Month: November 2019

The Black Hand and AMUE


The Federal Bureau Of Investigation has discovered an unknown, secret society that is known as “The Black Hand”. Agents have discovered through their undercover efforts that The Hand is basically another order within the American Mafia. The Black Hand Regime also goes by it’s old name “The Order” which was founded by Mr Benny Noodles, long ago during the Golden Era of AM. This order unlike the AMUE consists of the biggest and baddest regime leaders of AM. Big Bosses like “The Joker” or “Jax Teller” or Antonio “Scarface” Camonte, who are leaders of huge crime organizations and are prime examples of who just might be members of this order.1574433037642

We have learned from our sources that the American Mafia Upper Echelon consists of the nation’s “Ultimate State Kingpins”. Each state ruler is eligible to join this order as long as they are the rank of Underworld Kingpin or higher, and are voted in by a majority vote. Kingpins represent their states on this committee and have a big part to play in the mafia underworld.

The bureau has been trying to Infultrate this new order but all attempts have ended in failure. Just yesterday the Bureau had two agents slaughtered by members of the black hand. Because of these two agents being found in a freezer in the basement of Baltimore Cities most popular butcher block, “Benny’s Butcher Block” with the black hands mark of death carved into their skin the bureau has reason to beleive it was the infamous black hand showing back up on the scene to help the AMUE establish order on these ruthless AM streets.

•Unfortunate Funeral:

A young lady by the name of lexxxy was laid to rest just the other evening. According to eye witnesses they said she had taken to much of her medication (Xanax) She was blacked out and apparently pulled a firearm from her purse.

She was at a local cafe when she went psychotic, brandishing a firearm and waving it around in public. One of the patrons of the cafe said he seen her foaming at the mouth and winking at him. He thought she had a crush on him so he started to flirt back. By that time she started pulling the trigger, letting the bullets fly around the cafe. 2 bullets ricocheted off the glass mirror that was behind the register.

One bullet struck the store owner in the back of the head, and the other bullet pierced lexxxy’s temple, instantly causing her to drop to the ground like a limp noodle. The blood poured out of her empty skull, the coroner concluded that she was killed instantly on impact of the bullet hitting her head.

He was surprised the lack of brain matter that was sprayed all over the wall. He said usually there would be alot more brains on the walls. Police has to step in and make it knows that lexxxy lacked brains. She was a blonde and couldn’t even spell her name correctly. They sold her mud puddle water daily with some chocolate syrup and she actually enjoyed drinking that crap java.

•Nino, A Night Out On The Town:

Our sources of picked up word on the street that former member of the SOA, Nino has left the club without saying a word. He reportedly jumped on his motorcycle after a club meeting and he peeled out of the bar, headed east, and leaving one hell of a trail of dust behind. As he spun tires taking off outta there he kicked up a load of rocks, flinging them all over the other members bikes. The little rocks peppered the bikes and caused all kinds of damage to the appearance of those expensive machines.

Because of the whole situation Nino has become a marked man. The big boss of the SOA, Jax Teller has placed a contract on Nino’s head. As of right now the contract is only for 25 Billion (25,000,000,000) it’s still too small of a bounty to catch the attention of huge hit squads like “LOS” or the “Luchese Hitsquad”. Nino has survived several attacked so far and has relocated, setting up shop and a gang of his own. It appears he is standing his ground. We will keep you informed on the latest and greatest events happening in your neighborhoods. Until next week America, have fun and stay safe!

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The Cake Shop Bombing!!!


We here at the Fox News office receive reports, and information on a daily basis. It’s our job to sift through it all and decide what is news and what is fake news. By conducting interviews with eye witnesses, and talking with those on the ground at the events taking place we only bring you the truth and #facts.

It was November 18th, 2019. It was late in the evening around 5:30pm, and it was one cold, rainy, and dreary day. The Cake Shop ran by Cakepop was very dead on this day. They had a total of 3 customers since 8:00am. This was just a sign of things to come. With her eyes starting to close as she sat at her sales counter. Cakepop fell asleep sitting at her desk/counter. inCollage_20191123_202034198

We spoke to an eye witness who was in the shop eating his milk and cookies. Mr. Antonio “Scarface” Camonte, a man who frequents the shop was willing to talk with reporters telling us that he was just finishing his milk and cookies when all of a sudden the big bay window of the shop shattered with an all black GMC van smashing through it. He quickly jumped out of his seat, onto the floor, covering his head he took cover.

Scarface honestly thought it was somebody coming for him. As his life flashed before his eyes, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled his revolver out. He jumped up and took cover behind a table that had been tilted sideways and made a great barricade. With his gun tightly squeezed in his hands he took a quick look at the situation.

