Year: 2016

What Now?

With the recent death of Black Hand Kingpin/Supervisor Tommy Karate, many people may be wondering what is in store for the people of the American Mafia. Sources in the FBI and DEA state that Tommy was killed in Rhode Island where he was trying to set up a drug distribution network focusing on heroin, cocaine and marijuana. They say Tommy and his bodyguards met unknown distributors in a local deli to negotiate a deal when eye witnesses say they saw a group of men in black masks run into the deli with AK-47s and open fire on the group. Tommy Karate was hit five times, four bullets went through his chest and one went through his left eye. The dealer he met managed to escape with his life, but he was critically wounded from multiple gunshot wounds. His whereabouts are currently unknown and police are searching for any clues that might lead to his apprehension. Tommy’s crew of bodyguards were also killed during the assassination and according to witness reports, they were caught so off guard none of them were able to even get off a shot.

Many sources have theorized a local drug gang hatched the assassination plot to target the drug dealer and that Tommy just found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and was caught in the crossfire. There are, however, several other sources who suggest the hit was a carefully orchestrated operation that was carried out by members of the Barzini Crime Empire or even possibly rival members within the Tommy’s own Morello Family who were looking to wrestle control of the organization’s leadership and drug trade. Whispers have also been heard suggesting members of the League of Shadows or Black Hand might not have wanted Tommy expanding into Rhode Island and chose to send a message to the rest of the underworld that Rhode Island is off limits. With so many conflicting theories about the reasons for Tommy’s murder, fears of a new war popping up to fill the vacuum left by Tommy’s death is a real possibility. It has been suggested that a war may occur not only to claim leadership of the Morello Family but also their massive drug empire.

As of press time it is unknown if any blood relatives of Tommy’s will be stepping in to claim the Morello throne nor is it known who has assumed the vacant leadership position. Tommy had no known blood relatives in the United States, so it is assumed there will be no challenge for control of the criminal organization by a member of his family. The AM Times is currently trying to find answers from our Underworld sources, but up until now all those who have been approached have remained tightlipped. Tommy’s death also appears to have left the newly reformed Black Hand without an official leader and our attempts to determine who will fill that role has also been met with deafening silence. Speculation is that relative newcomer Jackal has taken the reigns of the Black Hand, however considering the complete lack of information surrounding the subject it appears some of the most powerful mobsters in the country may be involved with the whole situation. The only explanation for a complete lack of cooperation by our sources in the Underworld is that there exists a true fear of death should it become known that information was spilled, and only those at the pinnacle of the American Mafia possess the clout to instill that kind of fear.  We will keep you posted should any new developments emerge, until then we can only offer theories.

As always wish you all stay safe out there, especially with a possible drug war right around the corner! We’d also like to wish all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year and again hope you all stay safe! Until next time, keep your heads low and activity high.

Rise of the Manu Niura

With the constant changing environment in the American Mafia, it seems a new force has risen from the ashes of the most recent warring. They are rumored to call themselves “The Black Hand” or in Sicilian, “Manu Niura.” The group had long been believed to be defunct, but it seems the group is reemerging with it’s original members or perhaps as a collective of groups of mobsters who had long been in hiding out of fear for their lives. Rumors coming out of the underworld seem to portray the current atmosphere within the American Mafia as the perfect storm for the reemergence of this group who are known to specialize in extortion and sporadic murders.

While they’d historically been a loosely organized group, the word on the street is The Black Hand has become more organized and is believed to be strengthening. It is purported that Morello Family Boss Tommy Karate is the group’s current spokesman and leader. It is unknown if Tommy is the true power or if he is just a figurehead and front man for a more powerful mobster or mobsters. Whispers suggest that The Black Hand falls under the immediate influence of the Bad Company Regime which is currently controlled by infamous mobster of many names Negan aka Chapo Guzman aka The Joker. According to our underworld sources, Negan has been waging an all out war with the Barzini Empire and its allies and as a result of a few small territorial gains, outfits associated with Negan have begun to act more brazen in the face of struggle.

