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Murder up in April

A wave of murders swept threw AM in April after a quiet few months making it a deadliest month of the year. 24 murders were reported and New York had the highest rate of murders recording 5 killings. Police have there theories behind the sharp peak of murders one including Gemini the loose canon Gallo who has many times escaped  attempts on his life after causing trouble by murdering thugs and fellow mobsters without no reason they strongly believe Gemini to be behind some of the killings. Gemini has strong connections to the feared Barzini Empire.
One anonymous person who contacted us but does not want to give out his name
” if Gemini is bored they soon will be killings on the street ” .
Another downside of geminis reputation is that it’s usually his partners in crime that try to take is life to stop him killing more people. Rumours in the underworld suggest Gemini is in hiding for his own safety for now.

Murders April 2016 statistics
New York 5
Florida 1
South Carolina 1
Alaska 1
Idaho 1
Washington DC 1
Arkansas 2
Iowa 1
Indiana 1
Georgia 1
South Dakota 1
Rhode Island 1
Texas 1
Nevada 1
Missouri 1
North Carolina 2
Connecticut 2
Total murders in AM 24

The Guardians

It was a rainy night in New York and Jiggz was in a nightclub drinking away and not really being careful that he might get unwanted attention with his womanizing ways. This night he made a mistake chatting to a lone woman at a bar a guy pushed Jiggz and said loudly ” can’t believe these Barzini guys even in New York we can’t get a night with out bumping into you guys by the way that’s my girl you where trying to chat up” Jiggz replied ” look yeah I don’t want no trouble and if you know what’s good for you go F off “. Some people at the bar left there drinks and walked away in a rush like they knew trouble was going to flare up “.
The guy showed a evil grin and said ” I don’t think you know who you talking to and I’m going to introduce my self properly ” two guys grab Jiggz and Jiggz struggled to get free it was no use. Right about this moment Xylophone just let himself out of gents when he saw a commotion he recognized Jiggz and recognized the guys to a local group of thugs that if you crossed them you would usually end up dead and the leader was Kilicbey a guy that was known to be a hot head who wasnt to be crossed. Xylophone was in hiding after a few attempts on his life, but xylophone reacted quickly by calling Ric.
Ric answered ” xylophone this is surprise ….. ” Ric this is urgent you got any guys in New York because Jiggz is going to get a beaten of his life” Xylophone explained all to Ric. After explaining all to Ric Xylophone put his cell phone back in his pocket and called a bouncer over.


Meanwhile in a dark alleyway at the back of the nightclub Jiggz head was pulled back by one of the guys Jiggz shouted ” what the fuck did I do “.
The main guy of the group flicked out a butterfly knife and replied ” I hate guys who think there tough like you Jiggz because your a Barzini I don’t care who the hell you are I’m not scared of no one I’m going to put a scar on your face hold him tight boys “.
Just as jiggz was about to get his face cut up headlights of a car blinds Kilicbey the car screeches to a halt and Gunnz quickly climbs out and two of his guys also follow, Xylophone and the bouncer show up to just in time. The two guys who where holding Jiggz chuck Jiggz to the ground and make a run for it ” let those two run they ain’t going to run far ” Gunnz said lighting up a cigar. Jiggz sucker punches Kilicbey who falls to the ground ” that’s for interrupting me when chatting to your girl ”
Gunnz tells Jiggz to get into the car. Kilicbey gets to his feet ” those fucking useless fuckers ” and dusts himself down. Gunnz says out loudly ” remind me who you are”.
The guy sticks his finger up at Gunnz and says ” I’m Kilicbey I’m going to kick your ass you guys think your untouchable”, one of Gunnz men sucker punches Kilicbey to the ground. Gunnz nods his head in disappointment ” I remember who you are you the guy that likes going around nightclubs with you little friends causing trouble I bet you put a few people in hospital” Kilicbey again gets up and dusts himself down ” I put many in hospital and your going too” just about this moment a gun is placed at the side of his head. “That’s my good friend Donny Jackson who’s got the gun to your head ” Gunnz walks up to Kilicbey and sticks the burning but of the cigar into the forehead and Kilicbey screams with pain the other bodyguard of Gunnz holds Kilicbey
up. Gunnz gives the orders to take Kilicbey into the car ” Now Tommy got a good target to aim when he presses the trigger hahahaha” Gunnz laughed loudly.
“Where you taking me you bastards” the men quickly hurl Kilicbey into the back seat of the car. Gunnz greets Xylophone ” nice to see you xylo thank god you were at the right place tonight or Jiggz was going to have face surgery” xylo points to the car ” what you going to do with him” Gunnz smiles ” what should of been done long time ago ” both xylo and Gunnz laugh. Gunnz shakes xylos hand “see you around xylo take care I have to take care of business ” Gunnz walks to the car opens the door and screams can be heard coming from the car “help help ” the car door shuts and the car screeches away into the night. Xylophone walks up to the bouncer ” good job for looking out for the police” he hands over cash to the bouncer ” remember you saw nothing.


