bar and in a more polite tone said, “I’ll get you a shot of whiskey, first round is on me sir.” The bartender walked away rubbing the knot that was growing on his head and grabbed the bottle of whiskey and a shot glass and headed back over towards Viod. He quickly poured him a shot and Viod slammed it down in a matter of seconds. “Again,” Viod demanded. The bartender refilled the glass and once again Viod slammed it down. “Again,” Viod said once more, and the bartender proceeded to refill his glass for a third time. This routine would continue for 5 or 6 more shots until Viod was sufficiently boozed up and then he ordered a Long Island Iced Tea. Viod’s lack of sleep mixed with the 9 or 10 shots he had just taken in less than 5 minutes quickly took their toll on him. His head began to droop and as the bartender was placing the Long Island Iced Tea on the bar Viod fell asleep right there at the bar.

About an hour and a half later Viod woke up, still very drunk and attempted to stand up. His vision was fuzzy and his brain was foggy as he could not remember at first where he was. He slowly gained back some composure and made his way to the bathroom to take a leak. He opened the door to the bathroom and saw that both stalls were occupied so he went over to one of the urinals to do his business. As he unzipped he heard the distinct sound of a gun being cocked behind his back. Luckily for Viod he had been standing at a urinal so he did not mess his pants. He slowly turned his head expecting to find a gun pointed at him but when he looked he saw one of the drunks placing his gun back in his holster as he was heading back into the bar. Viod let out a loud sigh realizing that it was not yet his time. He smiled at the situation and realized how he must have looked silly had anyone noticed him. What Viod didn’t realize was someone did notice. In one of the stalls peaking through the crack was Ghost-Barzini.

It just so happened that Ghost had given up looking for Viod that night and decided to have a drink in the very same bar Viod ended up going to. As Viod zipped up his pants and reached for the handle to flush the toilet he heard the door to one of the stalls behind him begin to creak. Viod figured he had his scare for the night and that there was no way he had anything further to worry about. He planned to go out, pay his tab and find a nearby motel to get some rest. Viod would never make it out of the bathroom. Ghost raised his .45 Smith and Wesson to the back of Viod’s head, said “Barzini sends their regards,” and fired three shots. Viod fell down almost instantaneously and hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. Blood spatter the tiled wall behind the urinal and a pool of blood began to form around Viod’s head where he landed on the floor. Ghost nonchalantly slipped his gun back into his waistband, walked to the sink to wash his hands and then walked back into the bar. The drunks who had been in the bar had ran when they heard the gunshots and the bartender stood trembling staring at Ghost. Ghost calmed him down, “Hey relax pal, in this life we only kill each other you got nothing to worry about.” Ghost then motioned for the bartender to pour him a shot. He took the shot and threw down a wad of cash as he began to make his way to the door. As he got to the door, he turned around to address the bartender once more. “Just remember, you don’t know me but I know you and where you work. When the cops ask you what happened you better say you didn’t see anything.” The bartender nodded and managed to utter “Yes sir.” Ghost then turned and walked out of the bar. He hopped into his car and drove off into the night. The bartender waited about 15 minutes before finally calling the police. Ghost’s words had scared the bartender enough that he wanted to make sure he gave Ghost enough time to get out of the area before the police were alerted. When the police arrived they found Viod in the bathroom lying face down in a pool of blood and urine. They quickly called the coroner out and began processing the crime scene.

The Minnesota State Police released a statement saying that at the present time they have no leads on a suspect or a motive, however considering Viod was a well known Mafiosi they considered it to be an obvious gangland execution. The coroner’s report lists the cause of death as gunshot to the head and the approximate time of death was 11:53 pm. The Police have asked anyone with any knowledge of this crime to contact them immediately. They have asked that all citizens take extra precautions when out and about at night time until they are able to track down this killer.

Until that time, stay safe out there America.

Police Uncover Grissly Find

On May 30th, 2015 at 9:51 am, Nebraska State Police responded to a frantic call from a member of the public about a body floating in a river. After arriving at the scene, officers managed to fish the corpse from the river and did a brief search of the body to see if there was any identification. Officers found a wallet containing a driver’s license as well as $3,500 in cash, a clear indication that the cause of death was not a botched robbery but instead more likely a gangland execution.

