Month: November 2015

Mafia Online

Stay away. Find a new place to lay your head or you might get popped by an American Mafia family. Today’s mobsters online are trying to make a name for themselves by adding little profiles or waiting their turn to attack you. With an American Mafia family, you can take over a nation without breaking a sweat on your brow.

Aye, do you remember that little game of cops and robbers? We were the robbers and you thought you could catch us. You can be a mobster online if you make a name for yourself by breaking the rules, making new rules and countering any issues you have with your neighboring cities.

You’re invisible when it’s time to face an enemy and nobody can take your place. You can stand back, watch and learn how the greatest crime families emerged from the ghettos, then ranked in national chairs including State Cardinals, State Governors, or maybe Mr. President. You know… Mr. President sounds pretty nice right now. I’d like to have a corner office after taking over your city.

Frankly, nobody understands the life of an actual boss. My hands are never dirty. I’m also fresh with ideas of how to make you more money by lending you mine. Around here, in the American Mafia, we take chances on new goons every day. We prefer real mobsters online with an intent to control instead of follow.

But, to become a true mobster boss, you have to follow our rules. Breaking away from the obvious mischief, you know that you want part of this life. You want to feel the power we hold in our hands at this very moment. If you’re ready for your chance to stake a claim, join American Mafia to earn your crown.

Multiplayer Mafia Game

Be one of the thousands of people worldwide to join our strong Mafia community. Once you’re in, you’re in!

Hey, you, stoop monkey, you wanna join our crew? You wanna be the Boss? The Don? Well, if you think you have what it takes to be the king of this town then come show your skills with mafia multiplayer on The online mafia game that gives you control of your own group of thugs and block runners who will work for you and keep you on the top of your street. Do you have what it takes to be the ruler of this nasty town? Then show your muscle!

Compete with other wanna-be bosses with this free mafia game and deal with mafia politics and elections to keep or break your alliances with all those dip sticks that wanna be YOUR boss. American Mafia Game has special features for you digital jockeys who want a real mafia experience. Mafia politics and elections for State Cardinals, State Governors and the Presidency of the USA; where you make the rules and you tell all those little guys what to do because you can.

By playing American Mafia game online, you get the real multiplayer experience and have to deal with other yahoos who think they got you beat. Take control and dominate everyone you see, take what’s yours and give nothing back because you are the Boss, the Don, hell, you’re the freakin’ King of the Streets. With American Mafia game and their free mafia multiplayer, you can live out your dream of being respected, cause we all know you ain’t getting none of that in your life am I right? You bet your ass I’m right! So come and get what’s yours and show all those other nerdy game types that you are the real deal, you are the real Mafia Don, American Mafia game is the place for you to prove me wrong chowder head.

Mafia Game Insider Review

Mafia Game Insider Review

You really think you’re ready for this? Insider Review of American Mafia

American Mafia, a leading multiplayer online game, offers free passes for all players to join and take part in storylines beyond the basics. You can have your own family, become a Don and run for Federal Elections to get into the White House with the help of your family.

The players are slick, you get to do what you want and it’s ALL free. In fact, the only thing you’re paying for is the computer you’re playing on, and you won’t have to pay for that if you go to the public library.

But, what Don goes to a public library to play a free mafia game? It’s not like you, but it can become a part of you. With the American Mafia, your family travels with you and your rank can grow as you lead your goons to manage, dismantle and control one city at a time. If you’re not sure what to do with your family, let me borrow them for a weekend and I’ll show you a few moves.

I’m Michael Corleone and I’m a Federal Boss. Real hard, thorough and justifying all actions with success. You can’t overthrow a family like mine because we believe in doing the best, even if it’s taking your lunch money. You can’t drink your milk without sharing. You can’t drive your car without paying an extra toll to cross my territory.

In this American Mafia, you play for keeps. A free mafia game like this is going to keep you on the edge. You’ll never know who’s a friend. You’ll think your friend has your back. You’ll think your enemy wants to grab your best men to handle your dirty work, but it’s nothing like what you are playing now. You can run a town, city, state or the nation, but only if you play your cards right.

So, you ready to take your chances? Register your free account today!

Mafia Bosses

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mafia boss? Maybe in your dreams you’re called the Don, the Godfather… No matter what you want to call it, you’re not alone. The American Mafia game is a multiplayer game where mobsters vie to be the most powerful man in the family. Gamers can act out their fantasies by working their way up from a goodfella to the Federal Boss. Once the dream of becoming the boss has been reached, gamers can then set their sights on becoming the Federal Boss, the most poweful mob boss in a region.


The Residents and the Mafia Bosses can influence these nationwide elections by collecting vig and providing some monetary bonuses to pertinent individuals. When just money is not enough, mafia bosses and their goons can purchase virtual products from the Marketplace with virtual points. Items that can be bought at the Marketplace include handguns, revolvers, machine guns and other tools that make it easy to whack the enemy.


Once you have become a mob boss make sure you look like a Don by purchasing the perfect Goombah outfit at the Marketplace. Don’t be a cafone, start playing The American Mafia game today, and make your dream of becoming a Mafia Boss a reality.