A week later Jiggz recovering from his experience picks up the AM news paper
Headlines TORTURED TO DEATH Jiggz recognizes the photo of a the man it was Kilicbey the nightclub troublemaker who nearly cut his face up Jiggz had a smile on his face the story made his day.

Returning Businessmen – Mafia Empires

Ladies and Gentlemen of the American Mafia, over the last few months we have seen very suspicious actions going on in the underworld, the death of LOS lieutenant StephanT and the retreat of the LOS boss. We also noticed the return of three high ups in the underworld.

Two of them being Pazzo-Moretti suspected boss of once powerful Moretti Empire and John-Dillinger La Familiga Barzini Empire capo; these two are feared mob bosses  and are known to be cold blooded killers, but then again these are just rumors ladies and gentlemen. The third man is Jiggz a member of the La Familiga Empire rumored to be the right hand man of Ricardo Barzini.

These three men could just shift the power struggle going on in the underworld of the mob but ladies and gentlemen with the war between LOS and Barzini just starting we urge you to stay indoors and only go out if an emergency.

Stay safe.

Murder Down In March

All states have reported a sharp drop in murders only 4 murders have been reported for the month of March 2016 compared to this time last year when murders where epidemic in all states. The only infamous murder was of (LOS) shamed mobster StephenT police are scratching there heads on this one and hope it lasts for a long time make there lives easier. Explanations for the murders coming down are placed on the Barzini Empire for wiping out the competition in the organised crime business.
And the leader of the (LOS) is in fear of his life and is in hiding along with his associates who also are in fear for their lifes, seems the murders won’t be going up for a long while yet.

Police are still investigating StephenT murder but no clues have surfaced to put the murderer behind bars police urge if anyone saw anything or no who’s behind the murder to contact the police any information is vital to catch the killer and put a dangerous murderer in prison.

Police Chief Trumpet Statement
” the only clues we have a sniper was used our gun experts are in no doubt they examined the bullet that was found in the crime scene and are hundred percent shore it was shot from a sniper the weapon was also fired from across the street from the court house because of the professional way the hit was carried out there has been no clues to who done it. The lawyer was lucky he could of been killed all I know there’s a killer at large that needs to be put behind bars for a killing he committed and he could strike again. There has been suggestions that the Barzini Empire is behind this murder and we know they got the means of carrying out a attack like this. In a case like this we need hard evidence to actually catch the culprit but not only by rumor or word of mouth.”

February Madness

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LOS Gangster found Dead

xXxJabieDxXx was found dead after reports of gun fire outside a bar in Michigan on 4th March 2016 05:09 am. It is believed that xXxJabieDxXx was on a drug run when a car pulled up and gunfire erupted xXxJabieDxXx was hit 10 times in the stomach area he fell hitting his head on the sidewalk making his survival less likely. Paramedics arrived he was already dead.