While it is standard procedure for Police to first contact the next of kin before releasing any information about the identity of the deceased, information has leaked stating that the body found in the river was that of Dutch Schultz. There is no definitive answer as to the motive behind Schultz’s murder, however there has been speculation that the death was Mob related.

Multiple reports coming from our sources in the underworld state that Schultz had fallen out of favor with high ranking members of the Barzini Crime Family and had signed his death warrant by attempting to deceive Barzini Boss LeftyTwoGunz. Schultz, who at one time was a Capo in the Barzini Crime Family, was also said to be missing a large chunk of flesh where a tattoo of the Barzini Coat of Arms used to be. It is believed that this was meant to symbolize the Barzini Empire’s severing ties with Schultz and any of his close associates. The coroner has not yet released a cause of death but it is believed Schultz was killed sometime between 8:30 am and 8:55 am.

As we receive more information we will be sure to keep you informed, until then please stay safe America.

The Fall Of The Mancini Family

24th May 2015
It was 9am and in Oklahoma and the police arrived at apartment complex after getting reports of gunfire. They bust down the door after no reply from the inside the hall way was full of gunshot holes and laying on the floor was a body of a man full of gunshot wounds. It was soon to be discovered that it was the notorious boss of the Mancini family Machine Gun Kelly.
Captain Jones of the Oklahoma police department said the police had been busy because just a few miles away police where responding to a major gun battle at a local market down town and this might be connected to Machine Gun Kelly’s murder.
The police had in protective custody viod he was involved in a gun shoot out and was minding his own business when a car pulled up and four masked individuals exited the car and started firing bullets at him. He ducked swayed and jumped hid behind cars and windows exploded with gun fire he was shot twice in the arm but was saved when the police arrived in numbers the four masked men jumped in the car and made there getaway. Two police cars gave chase.
Viod did not give no names to the police the men where masked and he was concentrating in getting the hell out of there not being hit by bullets and being killed. Police had to eventually let Viod go he had no weapons he was escorted in a police convey for his safety. Captain Jones told newspaper reporters that Viod was a one of the leaders of Mancini and that FBI and Interpol where monitoring his movements. If he had a gun we would of put him behind bars and have this criminal off the streets.

The Mancini family where to have two more shocks and destroy the family all together

At 8:58am in a lonely deserted road in Nevada a car was in flames and a woman was on the ground indulged in flames believed to be jaci fantana
Police and the ambulance arrived at the scene and witnesses in other vehicles heard a explosion.
Sheriff Freddy Gruger of the elm street sheriff police department of Nevada gave out a statement to reporters at the scene.
“It is believed a bomb was involved in this ladies murder a disgraceful act of violence yes she was known to be a Mancini crime family member but that’s no excuse using violence of this nature. We found one of her arms three miles down the highway intersection whoever carried out this attack has military background or knows people in the military”.

Witnesses gave information at 9:39am in New Jersey
Bluejay another Mancini leader was sitting in his car when a car pulled up beside him gunshots where heard the car sped away and bluejay was found slumped over his car stirring wheel with a gunshot in his head and pronounced dead at the scene. Police of New Jersey soon heard of all the other murders and exchanged information and soon came to a conclusion that only two families could of been behind these killings of the doomed Mancini crime family Barzini or moretti.

One detective in New Jersey said that leftytwogunz the leader of the barzini empire and most feared and respected underworld figures of the American Mafia was behind the killings and pulled the strings behind the scenes.
“Who else could it have been tell me” the detective said.

It hasn’t been confirmed if mgk truly ordered the take down of The Outfit or if he was framed. Both police and the underworld are reportedly still investigating the cause of the killings. Stay tuned to find out more”.


Suicide or Murder?

Word has spread around the American Mafia that two well respected mafioso have been noted in the morgue.

The names have been released as vTori, believed to be an associate of the growing Mancini empire. Whereas the second, was believed to be DanFam, who only recently had been brought into the Moretti crime empire.

No word has been released on the backgrounds of these deaths, but the running order of the American Mafia, ‘The Outfit’ had been seen showing their respects to the two deceased members. Delegates from all three empires were believed to be seen at the funeral, whilst the dons of the two empires, placed a rose and the family insignia on the coffins.

Upon paying their final respect, delegates from the three empires, returned to their vehicles. As the coffins were lowered, the two souls were put to rest.

Police are currently investigating the two deaths, but with no current leads the investigation may be expected to conclude in several weeks.