6 individuals in all black, with black ski masks jumped out of the van and the quickly grabbed Cakepop and the cash register. 3 of them took off to the back of the building, while the other 3 put Cakepop in the back of the van, bound and gagged. One of the three masked men putting Cakepop in the van looked over and seen Scar taking cover behind the table. The man froze just staring at Scar. Scar just stared at the man, and before anything could happen the 3 masked individuals who took off to the back of the building made there way back out to the lobby.

“Its ready to blow” one of the individuals said, as they handled a black duffel bag off to one of the other. The one watching scar just stood still. As they all got back into the van, the one man watching Scar winked at him and was the last one to jump Into the passenger side of the van just before making their escape. Scar ran out of the building chasing after the Van. When he reached the street he stopped knowing it was pointless. At that very moment, like it was planned or on Q the building had erupted into a huge explosion. It launched Scarface several feet away from the building where he landed on a parked care smashing out all of its windows. He was unconscious until police and medics arrived on the scene.

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation has been called in to investigate the insane movie like robbery/kidnapping/arson.
Based on the clues and evidence gathered at the scene the bureau isn’t exactly sure who it truly was behind this atrocity. All they can really do is speculate and assume that it was non other then the notorious League Of Shadows behind the atrocity. The FBI received a tip that told them it was Brookie behind the atrocity. Our source tells us that she is truly the one who ordered and organized everything. This is of course here say and hasn’t been proven.

It was only the next day that the body of Cakepop was found bound and gagged. She was found at the New Mexican/Nevada border, out in the middle of the desert. The vultures had been circling the body for hours and feasting on its flesh. With almost all the flesh eaten there was only small chunks still stuck to its bones. This was non other than a horrific act of terror.

The FBI have released a structure picture of the infamous “League Of Shadows” They would like the public to please contact them if they see any of these individuals, as they are wanted for questioning.

Thank you AM, stay strong, stay safe.


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American Mafia Land Rush! 2019!

Greetings America! “The Rush” has begun. Old and young mafiosi alike are returning to the streets of AM. Everyone wants their peice of pie before its all gone! Think of our great country as one giant pumpkin pie. With Thanksgiving right around the corner we thought it would make sense to use pumpkin. All these gangsters are becoming rulers of states. Becoming a state leader is just one of the requirements to becoming a member of the AMUE.

As of right now we have a handful of factions controlling various states all over the country. The blood red states are controled by the Arkum Asylum, and various figures within the Regime are in charge of certain states. The white states are controled by The Fratesi Crime Organization and its leader Mr Mickie Fratesi. The lime green states are controlled by the Camonte Crime Organization, and its leader “Scarface” Camonte. The blueish grey states such as California is under the control of the Sons Of Anarchy, and its leader Jax Teller.

The state rulers are known as the states Godfather/Kingpin 👑, and they have absolute control over their states. Its best to respect and obey these state kingpins if you expect to go far in this thing of ours.


The Return Of Mr. Gunnz Barzini:

The infamous crime lord, Gunnz Barzini, formerly known as Gunnz Luchese has returns to the cold streets of AM. Upon his return he joined up with the Arkum Asylum Regime, and has become Godfather/Kingpin of a handful of states. He is a member of the Asylums Caporegime, therefore he is a crew boss of the organization. Anyone wishing to join him can do so by contacting him.

The Cartel Catastrophe :

Breaking News!!! Boarder patrol has managed to find a shipment of liquid cocaine headed for the states. It was in a tractor trailer that just so happened to be crossing the Mexican/U.S. boarder. The drug sniffing dog barked at the truck and jumped up on its driver side door scratching at the driver. The dog was “hitting” on the truck and alerting boarder patrol that he smelled illegal drugs.

Agents opened the trailer up and what they found was boxes of shampoo. They searched and searched, tearing the truck to pieces and they didn’t find any drugs. The dog began to bark at a bottle that had fallen from a box and rolled its way toward him. The dog bit the bottle leaving teeth holes. 5 mins later the dog died from a heart attack. Agents tested the shampoo and when it returned from the lab is was blue, which is positive for cocaine. The truck driver was arrested and booked on cocaine trafficking charges. Police plan to try and gather any information they can from him. However he wouldn’t talk. Police believe it was non other then the Sinaloa cartel. This was a great way to smuggle drugs, now that law enforcement is catching on they will be keeping their eyes pealed for this trick. This drug bust was a catastrophic for the cartel. Police said they estimated the shipment to cost a minimum of 100 Billion US Dollars.