The Michigan Sheriff explained to reporters that the slaying had all the hallmarks of a Barzini hit and that weeks earlier the LOS gangster xXxJabieDxXx tried to rip off a Barzini member with a drug trafficking deal and taunting Barzini members. He made claims he did not care about Barzini and that he was bad ass and that LOS was the top dogs, he will kill any Barzini. It turns out that Barzini do not take threats and taunts and being ripped off by low life’s like LOS who are usually all mouth and no action. There are indications that a high ranking general of the Barzini empire was involved in the killing of xXxJabieDxXx The police force believe it could of been Ric the second in command of the Barzini empire from the witness statements from witnesses and earlier sightings that he was around the area at the time indicate it could of been him but we can’t arrest him we need further proof that it was actually him and that will be hard to get.
Citizens seem to be on the Barzini empires side for now as the crime figures have dramatically fallen in the first months of 2016 and they feel safe.

The police also need more information about the killing and to put the suspects behind bars so if any citizens have information contact there local police or visit there local Police headquarters.

Code name Jose Mourinho

Lono from the Mad Angels Los branch was killed in a drive by shooting in Michigan on 2nd Feb 2016 at 7.49 pm police believe only one suspect was involved.
Four days later in Washington Cescfabrages the league of shadow loser was found by police dead in his apartment with severe head injuries probably done by punching neighbours heard noises of broken chairs glass and things been over turned and a lot of screaming. It’s believed as cesc opened his door a dangerous individual started to attack him violently it’s likely that cesc fighted back but was no much for the killer.

Two days later on 8th Feb 2016 at 6.15am Bolt another league of shadow loser was walking home from a party and involved in a brawl earlier at the party was deliberately run over by a car and killed outside the house where the party was held. The ambulance took him away in a bodybag.
Police strongly believe that a trained killer was trained by Xylophone Barzini a Barzini Crime Family mob hitman to take out league or shadow members who pose a threat to Barzini low rank members.

LeftyTwoGunz The AM Godfather told reporters that he had nothing to do with the murders of low life’s that all they did was go out drunk and causing fights in local bars and nightclubs and deserved what they got and that the streets are safer now these punks are dead.

William Sharkey – The Tammany Hall Politician and mobster who escaped hanging by law

William J. Sharkey is regarded to be a pickpocket, a crook, a murderer and Tammany Hall Politician. He is well known for making a daring escaping when sentenced to death row at the Tomb’s Prison, New York City.

His early life

It was in 1845 that Sharkey was born in the city of New York to a well to do family, residing in Manhattan’s 9th Ward. He is said to have been lured by Manhattan’s darker side and was seen with crooks, gamblers and pickpockets. He had himself become a skillful pickpocket and gambler. However, he got arrested for pickpocketing and a photograph taken by municipal photographer had ensured having a record as well as picture with the Policy Department of the city.

He started to deal in stolen bonds and rose high among criminals and went on to form ‘Sharkey’s Guards’, his own gang having Wooster Corner and Houston Streets as the gang’s headquarters. It is here that he got motivated to join the political scene and very soon became darling of crooks, running Tammany Hall.

He preferred to wear the best clothes, sparking diamonds on neck and finger. He soon ran for the post of Asst. Alderman. Although he had the backing of Tammany Hall, he lost the election. Once again he went back to gambling and stealing. He amassed huge money and moved to Buffalo in New York for starting a faro game. Again his venture proved to be unlucky, compelling him to get back to the city of New York.  He befriended with Robert Dunn, his old friend, who was employed with the Comptroller’s Office at New York City. Dunn also ran a faro business, at a gambling house in Fulton Street. But as faro partners, they again lost at Buffalo. On 1st September 1872, Sharkey killed Dunn and was convicted and later sentenced to death by hanging.

His great escape

In jail, he lived the life of a luxury using his money while awaiting his death sentence and was assisted by Maggie Jourdan. On 19th November 1873, with her help as well as that of Mrs. Allen, Sharkey managed to escape wearing the dress of a woman. But the two women got arrested and later Jourdan was acquitted.

In the meanwhile, Sharkey had made the escape by availing Frank Atwood’s schooner and reached Haiti. Later, he travelled to Cuba to settle there. Sharkey never got back to New York and enjoyed the remaining part of his life in Cuba.