Meanwhile, stay safe America.

Political Corruption Ends in Multiple Deaths

Propaganda War Continues

Over the last several months America has seen an increase in citizen’s desire to fulfill their civic duty by serving their country. Politicians’ names are beginning to be almost as recognizable as the infamous Mafiosi who are thought to be the ones currently running the country. A self described “political party”, that seems more along the lines of a gang masquerading as politicians, also appears to have emerged and has been trying to make some kind of impact on the political landscape of the country. The Democratic Republican Party, as it is known, is rumored to be run by well known mobster Mr. X through his lackey Bruce Wayne and Wayne’s blood relatives. The Wayne family has attempted to get multiple relatives elected to Governorships and Presidencies but so far each member of the Wayne family lineage that has attempted a campaign has been cut down in a hail of bullets.

It’s been a common theme as of late that supposed “retired” and “reformed” mobsters are attempting come backs in the political realm as a way to escape the wrath of their enemies. Many analysts agree that these “reformed mobsters” had hoped their enemies would be more hesitant to make an attempt on their lives if they were holding public office.  This has lead to reports of a multitude of politicians being roughed up or murdered in gangland style killings. Many are unsure if the murders are in relation to the mobsters turned politicians’ views on the country or if they are a result of long standing feuds between the new “politicians” and their former underworld foes, who are some of the most powerful Mafiosi in the country. As a result of the increase in political activity since the beginning of the year, several Governors and Congressman have been killed in rather dramatic fashion. It has been theorized that these murders occurred to clear the way for the underworld’s preferred picks for those positions, not to mention the fact that those who have been killed are self proclaimed “retired mobsters” with ties to very violent people.

Also in the political landscape, a fever has begun to spread across the country in support of a newly arrived citizen and politician who goes by the name of Fapking. Fapking’s loony speeches and uncanny ability to connect with the majority of the citizens of America has catapulted him to the pinnacle of the political world. His zany character and seemingly genuine ability to not take himself seriously has been received very well amongst a great majority of American Citizens and appears to foreshadow a very successful career for the beloved character.  It will be interesting to see if Fapking’s star will continue to rise or if it will eventually fizzle out.

Unfortunately, not everything has been so lighthearted. Last month two Governors were assassinated and their killers are still at large. It has been reported that both Governors deaths were ordered by powerful mobster and Barzini Empire Boss LeftyTwoGunz, after consulting with the rest of The Outfit. Chapo “Bane” Guzman, the former leader of the League of Shadows, died while serving as the Governor of Oklahoma. Another former member of the League of Shadows, Obliged, was also killed while serving as Governor of Ohio. It appears that it is no coincidence that these two were targeted, considering their gangland affiliations and their longstanding feud with the current ruling faction of the underworld, The Outfit.

Chapo Guzman had long been the Boss of the terrorist organization known as the League of Shadows, who’s most well known exploits are the mass murders of innocent people who may or may not have had fringe associations with The Outfit families and bosses. It is believed that Guzman continued serving as the Boss of the League of Shadows while he was serving as Governor of Oklahoma. Although his term as Governor was not long, it accurately reflected the character Guzman had been known for. In his time as Governor multiple associates and low level soldiers of the Mancini, Moretti and Barzini families had been murdered in Oklahoma and Guzman reportedly ordered that no investigations were to take place which seemingly indicated Guzman’s involvement in the murders. Guzman had been trying very hard to change his public image and portray himself as a man of the people and a defender of the defenseless during his short term as Governor, however his history of similar sentiments followed by brutal violence left many unconvinced.

Guzman’s entire campaign and term as Governor took place without Guzman ever actually stepping foot into the United States. Until his death, it was not publicly known where Guzman had been hiding or if he was taking his Governorship seriously. Shortly after Guzman’s election as Governor of Oklahoma, a low level associate of his was also elected Governor of another state. Obliged, also known in underworld circles as “The Gofer” (a derogatory term meant to point out the man’s uselessness to his own allies), had been elected Governor of Ohio thanks to reported ballot box stuffing and widespread voter fraud at the hands of the League of Shadows. Obliged’s election seemed to indicate the League of Shadows’ desire to take over the political side of America in an apparent power play against their underworld enemies. Following in the footsteps of his boss, Obliged was also not in the United States during his campaign and at the time of his election. It is believed that both men were together in hiding along with the rest of the League of Shadows organization. Since the downfall of the fabled High Council and the rise of The Outfit, no member of the League has been seen on US soil. Those that have attempted to enter the country were soon found murdered, clearly showing the determination and ability of The Outfit to eradicate their arch enemies.

