Month: August 2015

Infamous Leader of League of Shadows Murdered

The name is known by nearly every underworld figure. Almost every Mafioso has had a run in with him at some point in their career. This infamous mobster has finally met his maker and the AM Times has the scoop on how it happened.

It was June 14th, 2015 and Chapo Guzman had just arrived back in the United States from a long vacation several days earlier. He had been trying to get a few things in line while at the same time keeping an eye his backside the entire time. Chapo knew that there would be multiple people gunning for him and his plan was to get them before they could get him. Reports had surfaced of seeing Chapo at the League of Shadows old headquarters in New York and Oklahoma, but no hard evidence had surfaced that he had truly been there. It is believed that Chapo moved stealthily in the night hours so as to avoid detection by his enemies. The Bosses of The Outfit, the ruling faction of the American Mafia, had also learned of Chapo’s arrival back in the US and had dispatched several scouts to see if they could find him. The Outfit, made up of the Bosses of the Barzini, Famiglia, Lucchese and Moretti Empires, wanted to make sure they got Chapo this time while they had the chance.

In the Barzini Headquarters in New York, Barzini Empire boss LeftyTwoGunz called a meeting of The Outfit. Famiglia Empire Boss Ricardo “Ric” Barzini, Lucchese Empire Boss Gunnz Lucchese and Moretti Empire Boss Moretti SA2 were all summoned to Lefty’s headquarters. One by one they showed up in their armored limousines and made their way inside Lefty’s social club. When they were all finally there they began to strategize about how they were going to get Chapo.

“Well guys, we knew he was going to come back eventually, now how are we going to get him?” Lefty asked the group. “Has anyone seen if he’d be willing to accept a peace agreement?” Moretti SA asked. “Get the **** outta here with a peace agreement, this man has killed way too many of our guys to just let it go.” Gunnz replied incredulously. “I agree, we carnt be letting him roam around the country thinking we’re just gonna sit back and let him kill our guys,” Ric added. With that all four bosses began to discuss plans on getting rid of Chapo Guzman for good. Multiple plans were discussed and when they finally reached a consensus on a plan Lefty concluded by saying, “when the time comes, I want to be the one to pull the trigger.” The other Outfit Bosses shook their head in understanding. They all clinked their classes to cheers the agreement and then each quickly left to put the plan in motion.

Meanwhile in Nebraska, Chapo was hiding out in an abandoned warehouse that he converted into a compound/hideout. He didn’t want to take any chances of running into anyone from the Outfit Families so he chose to go to a secluded state in a rural area of the state to gather his thoughts and ready himself for the eventual battle that lay ahead. It was a bit odd that no other member of the League of Shadows had come back to the United States with Chapo and all the remaining members are still believed to be hiding out in foreign countries in fear for their lives. Even the once feared Benny Noodles refused to come to the aid of Chapo, yet Chapo decided he was going to make his move regardless.

Chapo left the compound briefly to go into town to get some food and supplies to hold him over for a few days until he was ready to make his move. While in town it just so happened that Lucchese Street Boss Ghost “Barzini” Lucchese was in town making his monthly collections. When he spotted Chapo he immediately ducked out of view so Chapo would not spot him and then quickly called his Boss Gunnz. “Yo! You’re never gonna believe who I’m looking at!” Ghost said excitedly to Gunnz. “Keep tabs on him, I’m gonna get Ric and Lefty and we’ll be there ASAP,” Gunnz replied.

Gunnz then called up Ric and Lefty and the three men made their way to Nebraska to get rid of Chapo Guzman once and for all. It seems the planning they had done earlier that morning was for naught since Chapo just so happened to fall into their laps. What a stroke of luck! A few hours after getting the call from Ghost, the three Bosses, Gunnz, Ric and Lefty, all arrived in Lincoln, Nebraska and hopped in the SUV that Ghost had waiting for them. As soon as they jumped in the SUV Gunnz called Ghost to find out where he was. Ghost told Gunnz that he had followed Chapo back to a secluded warehouse in the middle of nowhere and that he was parked about a half a mile down the road staking the place out to make sure no one came in or out. Gunnz relayed the message to Ric and Lefty and they began speeding in the direction that Ghost told them.

When they arrived at the compound about a half hour later they found Ghost already suited up and ready to fight his way into the compound. Lefty then reminded the three men that he wanted to be the one to kill Chapo. “There’s no way we’re letting you go up there alone though boss,” Ric replied to Lefty. “We ride together, we die together, WeDemBoyz,” Gunnz added. Lefty smiled at Gunnz’s remark and nodded approvingly at the plan for all four men to enter the compound together. Once they were locked and loaded they all hopped into the SUV and drove the half mile up to the front of the old warehouse and readied themselves for a crazy fight.