Tim Sullivan – The mobster and perfect Tammany Hall politician

‘Big Tim’ as he is popularly called, was actually Tammany Hall hack.  It was he who is said to have given the correct meaning to ‘Crooked Politician’ term that is otherwise commonly used.

His early life

In 1863, it was at 25, Baxter Street, a slum building of the city of New York that Sullivan was born. This building according to an article in New York Times was called the city’s filthiest tenements to exist. His parents were poor and had immigrated from Ireland’s County Kerry province. At the age of 8, he was compelled to sell newspapers and shine shoes. However, he was quite enterprising from his childhood days and saved sufficient cash for establishing his very own newspaper delivery trade and had poor kids in dozens from the neighborhood to be employed for making the deliveries. Very soon, he owned four local bars. A Tammany Hall ward leader and a notorious one named Thomas ‘Fatty’ Walsh was one of his bar customers. Sullivan got influenced by Walsh and joined his political wing. He got elected to State Assembly of 3rd District in 1894.

His criminal activities

He was regarded to be quite corrupt in Tammany Hall and as appointed Lower East Side’s District Leader. This is when he bridged the gap that existed between street thuggery and public service and recruited well known mobsters of that time like Monk Eastman and Paul Kelly for performing his dirty work. Their activities included election site voter influence, beating up voters for failing Sullivan, etc., against which, he helped them to be away from jail. Moreover, he also enjoyed receiving shares from their activities in Lower East Side, which included gambling, prostitution, extortion and loan sharking. In the front, he also got into several legal endeavors like becoming partners with Loews and MGM Cinema operations.

His downfall

But in 1911, he contracted Syphilis which was due to his visits to the prostitution houses and became delusional and paranoid. Being judged to be mentally incompetent, he got removed from senate seat. Later his family in 1912 got him to a mental institution, making his condition all the more worse. He escaped the sanitarium in 1913, a fatal mistake committed by him. A day later, his body was noticed near Pelham Parkway’s railroad tracks and not being recognized was sent for disposal as a vagrant. But with one police officer recognizing at the morgue, he was given a proper burial.

Thomas E. Dewey – The man who curbed the mafia of New York

Thomas Dewey was a Special Prosecutor whose only mission was to curb and eliminate the different gangsters and mafia groups that infested in the city of New York. He was a little man, sporting a large moustache and a snarling face.

His early life

It was on 24th March 1902 that Dewey was born in Michigan’s Owosso town. His father was a publisher and editor of a local newspaper and had an objective of having all the wrongs present in the political world to be eradicated and right done. His main focus was Tammany Hall’s tyranny, since it had its corrupt tentacles across the country. Junior Dewey admired his father a lot and was motivated by the senior Dewey to a great extent, so as to go after New York City’s organized crime and gangsters, which was done with a vengeance.

Initially, Dewey wanted to be a singer and was regarded to be talented with operatic baritone. He became a member of Men’s Gee Club from University of Michigan. He also wrote for ‘Michigan Daily’, student newspaper of the university. He also came third at the Nationwide singing contest. But throat problems led to his dropping music as a career and opting to become a lawyer.

He enrolled with Columbia Law School and after graduation started to practice between 1925-31. He married Frances Hutt, an actress in 1928 and both gave birth to two sons.

His rise to fame

He rose to the position of New York Southern District’s Chief Asst. U.S. Attorney in 1931, which acted as a platform for furthering his political boundaries. It is from here that he took on popular gangsters like Waxey Gordon and had him charged and convicted for hidden taxes and sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment.

His next target was Dutch Schultz in 1935, he was appointed Special Prosecutor of New York County and more specifically Manhattan. Having Governor Lehman’s solid backing, Dewey had assembled a crack team of investigators, assistants, stenographers, clerks and process servers. Schultz wanted to kill Dewey,  since he was sure that the latter would have all the mafia family members to be behind bars to which the national crime Commission refused  and killed Schultz instead, fearing retaliation from the government.

Although he was successful in his mission to curb mafia control over New York City, he was not considered as Presidential candidate especially with the Second World War looming large, due to his inexperience and young age.