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The Upper Echelon

Over the past month AM has been returning to its roots and old school ways. The top dawgs of old school AM are working to reestablish order on these streets. With the idea that there is plenty of pie to share, as of so far the AM streets have been free of any drama, or blood for that matter.4XCjMuI

Bringing back the old ways and making loyalty, honor, and respect mean something again. The upper echelon of AM is still small, but its growing fast with every old school mafia boss making their return to the streets it seems. The American Mafia Upper Echelon (AMUE) was established on November 15th 2019. It is now the ruling order of the American mafia underworld.

We believe that as long as everyone continues to show mutual respect and stick together even tho they are in separate factions and everything that AM has hope after all. Although there’s a few separate factions at the moment they all seem to be apart of the ruling regime. This new regime is ushering in an age of prosperity, maturity, and professionalism which it has been lacking for a long time.

The american economy has increase by a record 27% in the past week. We only hope that Wall Street gets thinks working so that people can invest in stock. For now nobody can get involved in the stock market until Wall Street cleans up its mess. While we wait we just see dollars we could be earning going up in smoke. But don’t let it get you down. We have faith Wall Street will get itself together soon.

The Camonte Crime Organization:

In other news we have been seeing a reemergence of the Camonte Crime Empire. Its legendary leader Scarface was seen yesterday at CakePops bakery. He was sitting at a table all by himself reading last weeks news article, while smoking a fresh Cuban cigar. Our on the ground Fox news affiliate “Jesse Watters” managed to speak with the infamous crime lord. However Scar had nothing to say to him as he tried to ignore Jesse. Jesse was left looking like a fool as Scarface got up and exited the building with Jesse in pursuit. The leader of the Camonte Crime Empire jumped in his limo and told the driver to get him the hell out of there.

That’s all Scarface needed was for Jesse to get him to talk about various things and trying to get him to incriminate himself. He cannot afford to have the federal bureau of investigations breathing down his neck while hes in the process of rebuilding a criminal enterprise. That would get him incarcerated so fast. He did the smart thing and got out of there denying and criminal affiliations with anyone and denying that the mafia even exists.

The Fratesi Have Returned:

In other news we also have learned that Mr Mickie Fratesi himself has returned and is working on rebuilding the Fratesi, which is the criminal organization that he himself founded and ruled for what seemed like a lifetime. He has called for any and all former Fratesi members who might be no longer in the mafia world to return home to The Fratesi, and to this thing of ours.

The presidential impeachment probe:

The impeachment trial against our commander and chief Donald Trump will begin next week. The Democrats are leading the charge with Adam shift being the man running the trial. They have called on the president to testify but he is refusing. The Republicans are telling him not to do it and to do so would be lowering himself to adam shifts level. Trump said he has nothing to hide and has released the transcript between himself and Notorious B.I.G Benny.

Our lawyers and attorneys have gone over the transcript and nowhere did they see any quid pro quo. Like trump said it was a perfect phone call. Apparently the two men went to school together and still to this day stay in contact with each other. The Democrats insist that trump broke his oath of office by accepting mafia money and services in exchange for police protection, and tax exempt status on all his businesses. This is what the whistle blower told Adam Shift last week anyway. He claims he over heard the president’s phone call. What do you think? Is our president guilty or innocent. Is he lying to us the people or is he telling the truth? I guess we will find out next week. Until next time America, stay safe and have fun!

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The Return Of Benny Noodles, The Killer

Hello, America! We have a lot of things happening in the world today. The economy is at its highest point ever, its continuing to climb to never before seen numbers. With that being said companies overseas are returning to the USA and this movement is bringing back jobs for our middle class workers. Wages are increasing, taxes are decreasing. This is by far the best time to be alive in the United States.

The Streets are looking rejuvenated as well with the governors of each state declaring war on the homeless epidemic the has been getting worst over the years. Just yesterday the Governor of Texas ordered the clean up of 52 homeless sites that was spread all over the great state of Texas. With President Donald Trumps new wall at the southern border, the great state of Texas has seen a huge decrease in illegal aliens crossing our nations border. it has also made a huge impact on the numbers of various issues the state has been dealing with for decades. Because of the wall the flow of illegal drugs being smuggled into the US has dropped almost 37%. Violent crime is down a lot and the murder rate has slightly decreased.