As a method of recruiting, Tommy has sent several of his own men out as ambassadors of sorts to the other American Mafia families in an attempt to gain support and possibly even join The Black Hand. Tommy is promoting these alliances as a way to help bring order to the American Mafia, but as history has taught us, where there may be order one day, the next day can bring chaos. As of press time it is unknown if any families have accepted the invitation to join The Black Hand, however we do know many citizens are curious how this group will fair in the days to come. Will they rise quickly? Will they fail in their quest? No one is certain as of this moment, but with Thanksgiving coming around the corner we are hoping that mobsters will be able to enjoy a peaceful holiday with their loved ones and that peace will ring in the New Year.

With that said, we wish you all a very Happy and Health Thanksgiving and who knows, maybe a few turkeys will “fall off a truck” and land on your dinner plates! We hope you all enjoy your holiday

Game Changes and Updates

1.  The State Owner attack immunity has been reduced to their own states. You can only be attacked in the states that you don’t own.  Example: You own the New York State. You can’t be attacked in New York as long as you are the State Owner.  This update is pending to be being implemented. 

2. The Map State Expansion Pack item will continue to give 5 more states. That’s because the timer is set to expire in 1 month.

3. We just increased the price for the Anonymous – Hide Your Name on the Map 1 Month by 100 points to 200 points.

4. The Destroy a State Ownership fees won’t change. We want the little guy to be able to destroy any state ownership. Ranks are taken into consideration anyway, so it’s very hard for a low rank to destroy the state ownership of a high ranked mobster.

5. Missions will be reset every month on the 1st of the month. This update is pending to be being implemented. 

6.  Retirement and Vacation prices won’t change. We will enforce the 1 month rule. You can only use 1 Retirement and/or 1 Vacation every 30 days.

7.  Time between attacks was increased to 10 minutes. The time to attack system generated accounts will remain set to 1 second between attacks. See what we did here? :) This update is pending to be being implemented. 

8. State Owners will not be able to release their ownership, but they can always ask someone to destroy their state ownership.

9. The number of businesses a person can own was increased to 200.  Small ranks have a limit to own 5 businesses (Capo and below).


Morello Family Expansion

Thomas “Tommy Karate” Morello is a known Australian crime boss, believed to have links to the Calabrian clans operating in Italy. He’s known as a top narcotics man with links to Colombian drug cartels and is rumored that he and his crime family dominate the cocaine market in Australia. This lucrative business is reportedly making him millions due to the high price of cocaine, but with the heat from both local and the Australian Federal Police increasing, he’s decided to move his operations to the United States.

Rumor is that he arrived in New York City within the last few weeks and is using his connections to bosses in America to set up a new base for his own Crime Family that was reportedly set up with a handful of loyal men he brought with him from back home. Though he portrays himself to be a legitimate businessman with interests in construction, trucking, shipping, as well as owning multiple restaurants and grocery stores, the Feds in New York and back in Australia believe these businesses are all fronts set up to provide him with a method of showing a legal means of income as well as to launder his money and transport his drugs easily across the globe.

One of his men, Frank LoCascio, has been seen roaming the predominantly Italian neighborhoods of New York, such as Howard Beach in Queens as well as Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, attempting to recruit men for the Family. With things at the moment seeming relatively calm in the streets of the American Mafia, newer Families are starting to appear and are hoping to carve out a piece of the pie and possibly become one of the top dogs on their own! We will keep you all updated as things continue to progress and will be there to keep you informed on the latest breaking news as it happens!

Santo’s Return?

Word has been spreading around lately that Santo Trafficante Jr may be coming back to the streets of Florida! Many of the old time members may remember good and bad things about the infamous mobster. With times changing in the country it may be a surprise to some that Santo makes a return.

Though some may not be familiar with the Mafioso’s name, his contribution to the American Mafia has certainly been more significant than you might believe. Santo was the man who introduced infamous mobster LeftyTwoGunz to the underworld and acted as a mentor of sorts to Lefty during his first few months in the American Mafia. Not only was he a onetime mentor to one of the most powerful mobsters in the history of AM he also was well known for his abilities as a mediator having been responsible for initiating some of the most significant peace talks of his time, including some that most thought impossible.