The Gophers – The gang that was ruled by several bosses

It was during the 1890s that Gophers street gang had been formed. Since this gang after performing a particular misdeed used to hide in various cavernous neighborhood cellars for avoiding arrest, it derived such a name. Their territory during the initial days was from 7th – 11th Avenues, which is from 14th Street – 42nd Street.  However, with time they expanded their territory till 57th Street. With each passing day, they increased their numbers, which at its height reached to about 500 members, of whom all were murderous hooligans.

Few leaders of the gang

Their initial operation base was Battle Row, a notorious saloon, owned by Mallet Murphy, a thug. This gang throughout its operational days had several bosses, with one of the most well known being Owney Madden, also called ‘The Killer’. However, in 1913 his reign ended with his killing of ex-boyfriend of his girlfriend named Little Patsy Doyle, who also vied to become the gang’s leader.

One Lung Curran was another boss and is known to have originated a particular practice, determining the gang’s fashion wear. He had presented his girlfriend with a winter coat, stolen from a police officer, which she had modified to make it a fashion symbol of the Gopher gang, who followed the trend.

Happy Jack Mulraney was another Gopher boss. He had this name, since his faced appeared to have a permanent smile, which was rather caused due to quirky paralysis of his face muscles. Being a psychopathic killer, his cohorts used to enrage him by stating of someone having made fun of him. Having shot a bar owner, he got sentenced to life imprisonment.

In August 1908, few Gophers when wandering around found themselves in between a shootout between the gang of Monk Eastman and Five Pointers of Paul Kelly. Just to have fun, the Gophers also joined the shootout to take shots at both the warring groups.

Income source

For several years, plundering train depot and freight cars belonging to Central Railroad of New York was the source of income for the gang. To protect its assets, the railroad had organized its very own ‘special police force’ comprising of those ex-cops who were at some point of time, had become victims to the Gopher gang. This special force with great satisfaction started to fight the Gophers into submission using brutal force.

It was only in 1917 after the arrest of Curran and with both Madden and Mulraney in prison for life, the Gophers dissipated gradually and by 1920 ceased to exist.

The Cotton Club – The haven for mobsters and whites at Harlem

The Cotton Club is considered to attract everyone which includes the Whites, Blacks and the mobsters, who were simply fascinated by it. Harlem during the 1890s was regarded to be the dream of every land speculator. The area had been transformed from hinterlands to something known as ‘The Great Migration’ and extended to Manhattan’s 129th Street.

During those days, the residents between 37th Street and 58 Street comprised mostly of Black families, while the society’s upper crust had viewed Harlem to be developed for those upwardly mobile. Hence, fabulous townhouses that costs thousands of dollars were developing quickly, since land of Harlem might be purchased by land speculators. However, the speculator’s expectations fell flat by 1905. They forced the white landowners to hand out their property to the blacks at higher rents, an illegal tactic, thereby making Harlem by the 1920s to become the country’s largest black community. But the blacks found the rents to be too high and took in more tenants, overcrowding the Harlem and slowly infested various illegal activities like drugs, prostitution and numbers games.

The Cotton Club

However, mobsters like Owney Madden and Dutch Schultz came to Harlem and took to illegal activities by force from the blacks and to sell bootleg booze. Schultz had his sights on Club Delux located on Lenox Avenue and 142nd Street for bootlegging purpose. It was Jack Johnson, the world’s first heavyweight black champion had owned this place, but was forced by Schultz to hand it over to him. Schulz had it renamed as ‘The Cotton Club’.  It was his partner George DeMange and Madden who took control of the club.

After taking it over, the whole interior of the club was redone for catering to the taste of the white downtowner’s. ‘Jungle décor’ was used having several artificial palm trees across the spacious establishment having a seating capacity for accommodating 700 people. It boasted of having exquisite fixtures, tablecloths, draperies, which indicated its being plush supper late-night club. It served varied menu and the prices were exorbitant. Even though every staff of the club was a black, customers of black origin was not allowed.

Its success

Right from its beginning, the Club was an instant hit with those who visited it. The rules were very stringent and brutes were present at the door for enforcing its policies. In 1933, with the end of the Prohibition period, the club was formally handed over to DeMange by Madden.