The Criminal underworld has been effected in some good and bad ways these days as well with all the drastic changes going on in the world. Trumps executive order to approve the right to try law means that sick, or dying individuals in our great country now have the right to try various methods and medications that have and have not been approved by the FDA. before doctors would let patients try medications that wasn’t approved by the FDA, even if it meant saving that persons life. since this law stood unopposed it got passed so our citizens have the right to try and possibly a second chance at life. Because of this we have been seeing a few new faces here and there. Old mobsters that was on their death beds, sick, or thought to of been dead have returned onto the scene.

One of these mobsters thought to of been dead was none other than Mr. Benny Noodles. Benny was gunned down one night during a shootout with Gunnz_Lucchese. Benny busted in on the scene locked and loaded and emptied his 7 round clip into the crime lord officially known as Gunnz. Gunnz refused to die and so he crawled on his belly, across the floor toward Benny. the entire time he was cursing at Benny, calling him every name in the book. he called him everything except a white woman. Benny walked and met Gunny halfway, where he helped the poor bastard accept his fate. You knew this day was coming, face it!!! Benny said. As gunnz continued to bleed out he also continues to spew shit from his mouth, a bunch of non sense that made no sense, because of him being only inches from death. Benny closed Gunny’s eye lids and prayed over his soul. “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

Benny made the sign of the cross by touching his forehead, middle chest plate, and left and right shoulders with his right hand. Doing this is a prayer in of itself.
Sending ones soul off to the afterlife.
Benny was ambushed during the ritual by an unknown assailant. He was shot in the back, left shoulder, then in the left thigh, and then in the right side of his upper chest area. hit 3 times with hollow tips, so he was bleeding ferociously. Benny escaped from the area but he left a trail of blood behind him. its unknown who this man was that showed up mins after Benny killed Gunnz but he must of been angry about it to start shooting at Benny as soon as he walked in the room.

Benny Vanished after that night. everyone believed he had died. his blood trail led police to a sewer drain. they figured Benny bleed to death in the sewer system and his body was washed away into the ocean by all the latest rain storms New York was experiencing at that time. We now know that didn’t happen and we now know that Benny is indeed still alive and well. He made his return to society on November 7th 2019.

Currently Benny is doing very well, running several businesses and big name companies. Hes Currently working on a huge deal that will make him and his corporation rich beyond belief. Hes slowly turning into a real estate mogul and hes buying up several properties all over the United States of America.

November 8th 2019, President Mr. Donald Trump invited the infamous mafia hit man, and notorious crime lord, Mr. Benny Noodles to the white house. Its said that he and the president have done business dealings in the past. The radical left have already begun their media storm firing at Trump for inviting a known criminal to the white house. Donald tweeted not long after CNN made their first remark speculating about the reasons behind the visit. The fake news media have unleashed their propaganda saying that the president has strange bed fellows and is in bed with the mafia.

The Twitter backlash has gotten insane and the attention of democrats who have started an all out witch hunt trying to impeach the president. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shift spoke at a press conference earlier in the week and they said there was collusion between the president and the american mafia to manipulate the 2016 election, with Benny Noodles being that link to connect the president to his illegal dealings with the mob. The two house democrats, Adam and Nancy also stated that they have found strong evidence from a phone call that took place between the president and Benny Noodles. They stated they have acquired the transcript of the conversation and that they have reason to believe there was a case of quid pro quo. For those of you who don’t know what that is, its a term meaning a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something. The impeachment investigation is now underway and taking place behind closed doors. House republicans are pushing for transparency and have demanded the democrats continue the impeachment investigation and trail in the eye of the public and not behind closed doors.

Other Than Benny being back there is others making their return to the streets also. Scarface, the Camonte crime empire leader and founder has made his return, joining forces with Benny and Joker. It seems the Arkam Asylum is growing in size and strength as its membership is growing at a high rate. Another gangster who is back is a man that goes by the name Outlaw. He has become a member of the Asylum as well and nothing has changed much about him, he appears to be the same old Outlaw. Its ironic these men are all joining the Asylum because its a good place for them. they are all crazy and belong in a mental institution.

All these notorious gangsters are returning and are snatching up whats rightfully theirs. Cementing their top spots while they can they are doing exactly just that. there is no drama and everyone is getting along for the most part. this of course is good for business as everyone will be making some big BIG! Bucks!

The League of Shadows hasn’t gone anywhere. the Asylum is basically LOS these days being run by its founder and original leader, Chapo aka The Joker.
However with the return of his partner in crime Benny aka The Jackal The League of Shadows has made itself known again and this time with Benny as leader and boss. Thats right, Los is a branch, expansion of the Asylum. It serves as the Asylums personal hit squad. Since Benny is a proud member of the Asylum, he is loyal to the Asylum and its leader, The Joker. These two men are busy rebuilding their regime and doing their own thing. known to be very chill and cool cats they don’t bother anyone until they are provoked. like poking a sleeping bear, messing with these guys isn’t very smart and its highly advised against. Stay out of their way and do you own thing, and you wont even know they are there, they are shadows, and do not exist.