We asked the originally Tampa based mob boss what brought him back, and he had this to say, “I’ve been gone for a LONG time now cause of old grudges and many other reasons, but recently I heard about all the fireworks going on in the country, and I wanted to come back to see if I could help fix the problems for the good of the American Mafia. I’m coming back from my long retirement not looking for fame or glory; I simply decided to come back to help the people of American Mafia in any way I can and hopefully help AM thrive again.”

We also asked Santo if he has any plans for the state of Florida being that he can trace his roots back to the Sunshine State and it had been his main focus and favorite place to relax. Santo replied to our inquiry by saying, “Who knows, maybe I’ll go back home and try to set up shop back there again, but we shall see!”

We appreciated the rare opportunity to speak with one of the nation’s active mobsters and want to thank Santo Trafficante for the interview. At the conclusion of our meeting he carefully shook our hands, put on his fedora and his overcoat and walked outside to his Cadillac and was driven off by an unknown bodyguard. Who knows what will happen next with Santo Trafficante back on the streets of Tampa but we will keep you updated! Until next time folks, stay safe out there!

CrackHead Found Dead In Spring Hill

Today September 7th in spring hill Florida a local crackhead known as Jagodic10 was found dead in a abandoned house. Police say he could of been used as a testing tool for criminals as forensic tests show a number of bullets where shot into him including one bullet unknown to any gun known that could be a new military weapon.

It is believed he might of been lured into the abandoned house and shot in the head point blank range. Forensics also show he could of been killed between 8.30pm and 9.00pm. The individual was known to be crack cocaine user and most likely was getting his cocaine from dangerous criminals.

Captain Luis from the spring hill police explained that the victim knew the people and was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that the suspects took a opportunity to carry out the crime unfortunately he died in a viscous and terrible way.
Residents heard gunshots in the area at the around 8.50pm and it lasted for a while who ever carried out the killing was enjoying themselves. Crime like this is not unheard of in AM it’s like a hobby for these people.

Our reporter tried to talk to local residents but no luck we also tried to contact underworld figures to see if they had any info on this crime we where lucky but did not want his name used but he gave us this statement

“Who the hell cares it was a crackhead that no one f?!!ing cares about even the police won’t bother investigating that shit it’s a waste of there time bet the police are happy one more nuisance is off the streets.”

New Kingpin, The Secret Society

Ladies and Gentlemen of the American Mafia, we have the most updated news of the on goings of the AM underworld.

New Rumored Kingpin

Most recently ladies and gentlemen there is a new kingpin in the form of Barzini Loyalist, Lazarus-Barzini known as Head of Barzini BlackGuards empire, he was said to be giving the position due to his fiercest loyalty to the Bosses Lefty, Ric and Gunnz and also never shying away from a battle which he was mortally wounded both times, his acts have also inspired many others such as his rumored Underboss Jack Barzini and longtime mafioso Mikey Malone Jr who is also speculated to be Lazarus most trusted adviser with this new structure it has been regarded as the most stable regime in a long time.

The old and retired question the Barzini leadership!?!

Ladies and Gentlemen feel like your back in time? well you should most recently Old and Retired mobsters have come out of retirement to question the barzini rule such mobsters as old boss of the Philly Crime Family Nicodemo Scarfo and Old Head of the Corleone empire Michael Corleone, these men have cricticized the new regime of the American Mafia saying that the regime is Sloppy and Unorganized unlike the past, members of the barzini family have spoke out against most recently Jiggz Barzini, Regarded as the young wolf Jiggz spoke out against the old mobsters stating that “I Grew up in that so called golden era and it was a hell-storm, my father was a made guy for the Corleone and one day he never came home from “work” and I knew he had been killed because he was framed by Michael Corleone” now Jiggz the top of his profession rumored to be working for his Mentors Lefty and Ricardo Barzini he now runs his own crew out of north Carolina but what do you think AM? who is right in these war of words, YOU decide!

A new Society, New members!?!?

Ladies and Gentlemen it has been established that a new mafia organization, we do not know the name of this organization due to it’s secrecy but we do know that there have been new members of the society most recently, Gunnz Luchesse and Ricardo Barzini the two men who helped shape and carve a new era for Barzini most recently the business has garnered some attention due to having six members in the esteemed group including Barzini Godfather and Capo Di Tutti Capi LeftyTwoGunz or referred to as the GodKing but with these three men have now taken over the American Mafia with there own agenda and one thing in mind to preserve the legacy of the American Mafia.