As soon as they opened the doors to the car, they were immediately forced to find cover behind some old oil drums to avoid the bullets that Chapo was now firing at them from an opened window at the top of the compound. “HAHAHA you dumba**es! I saw you guys coming for miles! You think you can get me that easy?!” Chapo yelled out at the four men. Lefty, Gunnz, Ric and Ghost all laughed at how quickly the situation deteriorated and they knew that they weren’t going to have an easy fight on their hands. Lefty motioned for them all to make their way towards the open door that lead into the warehouse and on the count of three they made a dash for the door. Dirt puffed up around them as bullets hit the ground all around them as they made their way towards the door. Ghost took a bullet in the foot but was able to continue running on adrenaline alone.

When they made it to the door, Lefty told Ghost to stay put and keep watch on the door and the outside area to make sure Chapo didn’t try to escape. The other three would slowly make their way inside to find Chapo and finish the Job. When they got inside the warehouse the found a big empty room with a cot in the corner and a metal staircase that lead up to what appeared to be an old office that had been converted into a safe room. In this room they could see the silhouette of Chapo and his machine gun coming towards the door. They quickly took cover as Chapo opened the door and began firing at them. When Chapo stopped to reload Lefty popped out from behind the beam he was using for cover and fired several shots at Chapo with his AK-47, one of which hit it’s mark and caused Chapo to momentarily lose his grip on his gun. As he dropped the gun Gunnz and Ric also opened fire on Chapo with their Desert Eagles but were not able to connect with their target. Chapo was able to grab his gun and quickly duck back into the room.

Lefty then told Gunnz and Ric to cover him from the ground as he made his way up the staircase to get Chapo. Gunnz and Ric did as they were told and kept their guns trained on the office door ready to fire the moment they saw Chapo. Lefty quickly made his way up the stairs and as he got closer to the door to the office he slowed his pace down to a crawl. He knew Chapo was a dangerous man and was willing to take his time to make sure he got his man without suffering any injuries. Lefty finally made it to the door of the office and he could hear Chapo banging on his gun and cursing. “Son of b****!!” Chapo yelled out as he was trying to get his gun back in working order. Unbeknownst to Lefty Ric and Gunnz, Ric and Gunnz had hit Chapo’s gun with several shots and it had rendered his machine gun inoperable. Lefty quickly made his way into the room and before Chapo realized what was happening Lefty fired two shots hitting Chapo in both arms, making it impossible for Chapo to continue fighting. Chapo began to laugh as he realized his fate. “You think I didn’t know this was coming? You think there wasn’t a plan in all this?” He began to yell at Lefty. Not wanting to hear anymore lies and bullsh** Lefty fired one more shot at the center of Chapo’s head. The bullet pierced his forehead and exploded out of the back of Chapo’s head. “Yeah Chappy, did you plan that?” Lefty said after he killed Chapo. Wanting to make sure that he was dead Lefty fired another shot into the center of Chapo’s chest and then called Gunnz and Ric up for them to see Chapo’s body.

As Ric and Gunnz got into the room, both men emptied their clips into Chapo’s body as well. By now Chapo was long dead but each man wanted the satisfaction of shooting him. So many bullets had hit Chapo in such a short period that he was no longer recognizable. Before they left the warehouse, Lefty made his way over to Chapo’s body. He spit on the corpse and then proceeded to urinate on what was left of the body as well. This action caused Ric and Gunnz to break out in laughter. When Lefty was finished relieving himself the three men made their way back down the stairs to where Ghost was waiting for them. “You get him?” Ghost asked. “Yea and I think he’s pissed,” Ric answered as Lefty and Gunnz both began to crack up at the pun. They helped Ghost to his feet and made their way back to the SUV. As they climbed in Gunnz quickly called Moretti SA to let her know that Chapo had been taken care of and where the body was if any of her men wanted to come relieve themselves. SA chuckled at Gunnz’s statement and then congratulated the men on a job well done. Gunnz then hung up the phone and closed the door to the SUV. “Now what?” he asked looking at the other three men. “Now we enjoy the peace while it lasts,” Lefty replied. “Amen to that,” Ric added, and with that the men left the warehouse and made their way back to the airport to head home.

After many months of warring between The Outfit and the League of Shadows, the League’s boss was finally dead. There was no question about it Chapo Guzman was no more. Since the death of Chapo Guzman a relative peace has returned to the American Mafia. Notable Mafioso have returned to get back into the business and things seem to be on the up and up. Only time will tell how long this will last. Until next time, keep your heads low and activity high. Stay safe out there.


The offices of the AM Times had been destroyed a couple months ago by a bomb that was believed to be planted by underworld figures. It seems the Times had been getting too close to certain big names in the underworld and they wanted to send a message to try and scare our reporters from reporting on underworld news. Well, with a new reinforced office building we are back and even more energized to bring you the most up to date American Mafia news! We will be publishing several stories that happened while our offices were being rebuilt. The following story is one that you may have missed.