Month: January 2017

Probably Killed For Breaking Mafia Oath

Police now believe that murdered Rickymafia45 was killed for breaking a Mafia rule the ex Barzini gangster was rumored to be unhappy and wanted to leave the crime business but when your in you can’t get out and the orders where carried out to kill him. He could also been killed because he knew to much is another possibility he was also rumored in dodgy dealings with money loan sharking and demanding money off people. Rickymafia was found dead with stab wounds in the street on  19th January 2017 8:03 am state of Georgia.

Other news today 22nd January 2017 the funeral of Barzini legendary gangster Xylophone The Hitman Barzini took place in Connecticut in a secret location where fellow Barzini members paid there respects including LeftyTwoGunnz.

The boss of the Barzini crime family and both living feared henchmen Ric and Gunnz. Police believe xylophone was involved in many murders in his career as a feared and known for his loyalty and  respected gangster for the Barzini Empire.

LOS are believed to be behind the murder. There was tight security at the service.

Even in his death there are still murders being committed in his name.

Game Changes and Updates

Hi Folks,

We made the following changes today:

1. We removed the Map Items that would prevent the Claim, Capture Flag or Destruction of a state. Players will no longer be able to purchase the state protection.

2. Game Missions have been reset

3. Attack timer reduced to 1 minute

A Victim recovery timer increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds.

4. Forum Cleanup

5. STATE EXPANSION PACK (5 STATES) – 1 MONTH price drop from 50 points to 10 points.

6. ANONYMOUS – HIDE YOUR NAME ON THE MAP 1 MONTH price drop from 200 points to 50 points.

7. REMOVE MAP TIMER – 1 MONTH price drop from 150 to 50 points.

We’d like to remind you a few things about the MAP and the State Ownership:

-state owners will only have attack protection while they are in the state they own. Ex. You own Texas, you can’t be attacked while you’re in Texas while you are the state owner. Leave Texas and you can be attacked.

-state owners can lose state ownership at any time, if another player will destroy, capture the flag, or claim the state.

So Called Take Over

The so called LOS take over of AM isn’t really a takeover some criminal experts explain that it’s been really embarrassing after the so called takeover new criminal families started to appear including old guard members like Real Corleone who was in hiding for a long time and decided to show up and run up his crime business again Corleone crime family that has really gone down the drain after family members started to be killed off. Two other groups have risen Wolfpack and Saviours police believe to be a LOS breakaway section of criminals who are trying to muscle into the crime business. Also Trafficante and Morello crime families started to run there crime businesses for nothing as they started to be killed off.

The leader of the LOS Chapo who parades around in a new name still has not stepped up as a worth while AM godfather saying many times that he does not care about building a crime family and not interested in peace talks.

Crime expert John Snow had this to say

” I believe that LOS is still haunted by The Barzini Crime Family who still hold a power grip on AM and influences the going ons of crime.”

Oklahoma Massacre

Mad Macino was found dead early this morning at 8:39am on this 21st of January 2017 gunfire was heard and a car screeched away witnesses reported Mad Macino was a Corleone member and had connections to the Wolfpack criminal organisation just a few minutes earlier at 8:10am down the block Johnnypisano Corleone member was gunned down in a hell of gunfire shots pronounced dead at the scene by ambulance staff.

Oklahoma Police department have a opened mind to who could be behind these killings saying there could be many motives rumours from the criminal underworld would put the blame on the increase number of murders on the barzini empire who some from the criminal underworld say that the Barzini empire are still in charge and the current armatures are way behind in taking over AM.

Another source says that LeftyTwoGunnz is still pulling the strings of Crime over AM and that LOS takeover will not last for long.