Ladies and Gentlemen that is all of the news story as of late with these stories now coming in the future of AM looks very bright indeed,

Stay Safe AM

Senior Reporter and News Editor,


Police Stats Show Low June Murder Rate

Welcoming police news as murder rates fall once again for the month of June
Michigan and Nevada having the highest murder rate 4 murders each.
Is this the future trend or the calm before the storm.

Murders June 2016 statistics
Utah 1
Maryland 1
Virginia 2
Vermont 1
Minnesota 1
Alaska 1
Alabama 1
Nevada 4
Florida 2
Oklahoma 2
New Jersey 1
Michigan 4
New York 2
New Hampshire 1
New Mexico 1
Tennessee 1
Montana 1
Ohio 1
California 3
North Dakota 1
Iowa 1
Washington 1
Missouri 1
Idaho 1
Total murders in AM 36

Underworld Targets Dead Beats And Layabouts

May has been a violent month with 82 murders recorded. Many street punks have been killed in many ways hit and runs stabbings and shootings. Rumour has it that the criminal underworld wanted to clean up the streets of lazy criminals that had not contributed anything in the life of crime and only caused headaches for the Mafia. New York seems to be the epicentre of these vicious murders with 11 murders recorded. Police insiders believe that The Barzini Empires big guns planned a total wipe out of what they call dead beats and layabouts of the American Mafia.

Murders May 2016 statistics
New York 11
Oklahoma 4
Texas 6
Florida 6
Washington D.C  5
California 4
Michigan 6
Colorado 2
Illinois 3
Alabama 2
Alaska 2
Washington 1
Connecticut 1
Kentucky 1
Ohio 1
New Jersey 1
Nevada 1
Oregon 1
Maryland 1
South Carolina 1
Utah 1
Tennessee 1
South Dakota 1
Missouri 3
New Mexico 1
New Hampshire 1
Montana 1
Massachusetts 2
Iowa 2
Idaho 1
Delaware 2
West Virginia 1
Arkansas 1
North Carolina 1
Hawaii 2
Total murders in AM 82

Murder up in April

A wave of murders swept threw AM in April after a quiet few months making it a deadliest month of the year. 24 murders were reported and New York had the highest rate of murders recording 5 killings. Police have there theories behind the sharp peak of murders one including Gemini the loose canon Gallo who has many times escaped  attempts on his life after causing trouble by murdering thugs and fellow mobsters without no reason they strongly believe Gemini to be behind some of the killings. Gemini has strong connections to the feared Barzini Empire.
One anonymous person who contacted us but does not want to give out his name
” if Gemini is bored they soon will be killings on the street ” .
Another downside of geminis reputation is that it’s usually his partners in crime that try to take is life to stop him killing more people. Rumours in the underworld suggest Gemini is in hiding for his own safety for now.

Murders April 2016 statistics
New York 5
Florida 1
South Carolina 1
Alaska 1
Idaho 1
Washington DC 1
Arkansas 2
Iowa 1
Indiana 1
Georgia 1
South Dakota 1
Rhode Island 1
Texas 1
Nevada 1
Missouri 1
North Carolina 2
Connecticut 2
Total murders in AM 24

The Guardians

It was a rainy night in New York and Jiggz was in a nightclub drinking away and not really being careful that he might get unwanted attention with his womanizing ways. This night he made a mistake chatting to a lone woman at a bar a guy pushed Jiggz and said loudly ” can’t believe these Barzini guys even in New York we can’t get a night with out bumping into you guys by the way that’s my girl you where trying to chat up” Jiggz replied ” look yeah I don’t want no trouble and if you know what’s good for you go F off “. Some people at the bar left there drinks and walked away in a rush like they knew trouble was going to flare up “.
The guy showed a evil grin and said ” I don’t think you know who you talking to and I’m going to introduce my self properly ” two guys grab Jiggz and Jiggz struggled to get free it was no use. Right about this moment Xylophone just let himself out of gents when he saw a commotion he recognized Jiggz and recognized the guys to a local group of thugs that if you crossed them you would usually end up dead and the leader was Kilicbey a guy that was known to be a hot head who wasnt to be crossed. Xylophone was in hiding after a few attempts on his life, but xylophone reacted quickly by calling Ric.
Ric answered ” xylophone this is surprise ….. ” Ric this is urgent you got any guys in New York because Jiggz is going to get a beaten of his life” Xylophone explained all to Ric. After explaining all to Ric Xylophone put his cell phone back in his pocket and called a bouncer over.