Because of their own self banishment from the United States, the League had been using pseudonyms to submit propaganda articles that were meant to portray themselves in a brighter light while at the same time using unsubstantiated claims to paint their enemies as the “bad guys.” In the eyes of all Americans, both factions of the underworld are looked upon as the bad guys, considering their propensity for violence and crime, but a recent survey conducted by AM Gallupp shows that roughly 90% of the population prefers the leadership of The Outfit over the scare tactics of The League of Shadows. The League had also reportedly teamed up with the DRP Gang in an effort to help both groups delegates get elected, seemingly working in the case of Guzman and Obliged. Recently, however, an article containing blatant attacks on The Outfit may signify a decline in support for the DRP and its leader Mr. X. The infamous mobster known simply as Mr. X, who these days styles himself as a politician and as the editor in chief of the AM Times (a newspaper with no Editor in Chief), made the mistake of signing his name to the aforementioned article containing false information meant to portray The Outfit in a negative light. This clear lack in judgment has reportedly cost the DRP more than half of it’s supporters. When reporters attempted to reach Mr. X to question him on his reasons for knowingly publishing false information Mr. X declined to answer and has since been laying low in hopes that the American Public will soon forget his deception.

It was not long after this article was published that news came in that Bruce Wayne had been found murdered. Wayne, the face of the DRP, had reportedly insulted two Mafia Dons in his bid for election and instead was met by a shotgun blast to the back which killed him instantly. Wayne’s body was discovered a few days later in a creek in Castle Rock, Oregon by four boys, who had ironically been looking to see if they could find a dead body.

A few days later, on April 19, 2015, while sipping a piña colada on the balcony of his run down motel in the Red Light District of Guam, Chapo Guzman was killed by a snipers bullet. The police report states that Guzman having believed he was untouchable had been taunting enemies in the days leading up to his death. It’s been reported that well known American Hit Man Richard “The Ice Man” Kuklinski was spotted leaving the area of the murder not long after the fatal shots were fired. Kuklinski, a well known hit man with close ties to the Barzini Crime Empire, is yet to be brought up on charges. The theory behind the murder of Guzman is that LeftyTwogunz, Ricardo “Ric” Barzini, Gunnz and Mr. Texas (the ruling panel of Barzini) had given Kuklinski the task of silencing Guzman once and for all. Underworld sources report that Kuklinski arrived in Guam early on the 19th and was quickly taxied to the empty warehouse across the street from the motel where Guzman was reported to be staying. Kuklinski climbed the outside fire escape to the roof of the warehouse and got himself in position facing the front of the motel. Just as Kuklinski had gotten himself comfortable, he noticed a familiar looking tiny man appear from behind one of the motel room doors. The man was holding a lawn chair and what had appeared to be a blender containing Piña Colada mix. As the man sat down and poured himself a drink, Kuklinski pointed his .50 caliber rifle at the man. Through the scope Kuklinski was able to 100% verify that the man he was targeting was indeed Chapo Guzman. As Guzman lifted his glass to his lips to take a sip he suddenly heard a crack in the distance. A split second later, Guzman’s head exploded spraying blood and brain matter all over the wall and door behind him.

A woman let out a loud shriek and a crowd of people ran towards the slain mobster/politician to get a better look at the gory scene. During the commotion, Kuklinski slipped out of the area and quickly made his way back to the airport to head back to the States. By the time Kuklinski landed news of the killing had reached the rest of the world and Kuklinski had a missed call from LeftyTwoGunz. Kuklinski quickly dialed Lefty’s number and when he heard him pick up just simply said “It’s done.” Lefty seemed cautiously optimistic, “You Sure? I’ve killed this man before only to see him pop up again two weeks later,” Lefty said with a chuckle. Laughing, Kuklinski replied, “When you see the pictures you’ll see what I mean.” And with that Lefty then congratulated Kuklinski on a job well done and told him to keep his phone nearby as he would be called upon again soon when Obliged was located.