However they can be your best friends as well. you can hire them to handle your wet work. need a contract carried out by a mercenary group? Los is who you should call. Need money or protection? Los is who you should call. for the right price these gentlemen can make your evening nice, pay them and they will be on their way.

The Asylum :

The asylum has been growing in membership over the past few weeks which has law enforcement on edge. its more work for them and they are dealing with some pretty bad hombres. It has the nerves of the local police departments shot. despite the polls and recent studies, the crime rate is increasing in the inner cities. the spike in crime is thought to be because of the Asylum, who’s members are nothing more then crazed psychopaths. They all belong behind bars as far as the general public is concerned.

Who’s Badazz??? :

A man, who goes by the name, Badazz Genovese has been running the streets as of lately, that is not all the running hes been doing either. He has been running his mouth about the upper echelon of American Mafia. People say he has a death wish by doing that. stupid they say considering the fact that if you speak about the Asylum or the League badly in public that they will usually pay those people a visit, and it isn’t a fun visit, well at least it isn’t for the people who was talking smack.

Badazz Genovese thinks its fun and badazz to mug the upper echelon while being low ranked, knowing that they cannot touch him themselves because of him being so low ranked that he is simply off limits to the upper echelon due to the fact that its like touching scum, or dirt. Godfathers and Kingpins do not bother killing scum themselves. its up to their capo-regime to organize the hit and order it be carried out by a lower ranked member such as one of their mademen, enforcers, or hitmen.

Its believed that sooner or later Badazz will get whats coming to him. we here at the news station was joking about making a poll asking readers who they think will be Badazzes killer and if they can guess about when the killing would take place. Of course we are joking about this. it just isn’t in our budget to waste our money on official polls predicting somebodies murderer.

Brookie, RHM of The Joker has vowed to kill the fool. we only know that because of a solid source volunteered that information to us. our source said that Brook would like it to be known by everyone and mostly by Badazz that she is going to kill him. When she does it wont be quick and painless, that she can promise. it will be very painful. There still is a chance for Badazz to squash the beef and end all the drama but its entirely up to him.

9 People Killed In Cartel Ambush :

BREAKING NEWS!!!….Only 2 hours ago 9 people was ambushed and gunned down at the American/Mexican border. Its believed one of the various cartels are responsible. the reason why is because upon further investigation the forensics team have discovered that the victims who range from the age of 8 months old to 47 years old was shot and killed execution style, meaning shot in the head. Apparently the vehicle came to a stop at a red light and was the only vehicle in sight. while the light was red 2 all black vehicles pulled up on each side of the victims sedan. The two black Chevy Tahoes opened fire on the vehicle. After 3,000 shots the shooting stopped, men began to poor out of the Suvs. They approached the sedan and started executing the victims. Their bloody screams and cry’s for help was drowned out by the gunshots and music that was being played very loudly in the SUVs.

They dumped gasoline on the bodies and vehicle. They then torched the vehicle with the bodies inside of it. The victims was all woman and children. these monsters have attracted the attention of the US government and its military. the cartel has just made itself fair game by committing this atrocity. The US special forces and black ops are campaigning now to find and eradicate the cartels. President trump has started the first, official task force specialized just for hunting and eradicating the cartel. This groups jurisdiction is where ever they just so happen to be at that current point in time. They go in to the den of the beast and pull him out by his tail or his throat, which ever you prefer. This Special group of skilled agents likes to go by the code name “CAT” which stands for the Cartel Assault Team/Task Force.

The Mexican government has shown the United States that they cannot handle the cartels. this is why the USA is getting involved. People are sick and tired of the Mexican authorities capturing cartel members and then they let them go free. The US is stepping in and taking care of the problem.

They Plan operation Arrow Head. this operation with focus entirely on the cartels leaders and bosses. High profile members should be scared and should run and hide. the united states marines are coming for them. Arrow head began early this morning. an hour before the first strike against the cartels, president trump tweeted to the nation that something very big was about to happen. The entire country sat in wait for him to tweet saying what that something big was exactly. We shall see what the future has in store for us America, until next time stay safe and have fun!

The Current Chamber Of Commerce, as of November 8th 2019. The Economy is Booming!!!

Chamber of Commerce top business owners:

Business ownerProperties owned
Benny Noodles200
The Joker74
Nixx C.5