Month: February 2017

Texas Shoot Out

Today witnesses reported a gun fight between a group of men that led to two deaths.

Red-Eyes and SmartCar-vs-ISIS were killed. Red-eyes was the boss of the East End Crime Syndicate who was being driven somewhere when a car pulled up in front of their car.  Men got out of both cars and gunshots started raining all over the place.

It seems someone had it in for the short term crime boss Red-Eyes has he got shot dead. One of the attackers was shot dead a few minutes after. The gun fight seemed to have gone on for ten minutes as members of the public ran for their lives as the shots where fired. Witnesses said the gun battle started at 6:34pm.

The ambulance and the police shortly arrived and street was blocked. The forensic team started their work on the scene.

SmartCar-vs-ISIS was a member of the east end crime ring. Police around the nation are now worried about new crime families popping up.

We’ll keep you updated.


New York Murder

A body was discovered in a bin in a New York alley way February 5th 2017.

Police identified the victim as uchihaMadara and conclude that he must of been killed around 1:55am. A bullet wound was found on his forehead; he was thought to have connections with a small criminal group known as The Uchiha Clan they also think the victim might of been the boss of the clan. It is believed the clan had a few prostitutes working for them and the police will interview them individually for any clue that can solve the crime.

NYPD chief released a short statement:

“a body was found early this morning by a member of the public; he has been identified as Ulchiha Madara his background suggests that he had dealings with the criminal underworld, but he wasn’t not a prominent figure.

Please call the NYPD hotline with any tips that may help this case. All calls are Anonymous not just “confidential.” Confidential means that someone knows your name and promises not to tell, until they are subpoenaed. “Anonymous” means that nobody knows who you are and there is absolutely no way to find out. We have no taping, tracing or caller ID. We have no way of knowing who the caller is.