Almost a week later Kuklinski’s phone rang and when he answered all he heard was “Mariana Islands,” and then the call ended. Lefty had told Kuklinski that when they found Obliged he would be contacted so Kuklinski was able to put two and two together and realized that he needed to move quickly to make sure he got the job done. Kuklinski arrived in the Mariana Islands on April 25, 2015. Obliged owned a residence near the airport and Kuklinski already had someone staking it out to make sure Obliged was home. When Kuklinski called his contact to make sure things were a go, he got the answer he wanted to hear. Kuklinski quickly made his way over to Obliged’s residence and crept in through the back window. The residence was more a shack than a house and had missing floor boards and no latches on the windows, making entry rather easy. Obliged also had no bodyguards on duty thinking he was safe in his tropical hideaway, he was in his bedroom taking a shower when Kuklinski found him. The shower curtain was a simple clear piece of plastic and when Kuklisnki finally set his eyes on Obliged he couldn’t help but laugh at the Governor’s lack of….shower room. Kuklinski quickly screwed a suppressor onto the muzzle of his 9mm Beretta and then fired three shots into Obliged’s legs causing him to crumble to the shower floor. Obliged had not even realized Kuklinski was in the house with him…and he never would. While Obliged was face down screaming in agony, Kuklinski walked up to him and pumped three more shots into the back of Obliged’s head. Kuklinski then calmly turned and walked out of the room to the front door and left the house. As he made it into the front yard he unscrewed the suppressor and left the gun at the scene of the crime to be found with the corpse.

Kuklinski was back in the States within a few hours and quickly called up his employer, LeftyTwoGunz. “That’s two of two, let me know when you’ll need me again,” Kuklinski said to Lefty with a smile. “Thanks again,” Lefty replied and both men ended the call. In a matter of a week two members of the League of Shadows had been gunned down, including its founder and leader. There have been rumors that Benny Noodles has resurfaced from his disappearance in an attempt to be the new leader of the League of Shadows, however it’s been reported that the League’s members have had mixed reviews about this.

For now it most certainly appears that the League of Shadows has been dealt a crippling blow and many believe they will not be able to recuperate from this one. We will continue to keep you in the loop on any developments related to this story or the emergence of many political hopefuls. Contrary to the view of a select few reporters, it seems the American Mafia and America in general are experiencing a highly prosperous period of time. The only question is how long will it last? Stay tuned to find out. Until next time America, keep your heads low and your necks on a swivel. Stay safe out there.

Public Dismay or Disorder

Public Dismay or Disorder?

A recent phenomenon in the streets of American Mafia is that of rebellion? A recent poll from many surveyed citizens shows that American Mafia is in a mass decline over the public opinion of the ruling faction known as the “Outfit”. An anonymous American Mafia citizen was quoted stating, “things are going to S#@$ and we can do nothing but rebel against these tyrants”.  But what can the average citizen do to voice their opinion to the ruling faction in order to help the mass consensus. Well this reporter has a challenge for you I want you all to “Speak up and Speak out”, because a silent voice is no voice at all you need to speak direct to these leaders and voice your opinions.

-AMT Reporter Mad Max

The Democratic Republican Party is looking to add new figures to the growing political empire even after the death of famed politician Bruce Wayne. The new chairman and house speaker Mr. Wayne Jr. had this to say. “We can be killed and we can be attack, but only the resilient will strive over all obstacles in our path”.

We would like to also report on the death of famed “Murder Boss” Carmine Degrazzio, in an official police report it was stated that “The victim was found with multiple gunshot wounds after being found in a chair next to the door of his mansion. This can only point to the fact that Mr. Degrazzio after his night out on the town came back to his place of residence expecting trouble.” Upon a little investigation from the crack team at AMT we were able to turn up that Mr. Degrazzio fired at least 45 shots at the assailants as they left his home. The AMT team also turned up a photo showing a large blood pool leave the driveway of the mansion. So the true question is was Mr. Degrazzio the only one to be killed that night?

-AMT Chief Editor Mr. X

-AMT Senior Reporter Carl Black

-AMT Senior Investigative Journalist Pope

Wayne’s Ways


Ladies And Gentlemen of American Mafia, we here at the AM News are shocked to hear of the death of Political Figure Bruce Wayne. It appears that Bruce‘s boss Mr X had tried to gun down a reputed high ranking member of the Barzini Family, John Dillinger, and then after failing appears to have left the states in fear. Eventually the news  reached the offices of Ric and LeftyTwoGunz, the reputed bosses of Barzini, and they called on their trusted soldiers Righteous, Ghost Barzini and Mr Michdar to track down the gunman’s Right Hand Man Bruce Wayne and kill him.