Meanwhile in a dark alleyway at the back of the nightclub Jiggz head was pulled back by one of the guys Jiggz shouted ” what the fuck did I do “.
The main guy of the group flicked out a butterfly knife and replied ” I hate guys who think there tough like you Jiggz because your a Barzini I don’t care who the hell you are I’m not scared of no one I’m going to put a scar on your face hold him tight boys “.
Just as jiggz was about to get his face cut up headlights of a car blinds Kilicbey the car screeches to a halt and Gunnz quickly climbs out and two of his guys also follow, Xylophone and the bouncer show up to just in time. The two guys who where holding Jiggz chuck Jiggz to the ground and make a run for it ” let those two run they ain’t going to run far ” Gunnz said lighting up a cigar. Jiggz sucker punches Kilicbey who falls to the ground ” that’s for interrupting me when chatting to your girl ”
Gunnz tells Jiggz to get into the car. Kilicbey gets to his feet ” those fucking useless fuckers ” and dusts himself down. Gunnz says out loudly ” remind me who you are”.
The guy sticks his finger up at Gunnz and says ” I’m Kilicbey I’m going to kick your ass you guys think your untouchable”, one of Gunnz men sucker punches Kilicbey to the ground. Gunnz nods his head in disappointment ” I remember who you are you the guy that likes going around nightclubs with you little friends causing trouble I bet you put a few people in hospital” Kilicbey again gets up and dusts himself down ” I put many in hospital and your going too” just about this moment a gun is placed at the side of his head. “That’s my good friend Donny Jackson who’s got the gun to your head ” Gunnz walks up to Kilicbey and sticks the burning but of the cigar into the forehead and Kilicbey screams with pain the other bodyguard of Gunnz holds Kilicbey
up. Gunnz gives the orders to take Kilicbey into the car ” Now Tommy got a good target to aim when he presses the trigger hahahaha” Gunnz laughed loudly.
“Where you taking me you bastards” the men quickly hurl Kilicbey into the back seat of the car. Gunnz greets Xylophone ” nice to see you xylo thank god you were at the right place tonight or Jiggz was going to have face surgery” xylo points to the car ” what you going to do with him” Gunnz smiles ” what should of been done long time ago ” both xylo and Gunnz laugh. Gunnz shakes xylos hand “see you around xylo take care I have to take care of business ” Gunnz walks to the car opens the door and screams can be heard coming from the car “help help ” the car door shuts and the car screeches away into the night. Xylophone walks up to the bouncer ” good job for looking out for the police” he hands over cash to the bouncer ” remember you saw nothing.


A week later Jiggz recovering from his experience picks up the AM news paper
Headlines TORTURED TO DEATH Jiggz recognizes the photo of a the man it was Kilicbey the nightclub troublemaker who nearly cut his face up Jiggz had a smile on his face the story made his day.

Returning Businessmen – Mafia Empires

Ladies and Gentlemen of the American Mafia, over the last few months we have seen very suspicious actions going on in the underworld, the death of LOS lieutenant StephanT and the retreat of the LOS boss. We also noticed the return of three high ups in the underworld.

Two of them being Pazzo-Moretti suspected boss of once powerful Moretti Empire and John-Dillinger La Familiga Barzini Empire capo; these two are feared mob bosses  and are known to be cold blooded killers, but then again these are just rumors ladies and gentlemen. The third man is Jiggz a member of the La Familiga Empire rumored to be the right hand man of Ricardo Barzini.

These three men could just shift the power struggle going on in the underworld of the mob but ladies and gentlemen with the war between LOS and Barzini just starting we urge you to stay indoors and only go out if an emergency.

Stay safe.