As expected it did not take too long for Righteous and Michdar to coordinate a plan to take out Wayne. Once the plan was all set Righteous took out all of Wayne‘s security by using a silenced sniper rifle. In the confusion Michdar was able to shoot and kill Wayne, the former  Governor of the state of Oklahoma. Ghost Barzini reportedly drove the two assassins back to the Barzini HQ where they were congratulated and partied all night.

Ladies and Gentlemen Please Stay Safe because with politicians now attempting murder openly who knows what’ll happen next?!

The turning


Ladies and gentlemen of the American Mafia, we have have received some information on the death of notorious mobster Anthony Stracci. It turns out Mr.Stracci was in his hotel in New Mexico when his good friend Paulie Hainnario knocked on his door and had a few drinks with him but little did Anthony know this would be his last night with his so called friend Paulie. Later on in the night paulie was equipping his infamous 45.Pistol and he put his silencer on his 45. and he said to Anthony “I’m sorry but LOS sends their regards” .

Paulie Hainnario had shot Anthony in the head 3 times and he quickly went to his private Airport and met Mr.Benny Noodles. We now know that Paulie Hainnario has joined the infamous Murder squad, known as the League of Shadows. We, here at the AM News HQ, urge you all to lock your doors and only go out if it’s an emergency because these are dark times ladies and gentlemen. stay safe AM

AM News Senior reporter-

Editors note:It is said Paulie Hainnario joined up with the league of shadows because he was made an offer he could not refuse.


Murders, Stocks and Politics

Murders, Stocks and Politics

Ladies and gentlemen of the American Mafia it has been brought to our attention that several things have happened in the last few months that we are now reporting to the public. For starters several people of the Mancini Empire have been killed by anonymous gunmen. The Mancini Empire has vowed vengeance for those who have fallen. May those men and women rest in peace, they have been lost but not forgotten. In other news the stock market is seemingly being taken over by the League of Shadows.

The Leader of LOS Chapo Guzman seems to be leading the stocks in first place, with his generals such as Benny Noodles, The Yankee, and Donnie Vegas not far behind him. The league has members in the top 5 of the stock market. Has the league corrupted the stock market by fixing the results or are they just using brute force to intimidate anyone and everyone? What else will the league end up taking over? Is this just a taste of more things to come? Rumors have been going around that despite the outfits efforts to shut down the league, the league continues to pull some of the strings in the American Mafia.

We will have more information and updates regarding the League of Shadows later on as they become available. In other news the elections will be taking place very soon. Everyone is encouraged to get out and vote! We hope that the newly elected officials can help make our streets a cleaner and safer place. Until next time AM stay safe.


-AMT Anonymous Reporter-

The High Council

With the recent revelations to American Mafia, it has emerged that what once was the ‘High Council’ has now been verified as becoming ‘The Outfit’. With the stealing of billion dollars to the attempts on Benny Noodles, the High Council has now recognized its new leader through the image of Pazzo ‘Sangue’ Moretti.

Many people have shown their support to the ‘Outfit’ and hope the remaining factors can prove that it is as efficient as the dominant ‘High Council’ was in it’s prime.

Stock Market Released For Citizens

America has woken to find the news that the promised stock market has now been finalized, and is in working condition, with dangerous chances and impossible profits both citizens and residents of the underworld have been placing their trust in stocks. All with the hope of bringing in large quantities of cash.

Good luck with the stocks America!

Weekend news


Ladies And Gentlemen of the American Mafia over the last few days we have been in shock over the death of Benny Noodles But Mr. Noodles was Helped back to Health in the hospital Now from Unknown Sources we now know that Benny plans to seek revenge on the people he once called brothers. These men are members of the high council, and we urge the citizens of American Mafia to lock their doors, stay inside, and only go out if it is an emergency. With the constant unsettling news in American Mafia it is indeed a dark day and more are soon to come.

– AMT Senior Reporter- Paul Hainns

With the Expansion of the American Mafia Times we are looking for qualified and dedicated members of the American Mafia family to join the Times and help report the news that truly matters. If anyone is interested please contact a local reporter or editor for information.

– AMT Chief Editor-Mr.X